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Recent Review: Mr. Ford was easy to contact and came at the appointed time, wearing one of his trademark hats. He was neat and efficient and taught me some things about my washer and dryer. Very pleasant and professional.
Recent Review: He did an excellent job. He cleaned up after himself. He did not leave a big mess or anything.
Recent Review: Son was punctual, friendly and professional. Cost was very reasonable. I would hire them again.
Business Description: *Prefers a phone call when requesting a service* Family owned & operated. Appliance Repair Company. Super Service Award winner for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016! Please call us today to schedule your appointment - (860) 584-2145
Recent Review: Excellent service. Punctual, knowledgeable and fair pricing.
Recent Review: Returned call very quickly. Work performed correctly the first time. Reasonable prices.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL TIMELY SERVICE - Our cloths dryer broke and he was the first to response with a rough estimate and came the next day. In home service performed -explained what he was doing, possible reasons and solutions to avoid problem in the future. Can't see why anyone would go elsewhere. Joe C.

Reviews in Vernon to Repair Dryers

APaul Ford Appliance Service
Mr. Ford was easy to contact and came at the appointed time, wearing one of his trademark hats. He was neat and efficient and taught me some things about my washer and dryer. Very pleasant and professional.
- Elizabeth H....
EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL TIMELY SERVICE - Our cloths dryer broke and he was the first to response with a rough estimate and came the next day. In home service performed -explained what he was doing, possible reasons and solutions to avoid problem in the future. Can't see why anyone would go elsewhere. Joe C.
- Joseph C....
Everything was excellent. So easy to work with! Gave me a two hour window for when he would arrive, but then called me when he was about a 1/2 hour away so I did not have to miss any more time at work than necessary, which I really appreciated. Was able to show me the problem within minutes and repair it in less than an hour. Extremely happy with the quality of the service!
- Ruth D....
AAll Make Appliance Repair Co
We have used them several times in the past. They are great. They advise us when it is not worth repairing. They try to discount things for us as possible. They are prompt.
- Lynda K....
ATri-City Heating & Cooling
Excellent professionalism, punctuality, and efficiency; knowledgeable and helpful with weighing options. Have used Tri-City Appliance several times and always received excellent service.
- Mary S....
AA Plus Mike's Appliance Service
One thing I really like about Mike's is that he will come out on Saturdays. He is just great. He is able to fit me in promptly for an appointment and I like that. I am sorry I do not recall a charge at this time but I don't think I would complain. I think that it would have been reasonable to my liking.
- Margaret S....
Jim is great! Over the past three years he has fixed my dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator. He is always punctual, responsive and professional. He is willing to explain the repair problem in detail. Price seems to be reasonable and the quality of his work is great--we've had no problems with any of his repair jobs. I have no complaints and will use him again in a heartbeat for any appliance repairs!
- Colleen O....
FSame Day Service Co
I called this company to schedule a dryer repair based on their excellent Angie's List rating. After a very nice conversation with the receptionist, I gave her my address -- and at that point, she told me that they don't service my area. RI is a very small state, and my home is only 20 miles --i.e., 30 minutes -- from their office. My complaint is that their Angie's Listing claims they serve the "entire area" -- this is not true.
- Arthur L....
AAffordable Appliance Repair
Overall, I felt that both repair men were serious about their jobs, thoughtful and professional. They dressed in clean navy blue polo shirts with jeans John, especially, when removing thick handfuls of lint and dryer gunck tried to contain it without just throwing the stuff on my basement floor which is probably what I would have done. ( basement is unfinished and has concrete floors with a very stained remnant of carpet on top. John was not overly talkative to his apprentice but did quietly instruct just a little of the finer points of repairing my dryer without making a long drawn out lecture of it. I had been told on the phone what a service call would cost and I was very happy that this charge was NOT in addition to an hourly rate but rather included all the diagnostic time and effort that both of these men spent just trying to see if they could make it work properly.
- Sheila J....
DA Action Appliance
reviewed all of the reviews for this company.  All of my previous experience with Angie's List "A" rated companies were exactly that - "A" service.  Unfortunately, this company was the only game in town to fix a Samsung Electric Dryer. The first call was answered promptly and professionally.  The woman explained the $79.95 service charge and that it would be deducted from the final cost of the job.  No problem.  The first service man arrives exactly on time.  My dryer is a stackable in a closet area made to fit a stackable.  I was able to slide it out.  He examined the appliance and determined it needed a new motor, then proceeded to order one on his laptop.  He explained that if the person who came back with the part needed to slide it out then there would be another man needed and it would be an additional $100 charge.  I said I would have the unit out of the closet waiting for him.  The entire time Service Man #1 was there he complained about working and the company.  He obviously needed to retire because he was not happy in his job. About a week later (guessing) I called to find out when the part would be in.  I was told it had to come from Korea because there were none in the United States,so it would take a while.  I said it would have been nice if someone had called to tell me this, instead of me calling to follow up.  A gentleman named Don called back and explained to me how the Samsung part ordering and supply worked.  I logged onto the internet and found the part at for about $150 and it would take about a week.  Don said that was more than his company paid for the part, but if that's the way I wanted to go, they would pay for the part and I could pay for the expedited shipping.  He thought the shipping time would be about the same though he couldn't guarantee it.  Understood.  I said I'd wait for their ordered part. Part has arrived.  Service Man #2 arrives on time.  I help him take the dryer down from the washer.  The dryer is now in the middle of my dining/living room.  He takes the dryer apart.  The part doesn't fit.  He goes on the laptop.  He calls someone on his cell.  They are going to try to jimmy-rig the part so it will fit.  It doesn't work.  It's the wrong part and they can't make it work. (Why would you jimmy-rig the wrong part anyway?)  So he puts the dryer back together, the top isn't on correctly and he's states he's done. No, please put the top on correctly.  A few more attempts and he gets it.  He explains he has to order the part again. Fine. He is very friendly and professional.  Until he tells me that the dryer may have to stay where it is because he can't lift it back on top of the washer.  NO. It's not staying there.  I help him lift the dryer. (a female is writing this)  He leaves.  I find screws on the floor.  Hmmm. More time goes by.  I hear nothing.  I am frustrated that no one checked the part when it arrived from Korea to be sure it was the correct one.  Don had explained that receiving the wrong part was not uncommon with Samsung.  Well wouldn't you check it BEFORE you get to the customer's home and take the appliance apart?? Still no word on the ordered part.  I email the company.  Steve (who I'm told is the owner) almost immediately calls me on my cell, and leaves a message apologizing for the issues I've had, assures me they will keep me informed of the status of the order, and he's confident he can provides some discount for the general aggravation. Part arrives.  Service Man #3 arrives promptly.  He has the dryer apart, motor replaced, dryer back together, dryer stacked, all in 30 minutes or less.  Time to pay.  I ask about the discount.  He has no knowledge of any discount Steve mentioned.  Ok. I pay in full. For the next 2 weeks I phone the company probably 5 times, speaking to the  person answering the phone, leaving messages for  the Office Manager  (Steve's wife) regarding the discount. Finally the Office Manger says she'll offer me $50 and asks if that will make me happy.  I said I honestly had $79.95 in mind, since that was the price of the service call fee (I had 3), and I already knew they were making a fair bit of money on the part.  I thought that was reasonable.  She agreed.  I wait some more.  I call to find out where the check is.  Two weeks later, I get an answer from the person answering the phone (always someone different) that it went out almost a week ago.  I'm a 15 minute drive away, so there's no way the check took more than a week to get there.  I ask where it's coming from.  Glastonbury to South Windsor.  OK, then something has happened to the check.  She'll have the Office Manager call me.  The Office Manager leaves me a message saying the check is being "issued" that day.  Three days later the check arrives and it's for $50.  Really?  I make numerous calls.  Leave numerous messages.  Write an email.  I have never gotten a response. I never raised my voice or used bad language.  I did promise that I would write a review for Angie's List.  Here it is.  Decide for  yourself.  And I truly hope you don't own a Samsung and have only this company to use for repairs.  They sound great, but their follow-through was horrible.  I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but each turn was a disappointment (except Don and Service Man#3).
- Lyra E....