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Business Description: Basement Water Problems Solved, Guaranteed!

Reviews in Griswold to Encapsulate Crawl Spaces

CBenjamin Basement Waterproofing
We have a small house, approximately 870 sq ft, and the basement is a crawlspace with a low clearing. (about 3 ft on average) George took a look through the access panel and told me it couldn't be done. He did give me advice on doing it myself. I was very disappointed, since I expected some out of the box thinking to try to come up with a solution. His advice was to have the house lifted, which is not a very affordable alternative. As I mentioned before, I had been inside the crawl space myself, and was expecting a professional with the proper equipment, expertise and protective clothing to be able to do the job, instead of suggesting that I hire high school kids. He did give me a final quote of $9000.00 and wished me good luck in doing it myself. I should have given this company an F for failure, but since no work was performed for me to give a review on, I opted for C instead.
- Maricela F....