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Business Description: Drywall repair door install door locks install drywall and framing drop ceilings acoustical ceiling's 24 hour emergency service dependable on time and ready to serve you the customer
Recent Review: I would highly recommend John Miller Drywall for all of your dry wall or plastering needs. We hired them to hang drywall in our basement and then apply the plaster so it was paint ready. First off, this is a family run business and John and his son's years of experience was apparent. John's son Jacob gave a professional estimate and the quote was the most competitive of the three estimates we received. The crew was prompt at the beginning of each workday and was highly professional throughout the project. The basement looks great and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to have drywall hung or needs plastering.
Recent Review: JC and his team did a fantastic job repairing the drywall and baseboard in our basement. They were efficient, courteous, and hard-working. Additionally, their pricing was incredibly competitive with no sacrifice in quality. I would definitely use them again. Highly recommended.
Business Description: Drywall, Exterior & Interior Painting, Power Washing, Deck Staining, Ceramic Tile, Spackling, Kitchen & Bath
Recent Review: Contacted Mr. Philbrick initially via email after getting contact info on Angie's List. He responded within a day or so by return email. I then called him to arrange an appointment for a quote. He came out in accordance iwth my schedule and gave us a free quote in writing that day. His quote was about half what the other contractors we contacted were asking. We scheduled the work. Mr. Philbrick arrived on time, did the work in the time stated, and we are very happy with the result. On one detail he had made an error on the color and was willing to repaint it without a problem. He noticed some other detaills that were not on our list and did them free of charge so that the end result would be excellent. We would recommend him.
Recent Review: Recommended by a friend, Mr. Knight's honesty, timeliness, and attention to detail exceeds any other contractor I've used. He goes beyond the proposed scope of work to ensure the customer has a quality product in the end.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Carey painted the kitchen....then I hired him to replace some drywall, fix baseboards and paint small bathroom after the rabbits ate a hole in the drywall and chewed no the baseboards....then I hired him to paint three upstairs bedrooms....his prices are very reasonable, his quality is excellent. He is methodical and wants to please his customers. In addition - and this is important - we're an animal rescue so he has to navigate around dogs and cats. He is kind and patient and certainly an animal lover.
Business Description: Robey Inc is a leading drywall & stucco specialist with over 20 years of experience serving the DELMARVA area. Robey Inc provides traditional Stucco, drywall, EIFS and manufactured stone walls systems for variety of commercial as well as many satisfied residential customers. Robey Inc is an expert in exterior restoration services for those clients in need of replacing existing exterior wall systems.
Recent Review: I called Barker Brothers Drywall. They got on the job immediately, got it done quickly (as quickly as drywall mud can dry), and did a great job! They saved my bacon!
Recent Review: Really good. They came on time, were very polite and did wonderful work. I got 7 estimates. Some wanted $15,000 for the same work!! I am so pleased with the price and quality of work!!

Reviews in Washington Navy Yard for Room Soundproofing

ATimur Construction Inc
Timur is super responsive and quickly provided us an estimate for soundproofing drywall in our townhome. His estimate was very reasonable and his team was professional and efficient. The project turned out great and he completed it early and on-budget. Highly recommend!
- Edward S....
FHandyman At Your Command
After searching on here I came upon them and thought they were a good fit. I went on their website and filled out the application to have so one to contact me. I did it on a Sunday so I thought I would not hear anything back until Monday. Monday came around and still did not hear anything so I resubmitted it. Later that day, I heard back from a woman named Tracy. I tried to explain to her over the phone exactly want I wanted which was drywall installed, a push ceiling removed then replaced with drywall, closets installed and baseboards. She suggested a handyman and a helper. She also suggested I purchase the three hour deal for $198 but the helper would be an additional $40 an hour for the three hours. She then stated it would be $106 an hour any additional hours and they would tell me how long it would take day one. I agreed and purchased the deal, but looking back I should have purchased the handyman for a day deal and wish Tracy would have recommended that deal instead. That was my mistake and I own that. The handyman and the helper arrived at 7:30 the next day prompt as agreed. I was there to show them the basement. So my basement is really small, I mean really small and its divided up into two rooms. The first room was done in terms of drywall and baseboards. I just wanted the push ceiling removed and drywalled. The other room is where all the work was really happening. I needed drywall installed, base boards, closets installed built around the existing laundry, furnace and hot water heater. The handyman asked if I needed an outlet in that room because it was not one present and he stated it would be harder to get one in at a later date. He also stated I may want to get another light installed because when the closets are installed it would enclose the light. I agreed with him and agreed to an additional outlet and light. I asked him before starting anything, what is the time frame on everything. He stated two to three days. I told him I hoped for two days but ok if it was three days. He then had to head to the store to buy my materials. I went to work while they was there working. Tracy called and asked for a $250 deposit. Then called back and informed me of the total cost of the materials, I confirmed with her the price and she stated that they was unable to purchase the drywall because it was not room in their truck and it would be purchased in the morning. I understood because the two guys had plenty of stuff to do the first day. They pulled down the drop ceiling, ran the electrical from the outlet and started framing out the room. They stopped short of finishing the framing but only a little more had to be done; completing the enclosure of the second closet. I was very pleased after day one. Tracy called me after they completed their 11 hour day to ask me what I thought of the work that has been done and to tell me the total of the day. I told her I think they did a really good job. The total came to $1166 for the day, minus my three hours that then came to $968, minus $250 material deposit and add $618.00 for the materials, it equaled to $1336 but I was charged $1337. I e-mailed Tracy requesting an itemized list and she sent it the next morning. We agreed upon three people for the following day to finish the framing, drywall and everything else. Tracy said at the most a third day would consist of just a handyman to sand all the drywall. So on the second day at 8am as agreed two guys came along with a superintendent named Jose. The superintendent wanted me show him the basement because the guys from the previous day was unavailable. I showed him what has been done and what I wanted to be done. ( I was a little let down that if the same people are not going show up that it is not at least communicated what needs to be done). The two guys with him didn't really speak English so he had to translate to them what needed to be done. Then he asked me when I expect all of this to be done. I said well today, except the sanding. He did point out that one of the doors purchased the day previous would not fit in the space and I also noticed where the framing was in one spot it would block the furnace. He said he would make it work but then he then went on to state that everything may not be complete that day but don't worry he was not trying to bleed money out of me or anything because they have plenty of work. (That's when my red flag went up). I told him let's see how far they get because they had already purchased the drywall that morning and it was three people. I left for work but I had someone there onsite all day. The third person came around 8:30am and the superintendent left after two hours but I was not charged for him as to I did not agree upon him. So around 5:30pm I received a call from the person onsite reporting that the guys left and said they would be back tomorrow, I was also informed the one of the three guys left at 3:30pm. I thought the guys would stay until 6:30 like the previous day so I could see the work and talk with them if needed to. I reached out to Tracy who said the 3rd guy went to the store. I was completely confused as to what he went to the store for because from my understanding they had everything they needed already. Tracy rushed me off the phone to contact the guys. I went to my house and looked at the basement and the drywall for the ceiling was complete and a few pieces of drywall was up in the other room but mostly bare. Not much difference from the day before. The framing from the day before wasn't even complete. I called Tracy back and she rushed me off the phone again saying she trying to get the complete story. It took her over an hour to call me back and still could not really tell me anything. At this point she sent me the receipts in my email. I asked about one of them going back to the store, she told me of a door purchase. I was confused because they brought doors the day before. She stated that one set of doors didn't fit, I asked why didn't they take the other door back then. She didn't really have an answer for me but said I wouldn't be charged for the old door because it would be taken back at some point. But also assured me anything that was not used would be returned and I would not be charged. She stated that they was trying to do quality work. (I get that but again it was less done with three people verses two). I asked about the other stuff on the receipts and she mentioned something for the washing machine and everything else no explanation. (I just want to note that the person onsite was asked by Jose if he could eliminate the sink for the washing machine. She asked specifically if it would be extra cost to me on any level. He stated no, it was easy to hook it up without it. She asked again if he was sure and he reassured her it would not cost me anything. She agreed to it. Tracy never called me or I was notified in any way beforehand by anybody in the company). So when I seen a charge washing machine related I was upset. The person onsite did agree to it but was told it would not be of extra charge and I feel when it did come to the point where something had to be purchased I should have been notified at that point and I wasn't. I told Tracy I was dissatisfied with the work completed that day and the lack of communication. She said the next day they should get further, I stated to her three people was onsite and less was done then when it was two people. She started saying let us make it right by allowing a third day. I was against it but Tracy tried to make it right by compensating me some of the hours. The total was $1156 after adjustment and only labor hours. She said she would not charge me for materials brought that day until she had a better understand of it herself. She asked if three people could come out the next day, I told her no because I just paid for three people and it wasn't nowhere near complete. After trying to convince me for a while with no success she said she would send a third person no charge to me to just move things along faster. I was fine with that, we agreed to 8am the next day. The next day, I received an e-mail from Tracy at 7am stating that the guys would not be coming that day instead the next day because Jose was unavailable to be onsite and he wanted to be onsite all day. I wrote Tracy an e-mail back stating that was very inconsiderate of my time and the person I had there time to change something completely short notice. As well as them leaving a few of the materials outside the day prior and it was suppose to be raining conditions that day. As well as me being unclear if my washing machine was in working order since they had to go purchase a piece for the washing machine the previous day and the sink was no longer hooked up. She called apologizing and had guys come out to cover the materials and install whatever the washing machine piece was but then my washing machine was leaking so someone had to come back out. Tracy then stated it was not something they did but fixed the issue. I told her there was never anything wrong with it beforehand so it had to be something that they did. She then restated they would be out the following day and all unused materials would be returned after the project was complete. At this point I'm extremely frustrated but let them come the next day. The next day they worked until 6pm, four guys as Tracy stated; two I asked for, one she sent along and Jose. But the person I had onsite said Jose stayed for all of 30 minutes and left. When I asked Tracy of this she said he went to return the door. So I waited an extra day for 30 minutes of his time. When I arrived home, the closets was finished and drywall was up. The guy asked if I wanted baseboards I said,yes I said that on the first day. He said he didn't know and didn't purchase any. I told him don't worry about because at this point I was done. So I have a basement with completed drywall but not completely sanded down. No baseboards, no additional light I was asked to have installed, a outlet that is upside down. I didn't even bother to complain because I probably be told I "rushed" them, they needed another day or I was running out of money. Because Jose did tell the person I had onsite that he was going to try to get the job done that day because he knew I was running out of money. What? Maybe I just didn't want to waste my money! Also if that was the case I would have asked about the materials (drywall, nails, wood) that was left over that they took and clearly wasn't returned because the only thing I was not charged for on the final invoice was the door they brought incorrectly. The total for the third day was $1610.97 for ten hours plus materials. At the end of the day, I would not recommend them to anyone. I want to give them a D because the guys from day one worked really hard and Tracy was really nice but she was covering their inconsistencies. They deserve a flat out F from me. Maybe if you have only a three hour job you know will be only three hours maybe but other wise no.
- Da'shaun F....
AJW Home Improvement
We've used JW three times and we're very impressed.  I may never attempt another home repair again.  All the guys we're great but Raymond and Pepe were our favorites.  We are moving to Florida in January and regret that JW doesn't have an office there.
- Robert B....
AJCabido Remodeling
Our rec room had an old, discolored drop ceiling, about 25% of which had literally dropped about 4 years ago. We cleaned up the mess and had just been dealing with the unsightliness since. But we are now preparing to become foster parents (gulp), and we were certainly not going to pass a home safety inspection like that. JCabido removed the remaining old ceiling, cleaned up, rewired some lights that had been wired in a completely illogical manner, removed the also-unsightly long fluorescent light fixtures, put in a new ceiling and painted it, installed new lights, and put back up the room's ceiling fan. When some cracks appeared in the new ceiling a couple weeks later, they came out within a few days, repaired the cracks, and repainted with no questions asked. It looks *so much better* in there -- much better than my mediocre pictures show. We would definitely hire them again.
- Shannon W....
AM&D Home Repairs & Remodeling LLC
Excellent. Did work as agreed and was professional, prompt, and cleaned up after themselves. This was the second time we've hired this contractor and I will definitely hire them again as needed.
- Patricia A....
Recently I bought a house in Ashburn that had a drop ceiling (acoustical tiles/grid) in the basement. It was very unattractive and in bad repair. I hired Rick to replace it with drywall. He also replaced and installed several can lights. He realized I may want to have another electrical circuit in that area and ran the wiring to an unfinished room to make it easier to access if necessary in the future. He had to box in the duct work and install new frames on 2 doors as the ceiling was slightly lower and the top would look strange. The carpentry work is excellent and looks very good. He also painted the areas that needed it towards the top of the walls. I have not moved in yet and live too far to oversee the project. So I put a lot of trust in him and his crew. There were several skills involved in this project and Rick did an outstanding job as a general contractor. When any issues came up, he contacted me and explained them very well, and we resolved them with no difficulties. I was up there this past week to see it for myself (he had sent pictures) and am delighted with the finished look! Very glad I did it.
- Constance C....
APicture Perfect Home Improvements LLC
My assigned project manager, Adam and his team ( Marvin and Gabriel) did an outstanding job in my bathroom.  They always arrived when they said they would and had all the tools and products necessary so not to waste time.  I had asked them to upgrade my floor from  vinyl to porcelain tiles.  Marvin and Gabriel put down a high quality base and then laid the tiles in an aesthetically pleasing way. I can not see any flaws in their work.  They also had to change the plumbing to accommodate a pedestal sink instead of a vanity. I purchased a new toilet which they installed.  I cannot see any evidence of drywall or patching work in the walls after applying 2 coats of paint in both the basement and the bathroom.  Adam sent in another contractor to install a waterfall carpet on my basement stairs.  They had enough workers to get the job done in an hour. Adam kept to the contract and I had not hidden add on.  All in all a wonderful experience with this company.
- Judith M....
AResident Handyman
This is a husband and wife team and are pleasant to have around. Since they were working in my office they were very conscientious about my work schedule and appointments.
- Elizabeth C....
BJCabido Remodeling
Overall, the project went very well. The price was quite reasonable compared to 2 other quote received from other Angie's List contractors. Bernard was thorough in his explanations and walkthrough. The total project took about 5 days from demolition, ceiling installation, lighting installation, drywall. My only complaint is the baseboards that were installed are ridiculously high. Now, I have to install additional shoe moulding in order for the room to look presentable. I would use JCabido again for future projects. However, the quality will have to be confirmed before final payment is released.
- Alice H....
BSino-American General Contracting
I really wanted to hire this contractor, based on the great reviews, but he didn't have the time to handle my small job because he was involved with much larger projects. I just would have appreciated a prompt response. I called several times and left messages and I didn't get a call back until a week later.
- Veronica D....