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Pet Playgrounds - West Haven
Recent Review: Harder than billed but ultimately my husband did by himself. Tried to get them to help us find a contractor to no end.

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APet Playgrounds - West Haven
The entire process from pricing to scheduling, to installation everything went very smoothly.  The Pet Playgroundz fencing system that was installed exceeded my expectations.   Victor was extremely professional and very prompt with the first quote and the entire install was completed in one day.  The system I had installed was was 5' feet tall, 3 gates and approximately 110 linear feet.  The process was very hands off, just a quick consultation upon Victor and his crew's arrival, showing them the exact area I wanted the fence installed and they quickly went to task. When I returned home that evening everything was completed and my dogs were happily enjoying their new play area. Highly recommend Pet Playgroundz, Victor and his crew were excellent to work with.
- Jason A....