Griswold Metal Stair Installation

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Reviews in Griswold to Install Metal Stairs

AKrupula Enterprise LLC
I purchased this apartment house in May 2012. As somebody new to the landlording business, I didn't have much experience in dealing with contractors and handymen. In the past, I've seen many unassuming friends and family members get taken advantage of by local contractors. I met Arnie through a mutual friend and right off the bat, I could tell Arnie was fair, honest, and had a lot of expertise in his line of work. I've continued to use Krupulas Enterprise over the past year and Krupulas Enterprise will keep earning my business in the future. Here's a list of the projects Krupulas Enterprise has completed for me. 1.) Installation of new home windows including basement windows. 2.) Hanging of new shutters on the entire home (it's 2 stories tall and contains 26 windows). 3.) Complete remodel of an apartment after an eviction to include: wall paper removal, plaster wall resurfacing, re-painting of all wall surfaces, cabinet door refacing, installation of laminate flooring, building of a closet, remodel of a basement staircase, hanging an exterior roof gutter, and a variety of other odds and ends. Currently, Krupulas Enterprise is working on replacing a garage roof and shoring up the structural integrity on the garage at the property listed above. Arnie is a true professional and is an excellent communicator that also works well with other local contractors in the area. Arnie understands that word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of marketing and by doing quality work at a fair price, you will gain a customer's trust and a deserving referral relationship.
- William C....