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Recent Review: I had to call, to get them back here, twice. They were right on the ball, but I called them last Wednesday and I didn't hear back from them. I had to call them this Monday. There is only one person that can do that in the whole company. He was out sick. They all hated their jobs. Every one of them told me that, which I was kind of surprised. I had no problems with the guys. But, that was kind of strange hearing them all talking about their jobs.
East Coast Metal Roofing
Recent Review: The entire process from our initial meeting to completion went very smooth.  We interviewed 4 metal roofing companies and choose East Coast Metal Roofing because of the product, but most importantly, because of the service.  Paul was in constant contact with us prior to the installation keeping us informed of scheduling.  Once the job started, the crew consisted of 3, well organized roofers.  They were very friendly but attacked the job as if they were on a mission of customer satisfaction.  The crew cleaned up after themselves daily and were meticulous about placing various yard "things" in their original spot.  We are very satisfied with the process, the installation crew, the communication and the product.
Interlock Industries Inc
Recent Review: We met the Interlocking salesman at the CT Home Show. We looked at samples and pictures of finished roofs there. We made an appointment for an estimate. The salesman arrived on time, took the measurements and gave us an estimate. He had a folder full of testimonials and information about why the metal roof is superior to an asphalt roof. They do supply financing, if necessary. The roofers who did the installation were very polite and responsive. They cleaned up after themselves on a daily basis. We have 7 skylights on our house, so the job took longer than the job estimate, but the workers were very careful about installing it correctly rather than rushing to get the job finished. We had made other appointments with standard asphalt roofers. Either they didn't show for the appointment, or the estimate was never sent after the appointment.
Greater New England Roofing
Business Description: We would like to take this time to introduce you to our company and tell you about the services we offer. We are a family owned and operated business serving Connecticut. And mass our goal is to satisfy our client’s one job at a time whether it is a small repair or complete commercial roof replacement. We are here to meet your needs and your budget with our competitive pricing. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship. We use only the best equipment and materials for every project and all work is guaranteed. We specialize in the following services-

Reviews in Old Saybrook to Install Metal Roof

The quality of their work is questionable. Their customer service and how they handle customers is really lousy. We signed a contract. They were higher than the other bidders but they were supposed to do more work, a lifetime warranty, all those great things, which we decided to go with them. The report below was given to Angie's List prior to March 2015. This is a new complaint.  In March, we had extensive water leaks in the roof in the exact locations where Nescor made repairs when putting on our new roof.  Less than 1 year after the did the repair! The damage was major. We lost the Brazilian Cherry flooring in 2 rooms, carpeting, damaged wood ceiling in our finished basement, other ceiling & walls were ruined. We will have to repaint over 80% of our house-over $15,000 worth of damage. We called them out before the insurance company since we were "covered under their "lifetime warranty." When their representative arrived & made his inspection, he told us "sorry, this isn't part of our scope of work. Your warranty doesn't apply."  We contacted our insurance company to make our claim. They did pay but proceeded to cancel our homeowner's policy. We were able to convince them to renew our policy but we are now high risk. This is another issue since this was our 1st claim with this major company. We contacted a reputable Angie's List roofing contractor(MILHOMME CONSTRUCTION) to do the work required by our insurance company so we could be renewed.He came out as he promised and alerted us to some disturbing news about our newly Nescor installed roof.( His work was excellent & will definitely refer him to those who need roofing work.) Nescor's contractor had sliced through a portion of the flashing leaving a hole in the area where the leak occurred , didn't install other flashing correctly in the front of the house. The also had not installed the snow & ice barrier as was stated in the contract. In the back of the house where the other leak had occurred, they had improperly installed the snow & ice barrier and had left the backing on the tar paper so it didn't attach to the tyvek. All setting us up for the disaster that occurred with the thaw. They made a repair to the cricket area of the roof supposedly. This work is in question at this point too. These were the areas specifically noted in the contract that needed to be repaired. Their workmanship is beyond lousy. It is criminal!! We are lodging a complaint against Nescor at this time. Will keep Angie's List updated. DO NOT USE THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!!!!!!! This report was prior to March 2015 but still stands: I've never been so frustrated with any company in my life actually. Their salesperson was very nice, very agreeable in the beginning. He said All the right things.But he was disconnected  once the work actually started. we had to deal with their foreman and that's where things went way wrong... The foreman was arrogant & just blatantly lied to us. They were not finishing the work and I'd call and ask when they would be out to finish. They continued to make promises. Nobody would ever show up. It kept going on and on and on. The work, according to the contract we signed, was to be finished by August 30 2014.The delay went on for weeks.I Called the office, the response from the office was to send me right back to the foreman. I think they ended up eventually firing the foreman. The people we spoke to in the office attempted to care but it was just more of the same. They had a difficult time getting the contractors out here to do the gutter work which was the last part of the job. It was all supposed to be done within a couple of weeks and it drug on forever.  I finally got so nasty about it, I threatened the Better Business Bureau, everybody, the Attorney General, anybody I could to get them out here. I don't know why they were having such a problem but they finally sent a professional contractor out to do the work But he didn't know what the scope of work was supposed to be. They apparently called in a new guy to finish the job. He had to make several calls to find out what he was supposed to do. But they didn't completely finish and we didn't know until months later. They failed to replace a down spout that was to keep water from under our deck/workshop. When we noticed it was missing we notified the company.  My husband wrote several emails & calls before he finally Made some connection. They promised someone would come out. But once again, they didn't folllow through. This was over about a 6 week period. I finally started calling. I'm sure they hated to hear from us. I'm quite positive no one wanted to talk to us from there. But they finally sent somebody else out. But he didn't have the materials to actually do the job. He only confirmed that there was a problem. He assured me it would all get done and everything was going to be fine. It was weeks before anyone else came. More promised appointment times, then no shows. One time it was scheduled but they called right before the promised time and said they couldn't come because the job was no where near our location. I was highly p***** since we had just paid them over $35,000 on time as stated in the contract and they wouldn't finish the job. We had held out the last payment until they finished. We just needed the drain spout replaced. DO NOT USE THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!! BE FOR WARNED..THE BBB SITE HAS POPULATED WITH NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS SINCE WE HAD WORK DONE!
- Sandra E....