Uncasville Dishwasher Repair

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Business Description: Uncasville Appliance Repair Men has been providing honest appliance repair service for over 19 years. We work on all major appliances and appliance brands.
Recent Review: So impressed with Brian my tech. Always honest with me and very knowledgeable

Reviews in Uncasville for Dishwasher Repairs

FA Action Appliance
I scheduled service with them online at 11am on Friday. Even received a confirmation email for a Monday appointment. When I called on Monday around 10-11 to find out when I was going to be seen, the call taker had to book me from scratch. Strike One. As a person, Vinny is a very nice and personable guy. When I booked the service call, I specifically mentioned that I had troubleshot the dishwasher down to the power control board. Vinny arrived at the end of the four hour window that I had taken off work for, repeated the troubleshooting that I had done (ok, fine) and agreed with dead control board. He then told me that the board was no longer made. (The dishwasher is 2 years old to the month) Said that the office could cut me a deal on a new one if I was interested, charged me the $127 service call fee, and left. Strike Two. This just didn't make sense to me, so I dug around online, found the parts breakdown for the dishwasher, found the actual part I needed (the programmed control board) vs the not available UNPROGRAMMED control board which was the part that he'd pulled up, ordered it direct from Bosch for $126 and installed it this evening. Dishwasher works great. Strike Three. This is quite possibly the most useless "service call" that I've had for anything in my adult life. If I were less questioning, I would have thrown out a perfectly repairable $1000 dishwasher due to lousy parts lookup. UNSAT. NOTE: I don't generally believe in shooting someone without providing a chance to fix themselves. This feedback was provided directly in their customer survey a week ago, but since they chose to not follow up with me, hopefully others can learn from my mistake.
- Jesse N....
AMike's Appliance Repair
wonderful service so very pleasant and absolutely competent, knowledgeable about all makes, models of all types of appliances. I had dishwasher repaired, a friend had washing machine repaired. The man is a genius with appliances. Not only that but so very professional and reasonable.
- Barbara B....