Griswold Refrigerator Repair

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Business Description: We are a family owned and operated business. We have been in business for close to 40 years. We employ our highly skilled and trained service technicians in house. We have many luxury appliances and we work hand and hand with a large number of general contractors, designers and carpenters in the area. Customer service and care are very important to us.

Reviews in Griswold to Repair Refrigerators

AMike's Appliance Repair
Mike did a great job identifying and fixing the problem.  He had to take the entire freezer apart and it was quite time consuming. He was careful and thorough. He also gave us some excellent advice on how to better care for our refrigerator and to avoid some common problems with the new appliances that use electronics.  I really felt like we got a lot of value and I can recommend him to anyone.
- Donna A....
Tech arrived at 8:30.  I tried to talk with the tech when he arrived to review with him the symptoms and what I had done.  He did not want to hear it.  He took some amperage readings with the compressor running, and only made the comment to me that the current draw looked low.   He told me that he could replace the compressor for $700 or $800.  I reluctantly gave him the go ahead since the fridge cost $2300 and was less than 7 years old.  Long story short, after attempting to install a new compressor, he told me he could not repair the fridge because there was a blockage in the cooling system that was caused by a leak in the sealed system.  So after spending $60 for the new relay and $90 for his service call, I was left with a dead refrigerator.   I do not consider myself an expert on refrigeration but I had serious nagging doubts about his work and his conclusions.  If the line were blocked the amperage draw would have been too high.  If the sealed system had a leak, how did the fridge cool as well as it did with the original compressor?  Why did the "new" compressor not look new, and why did it look so different from the part shown in the parts catalog.    It left me with the feeling that the steps he took and the work he did took what was a sick but possibly repairable refrigerator and turned it into an un-repairable piece of junk.  And he would not discuss it any further or answer any of my questions.  I called Jennair to discuss what happened, and it turns out, that by contract, Jennair certified techs, before they declare anything un-repairable,are required to call Jennair and consult with their senior techs.  He did not.  Beyond that, this guy had a bad attitude from the moment he walked in the door.  He seemed irritated and was dismissive, rude. I would never, ever use them again, and strongly urge others to look elsewhere for appliance repair.  BAD, BAD and expensive experience.
- Judy F....