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Whatever You Need! LLC
Recent Review: We are very satisfied and would definitely recommend Whatever You Need.  They were able to accommodate us quickly.  Gary came right on time, and did what needed to be done accurately and efficiently--beyond our expectations.  We couldn't be more satisfied, and will use this service again.
Interstate Custom Kitchen and Bath Inc
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: Interstate is family owned and operated and has been in business for over 30 years. The purpose of Interstate Custom Kitchen and Bath, Inc. is to provide quality custom kitchen and bath installations to clients while meeting their specific needs by ensuring professional and individualized craftsmanship. Interstate Custom Kitchen and Bath, Inc. will oversee the entire job; communicating constantly between the client and craftsmen in order for the job to be completed on schedule with total customer satisfaction. See us on Facebook!
Michael Beaudry Remodeling
Business Description: Call our remodeling contractors and home improvement contractors at (888) 971-3172 in Sturbridge, MA, for services that eliminate signs of aging and damage from your property.

Reviews in Staffordville to Install Range Hood

AWhatever You Need! LLC
We are very satisfied and would definitely recommend Whatever You Need.  They were able to accommodate us quickly.  Gary came right on time, and did what needed to be done accurately and efficiently--beyond our expectations.  We couldn't be more satisfied, and will use this service again.
- Elissa B....
DInterstate Custom Kitchen and Bath Inc
Joe came over and talked to us about what they did and how they worked. My wife and I instantly liked him and felt he was straight with us. We went through the kitchen and talked about what our options were for cabinets, countertops and backsplash. Joe was very helpful, never pushy, and gave us his ideas for ways to re-create our kitchen. He said the most important thing was when they were done "you have to love it" 10/18/14 We have now found some problems with the work, and we've had some conversations and e-mails, but now they don't get back to us. An overhead cabinet was made too long (and asymmetrical) and prevents the proper fitting of a new refrigerator. They should have realized this at the time the work was done. They claim this was not an error, but a kitchen designer should have realized this ahead of time.
- James R....
DMichael Beaudry Remodeling
Initially I was going to not review Mike Beaudry Construction. His latest refusal to fix something that his crew did wrong made me want to warn others about his low quality work. He completely renovated my entire downstairs in a lake house (about 850 sq feet) including the kitchen and a bathroom. Now I see that instead of venting the range hood outside as promised, his crew simply put a piece of venting on the outside of the house without ever installing the ductwork or anything else, leaving the hood venting into the brand new kitchen. He will not answer my requests to come and do the work properly. His crew is comprised of his daughter and a couple of guys who obviously are not carpenters. They installed the kitchen cabinets crooked and used no shims. Just laid them against the crooked wall. It was very obvious to the naked eye – no level or measuring needed. He argued that it was the countertop was cut crooked instead. I had to bring in the counter guy and pay another contractor to explain to him what we all could see before he would reposition the cabinet. Additionally, his crew nicked a cabinet door and just painted white over it. He would not acknowledge that and told us we did it. It is a summer house and no one was living there since it was March and being completely renovated at the time. He does not demand any quality from his subcontractors either. We had a $4000 flooring allowance and STILL ended up paying another $3K in overages. The floors we got were vinyl and carpet. Since we supplied the bathroom tile, the area for the allowance was far less than 850 sq feet. I called the floor guy myself and he admitted that the flooring supplies were not that much, it was a lot of labor. WTH? We paid for labor as part of the contract. If paying a fortune was not enough, the bathroom tile remains covered in cement where it hardened and did not get wiped off by the installer. Additionally, after installing a luxury vinyl floor, his flooring guy thought he would cap two steps with commercial type aluminum edges. Mike did not care that it was terrible looking at all. He told us it was “industry standard” and the flooring guy said there was nothing made of wood-look vinyl on the market. It took me 5 minutes on Yahoo Shopping to find what I wanted for under $100. Mike expected me to pay for it however – despite the expensive flooring costs already. We had agreed to pay for allowance overages, which was not a problem if he presented an invoice showing it. We had a glass shower door made as part of the project. When the man came out to measure for it and we agreed to the design, the man told us that Mike had told him he could charge whatever he wanted since we were paying for any overages. WTH? There was a $2000 overage on a one panel shower door that had a $2000 allowance!! I confronted Mike on that and he denied he said such a thing. Who makes stuff like that up? The work crew had no respect for our things at all. I had a removable wooden island with a wood finished top, it is a piece of furniture. Rather than removing it, they used it as a workstation without any covering at all. It is ruined now since the wood top is so scratched up. An 8 year old would know that you do not work directly on finished wood. The crew left everything covered in drywall dust and dripped paint. Mike also sold our things without our permission. We told him outright that we wanted to keep a woodstove and the metal chimney which was not very old and we had a buyer. When we arrived the chimney had been sold by him without our permission. He offered nothing except a “sorry”. Additionally, we arrived one day to find a stranger unaccompanied in our yard removing the deck awning which Mike had sold to him also without our permission. I could tell more, but the above should be warning enough.
- Laurie P....