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Shining Armor Handyman
Recent Review: I was extremely pleased with the results
Independent Plumbing Solutions, Inc
Business Description: Independent Plumbing Solutions is a small local business with about 36 employees.
New Fresh Look
Recent Review: Doug is a very friendly guy with great skills.  Doug was great.  He got through the "to do" list and did a great job.  He did not leave a mess, cleaning up before he left.  I would have him come back in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to anyone in this area looking for handyman services. Doug had to come back a second day to finish up some of the work.
Solid Rock Custom Carpentry
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: Our goal as a small business that is growing is to stick out from above other small handyman service business'. By doing so we offer an above and beyond the call of duty experience with having pride in our work and service to the customer. Also producing an end product that will be appreciated for years to come by implementing the right technique that establishes this goal.
Lynch Home Services
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Greg was on time, worked quickly and charged less than the original estimate. Very pleased with the experience and would recommend him to others. We will definitely use him again.

Reviews in Windsor to Install Bathroom Vanity

ANew Fresh Look
Doug is a very friendly guy with great skills.  Doug was great.  He got through the "to do" list and did a great job.  He did not leave a mess, cleaning up before he left.  I would have him come back in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to anyone in this area looking for handyman services. Doug had to come back a second day to finish up some of the work.
- Ann K....
DSolid Rock Custom Carpentry
Craig does very nice work. I have no complaints about the quality of his work. However, I would never hire him again. I first contacted him on October 6, 2014 by buying a deal, $1500 for a contractor for a week. I contacted him several more times before he finally was able to meet with me. At the end of December he finally presented his proposal and I paid him $1825.00 for materials. A week later I paid him $800 for materials for the 2 large countertops, and he began work. After I had ordered flooring, he said he would like to install it and did so, $825.00 on January 23, 2015. At that time, he also agreed to tile the tub/shower area and began the preparation. At this point, I was not unhappy, although it was taking much longer than I expected. On February 29, 2015, I paid $1336.00 in materials and labor for preparing the tub/shower area to be tiled. He did not give me an itimized bill for materials, just said this is what I owed. He had moved his tile cutter into my basement and was to come back to finish tiling. I did not hear from him again for several weeks, until he called to say that he would come by to pick up his tile cutter, he needed it for another job. I asked when I might expect to get my job finished and was told that he had no time until the end of April. He said that contractors often scheduled 2 years in the future and denied taking other jobs before he had finished mine. At this point, I would have stopped letting him do any work for me, but the 2 countertops he had built would be difficult for someone else to match and he still owed me work from the original contract. When he came back at the end of April, the sink in the kitchen had been placed but not sealed, the tub/shower was tiled, the bathroom vanity installed. Craig needed to finish installing the last of the kitchen cabinets, set the closet doors, hang the 3 other doors as part of the original agreement. Additionally, I needed the 2 smaller countertops built and 1 extra cabinet set. This took 4 days and cost me $1400.50 in materials and labor, again without an itemized materials list.  I feel that Craig is not honest. He is friendly and personable, but he does not accurately account for his time. He was consistantly late and padded his hours. I believe that at least on one occation, he used a material run to drum up new business which he then put ahead of my job. I have always expected, and received, an itemized list of material expenses.  In my opinion, I was vastly overcharged for those last two countertops, and I am very disappointed that the work took as long as it did.
- Jeanna J....
ALynch Home Services
Due to tree roots, I had a sewer line backup and overflow my downstairs shower/bathroom/laundry room and one wall of the family room.   I called a plumber and my insurance agent - who sent a team over to clean up, remove wet carpet/drywall, disinfect and dry out the rooms to prevent further damage.   Everybody was great and did a thorough job, but the process took 4 days and tore up my house!  I had: - 15" gaps of missing drywall and baseboards in three rooms, - a disconnected bathroom vanity  & toilet (which had to be removed for the repairs), - four different paint colors to be matched or replaced.   Also:  -three areas of drywall in the room that had been poorly patched when someone took out a wall previously; -several burnt out lightbulbs that were too high for me to replace; and -an exterior door from a different situation that had been knocked out of its frame and needed to be fixed.   The stress was getting to me, so I called Greg because his previous reviews on Angie's List said he was super-fast and multi-talented.      I was not disappointed!  Greg offered to come over that night (Tues.) to give me an estimate.  He showed up within 45 minutes, and immediately noticed and commented on a custom stair railing in our house made by a local artist.  I showed him the damaged area (and the next, and the next)...its sometimes awkward when there is so much but Greg took it all in stride.    He took some measurements and made some notes, then started "thinking out loud" - making a supply list and giving me options.        It was like watching someone who is really good at the game of Tetris play ("this piece of baseboard goes here, this piece is missing;  the vanity goes back here, this tile needs to be replaced;  where is that baseboard?; that can be done on Friday, that can be done on Tuesday;  those are nails, not screws...they need to be screws to hold it in place;  you want that light bulb replaced?..." etc.)   Then he took his notes,  gave me a verbal estimate, and said he would email with a firm estimate (which he did later that evening.)      He worked within my budget and was exactly on target for the insurance estimate.   I was indecisive about whether I wanted to touch-up using the paint colors we already had, or repaint the whole room with new colors.   Initially I just wanted to get the whole thing put back together and forget about it, but the appreciation Greg showed for things like the stair rail and other details of the house made me see the house with new eyes again.   I went to a home improvement store to get the light bulbs and tile and got inspired.        When Greg came to start work on Friday he brought paint samples, and let me think about it over the weekend, which I appreciated.   By 5 o'clock that day he had finished ALL the drywalling, replaced all the missing baseboard, and painted all three rooms once.   It was AMAZING!   My jaw literally dropped open.   With the repaired drywall and the extra fixes the room looked so much better than it ever had before.   He then replaced the light bulbs I couldn't reach, let me know when he'd be back Tuesday and what projects he'd be doing, and left for the weekend.  On Tuesday he came back and reinstalled the vanity and toilet; fixed the tile on the backsplash; painted a second coat; fixed the door and frame leading to the garage and puttied the screw holes, then repainted the frame;  and checked to see if I was satisfied and if there was anything else that needed to be done before I paid him and he left.        I would recommend Greg Lynch's work to anyone.   He is friendly.  He works fast, and quietly and cleanly - no dust, no trash, no scraps.   He brings what he needs to do the project with him and stays on site until the work is done.  He seems to know how to do about any project.   He is exactly on target for cost and materials.  He notices the small details and seems to really love all aspects of home design and improvement.   He will make you love your house again!
- Corey F....