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Business Description: Since 1968 Scribners Kitchen and Bath Designs has been the premier kitchen & bath remodeling company serving southeastern Connecticut. Our company was founded by Guy Scribner who believes that a strong commitment to quality and service is the foundation for a lasting and successful business. We design your space using the latest computer cad software 20-20, allowing us to create photo quality renderings and virtual tours that show our customers exactly what their new kitchen or bath would look like. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about the latest design trends, materials and techniques. We offer exciting and innovative design ideas that maximize efficiency. This combined with the customer’s vision creates the ultimate in luxury, form and function. We design, color coordinate, and completely remodel kitchens and bathrooms; including the necessary renovation work, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting, backsplashes and floor covering. We offer exciting and innovative design ideas that maximize efficiency to produce the ultimate in luxury and function. We also include full design services from our on staff designer. We welcome an opportunity to show you what we can do with a no cost in home survey.
Business Description: Green Valley Plumbing, LLC is located in South Eastern Connecticut. The Business started in December 2008 and serves the eastern part of Connecticut from the north border to the shore. We have an hourly rate for service work and price by the job for most new installations. We offer all phases of the plumbing and heating field. Our Business name, Green Valley Plumbing, was named after our 35 towns that are located in the National Heritage Corridor called The Last Green Valley. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of energy conservation and keep up on all the things that are related to today's energy saving standards . We regulary attend trade seminars and classes to keep up to date with the latest technology so that we can be one step ahead and provide the best product we can to our customers. We have no employees and operate as a "ma and pa" shop that depends on loyalty from our customers both new and those that have continued to use our service over the years. John Bruce, owner, has over 20 years of knowledge to help you make the right decision the first time. We work with your budget to make whatever your project is a cost effective solution that won't cause a financial hardship. If there is a need for a big project we can do that with minimal sub-contracting. We pride ourself in giving you top quality service using excellent craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. There are never any hidden charges. We believe in good communication with our customers and being honest. There are no disappointments that we cannot correct. Our focus is on you and your project, and we feel it should be a rewarding experience from the start through completion. We would be happy to provide you with references. Hope you give us a try sometime!

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CGreen Valley Plumbing, LLC
My husband and I demolished and removed the debris in our 1st floor 1/2 bathroom. John Bruce was hired to do the following the estimate was for $3,341.03 which included: This Estimate is for the renovation of first floor half-bathroom. Price includes - Drywall - Supply and install 1/2and quot; moisture resistant drywall on all walls and ceilings in bathroom and closet. All drywall to get 3 coats of compound and be sanded smooth. Price includes - Trim - Supply and install primed white beadboard wainscot with rabbetted chair rail and baseboard trim. (NOTE- no wainscot is included for closets.) Supply and install 1x4 primed finger-jointed baseboard trim in closet. Re-install window and door trim. Caulk and putty all trim as needed to be ready for paint. Price includes the installation of owner supplied vanity light fixture using existing wire and junction box. Price includes the removal of existing plumbing fixtures and the reinstallation of existing toilet. Price includes all material and labor necessary to install new plumbing for toilet and vanity sink. Price does not include demolition. Homeowner to do demolition and dispose of debris. Remove all base trim and batten trim from floor up to 36and quot;. Remove baseboard heater trim. Remove door and window trim. Unscrew and/or remove light switches, outlets, and fixtures so that drywall can go behind them. (NOTE - if additional demolition or site preparation is required, it will be billed hourly.) Price does not include painting, all painting to be done by homeowner. Work will be done in a professional manner and exceed customer expectations. Green Valley Plumbing, LLC does not offer warrantees on owner supplied materials or fixtures or labor to repair or replace owner supplied materials or fixtures. Any repair or replacement of owner supplied material or fixtures will be subject to a change order and discussed with owner at time of event. Green Valley Plumbing, LLC warrantees labor and materials supplied by Green Valley Plumbing, LLC warrantees labor and materials supplied by Green Valley Plumbing, LLC for one year. We paid for this work at the end of the job in full. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ The following is an email message from John Bruce regarding CHANGE ORDER WORK and MISTAKES that were made. From: John Bruce [] Sent: Monday, October 01, 2012 2:49 PM To: Matthews, Alice Subject: The big mistake found :) and :( O.k and holy moly you were rite and you will see below ! I did find that puddy and trim mistake , my bad . I had that figured in my price to you for that work . Im really sorry about that. I thought Andy had done the work . Guess he was not on the same page with me on that . My estimate says no wainscot around closet area ( I assumed Andy was talking about behind washer and dryer so nothing had been figured for that area for wainscot . Electrical $ 780.00 for both trips 8/14/2012 and 9/12/2012. His billing to me did not have a breakdown of labor and material nor did i ask him for it on both trips . Carpentry $1374.00 Included the added wainscot around the washer machine and dryer new tile repair, new insulation on outside wall.I ended up double charging you by mistake on the wainscot installation portion . I had asked Andrew to give me the change orders before presenting them to you however he never said the change order was a total on every line item versus just plain giving me the extra on top of the allready priced item . Yes frustrating but we caught it along with the eror on the puddy ect . So my sincere appologys ! So you were rite and i am really embarrassed for the huge eror on my part , im glad you caught that and im glad i finally found it myself . Had Andrew been a little more detailed on his estimate to me i would of caught it alongtime ago so my bad . In a nutshell, the communication was lacking between John Bruce and the contractors he hired for the carpentry and electrical work. (SEE EMAIL INCLUDED ABOVE FROM John Bruce). The change order final charges contained items that we had already paid for under the original contract. It contained double charges that resulted in errors and added an additional $4,000 to the original contract. At the end of the job, I asked that John meet with us to discuss each line item, he did not have labor and material charges from the contractors to meet with us and review but insisted instead that we simply pay him. Prior to the completion of the work we had inquired about the costs as work progressed John's response, and quot; you're like family, I wouldn't take advantage of you.and quot; My husband and I demolished our bathroom, removed all of the debris and were responsible for having the light fixture, vanity and 7 sheets of tile for the floor. I puttied the wainscoting and painted. This was not a job that should have cost over $7,000. We simply wanted to understand what we were being charged for and why John believed we would pay his electrician for a second trip to our home to correct his wiring mistake. For the change order work we determined what was owed after eliminating the double charges and reviewing the errors John admitted to in his emails, one of which is included above.
- Alice L....