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Reviews in Lebanon for Installing Lightning Protection Systems

The original request also included cutting in junction boxes for a surround sound system that the builder's electrician never saw clear to provide, such as there were simply loose speaker wire hanging out of the living room wall in 4 locations. The seller/buyer agent, who never saw herself clear to have the builder use junctions boxes to terminate the remote ends of the speaker cable, offered to have their electrician cut in the junction boxes as a house warming. That never happened either. The original estimate was for over $2800. I thought $2800 was ridiculous for what I wanted and had to include a PITA surcharge. Consequently what I figured most contributed to the PITA surcharge and what I could most live without was the cut in surround sound speaker junction boxes. Jon did the work while I, also, was at work. The price was reduced to $2500. When I returned home my wife said he was here only two hours. The wire used for the station ground (bear in mind this would have to carry any stray lightning to earth, was about the thickness of a pencil lead. I've used ground wire that was more like 1/4 to 3/8's inch and really be more like 1/2and quot; or better yet, copper braid. The hole, which I doubt he even touched for the access to junction box in the wall from the basement was not wide enough to pass an RG-8 coax, Consequently some else will likely have to redo that work anyway. In all Jon spent 2 hours here for an hourly rate of $1,250. Corporate executive consultants don't earn that per hour. Perhaps doing the whole house surge protector was incredibly dangerous to install but I am pretty sure that is why there is a main switch on the service panel. The surge protector itself is about 4and quot;x4and quot;x3and quot;. I am baffled by how that constituted $2500. However, in looking more closely at the other reviews I suspect he is the most expensive electrician in the greater New England area. On the plus side I'll give Jon good grades for professionalism, demeanor, and friendliness. He seemed to know what he was talking about.
- Walt C....