Southbury Misting System Installation

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Business Description: Apple Valley Irrigation was started in the hopes of creating a one-of-a-kind business experience for the customer. We build honest and friendly relationships with our customers. Nowadays the biggest concern we all have as homeowners is whether the contractor will be trustworthy and competent. Time and money are in short supply and having either wasted can really sour an experience. We utilize the latest technology to enhance the customer experience and work tirelessly at earning the trust of our customers. No one is perfect but having the integrity to own your mistakes and offer the customer coverage plus a future discount helps our employees feel empowered to do what is right by the customer and enables our customers to feel confident in placing their trust in Apple Valley Irrigation. Our focus is the TOTAL SATISFACTION of our customers. We provide design, installation, reconstruction, service, repair, auditing and monitoring services for residential irrigation systems. We are licensed and insured and a Hunter Preferred contractor.
Business Description: Family business with 10 years of experience. Our services include: Landscape Design- Planting/Mulching/Soil Grading Hardscape And Masonry Construction-Patios/Walkways/Driveways/Retaining Walls New Lawn Installation-Sod/Seeding/Lawn Aeration Low Voltage Lighting- Design/ Installation Irrigation system- Design/ Installation/Service/Drainage Full Tree Service- Pruning/Tree/Shrub Care Grounds Maintenance Services-Lawn Maintenance/Spring an Fall clean up Lawn And Plant Healthcare Programs-Fertilizer/Extra Control Services Snow Removal-Residential/Commercial. we offer the servir of removing know with pleasure de are rally heroe yo help you
Business Description: We offer residential and commercial Sealcoating. We use only the highest quality products the industry has to offer, providing our customers with quality service and complete personal attention at a fair price. PRO-SEALER’S provides all of your asphalt repairs and pavement maintenance needs. We use our experience and the latest equipment available to get the job done right the first time in a timely, cost effective manner. We have the resources and experience to effectively, efficiently and economically provide those services. We can protect your asphalt investment and increase the esthetic value of your home. Not only does our blacktop sealer extend the life of your pavement, it beautifies it, as well. Properly maintain your pavement and keep it looking its best by having asphalt sealer applied to it every two to three years. The Products we use are The Best Sealer Products on the market, it can take 8 to 18 hours to dry, competitions' sealer takes approximately 24 to 48 hours to dry.  100% Commercial Grade Asphalt Sealers (sand mix) designed to protect and penetrate the asphalt surface for optimal protection and rejuvenation.  Lasts and looks beautiful for 3 years.  Non Flammable.  These Asphalt Sealers can be Sprayed with a Spray System or applied with a sealer brush. We have a powerful Sealing Equipment Spray, makes the sealer penetrating in the very small cracks. All our residential work is done by hand, brushing the entire driveway. We have the best hot pour crack filling system available on the market today.  100% Commercial grade rubberized asphalt crack sealer designed to fill cracks and seal out water and ice, Lasts and looks beautiful.  Dries in 1 hour.  Non Flammable below 400 degrees F. We do our best to leave your driveway with the best appearance possible, the hot tar is the best material to fill cracks and prevent water from penetrating, once this is applied it will mark the driveway and can not be removed, some cracks we fill with an asphalt mixture like a black concrete, this is used to give your drive way the best appearance possible. These or any crack treatments will not stop all water, but it will stop most water from penetrating the driveway, and it will prevent grass from growing though the cracks. Driveway sealing depends on weather conditions, if for any reason the weather is not permitting for us to complete your job, we will call you and reschedule for another day and time.
Recent Review: TRADEWIND IRRIGATION I was very pleased with Tradewind Irrigation. I got to talk to the owner, in terms of his expertise, and I was impressed. Tradewind Irrigation, was very professional, he knew the area well that we were talking about, he had a good level of expertise regarding irrigation system. He gave me a packet of information, he was very responsive with me, when I asked him for a detail list of information, he e-mailed it to me. I have been very pleased with them.
Recent Review: Dave was very, very nice to work with. He was very professional. He followed through on everything that he said and had some very good options.
Recent Review: Overall, a great experience
Recent Review: Very prompt and professional staff. Explained all aspects of the quote in detail after initial visit to my property.
Recent Review: Excellent service and punctual. Quoted price was accurate. They did not try to hit us with extra charges. We plan on having an irrigation (sprinklers) system put in for lawn and gardens.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Guerrera was prompt and did a nice job with the grading which was done in 1 day to my suprise. He also cordinated with my irrigation contractor so the whole things was hands off for me.
Recent Review: Tyler was very reasonable, thorough, conscientious and a pleasure in every way. I heartily recommend him.

Reviews in Southbury to Install Misting System

AStark Landscaping & Fence
Excellent service and punctual. Quoted price was accurate. They did not try to hit us with extra charges. We plan on having an irrigation (sprinklers) system put in for lawn and gardens.
- Jill C....
AGuerrera Landscaping LLC
Guerrera was prompt and did a nice job with the grading which was done in 1 day to my suprise. He also cordinated with my irrigation contractor so the whole things was hands off for me.
- Stephen S....
From the beginning of the process (getting estimates,reviewing the layouts,plumbing work, etc.), everything went smoothly and as it should.  Overall the installation was uneventful and took exactly as long as they had predicted (in the timeframe that was estimated as well), all despite there being some hidden challenges (that the team dealt with perfectly) in our yard.  There was a little confusion regarding one part of the installation- I contacted the office about it, and the team was back out in a few days to fix the problem no questions asked (and no extra charges).  I wish that all work done on our house went so smoothly!  All around great job, will definitely recommend to others in need of irrigation systems.
- T H....
AForevergreen Irrigation LLC
Tyler was very reasonable, thorough, conscientious and a pleasure in every way. I heartily recommend him.
- John S....
FExcellawn Irrigation Systems
After the initial winterization performed by Excellawn, with which I was satisfied, when Excellawn came to do the spring start-up my Rainbird irrigation unit would not work on Program A (the program I had been using before). The person who did the start-up did not know how to get the unit running again. So I was without a functioning irrigation system until I called another service provider who had my Rainbird unit working after 10 minutes on Program B. Before that, I had asked Excellawn for a quote for a new irrigation system because I thought my unit may have been defective, but they took weeks to send me that quote. The quote did not include the brand or model number of the new unit they would install. When I asked for the details, they never responded.
- Judith G....
They do a great job! He thoroughly explains everything, and seems to have superior knowledge compared to other people we have used in the past.
- Alan S....
ARamon Rosas Professional Landscaping Maintenance
It was a rental property and the tenants had told me that some spots were browning. I contacted Ramon and he called me back within 30 minutes on a Saturday. He was able to get in touch with my tenants and schedule a time within 24 hours. All I told him was that they said the lawn is dying, figure out what is going on and fix it. He went out and looked at the property and figured out that the reason it was dying was that the original person that I had hired to put it in hadn't designed it properly and they were using the wrong sprinkler popup heads that weren't getting water in the right places. So he was able to add to the existing sprinkling system I had to get it to work properly. I called him on Saturday and he went and looked at the property and got me a quote by Monday on what it was going to cost. He came back that Friday and did the job in one day. My tenants said he was very courteous and professional and he cleaned up after himself. It was very good. I have since hired him to come out and do the weekly lawn service. He will be doing lawn care and maintenance, shrub trimming, edging, fertilizing.
- Robert R....