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Recent Review: This fence is wonderful!  We have a new German Shepherd puppy and wanted something more secure than an electric fence, which we had with our previous Shepherd.  We priced chain link fencing, which  was over twice the cost and, in our opinion, not at all attractive.  This fence is barely visible and blends well with the landscape. Now our dog has lots of room to run and we do not have to be concerned about her getting out of the yard.  We also hope that the fence will keep the deer out, which would be a big plus.  Additionally, it gives us the option of taking in rescue dogs should we choose to do that. Victor was very responsive and the job was done promptly after we signed the contract.  He also offered the great suggestion of extending the fence into a wooded area of our property beyond our yard which gives the dog more room and puts that portion of the fence completely out of sight.  His crew moved wood and trimmed back bushes at no additional cost. I highly recommend Pet Playgroundz to anyone seeking secure a yard for a pet at a very reasonable cost.  
Recent Review: Mark Husky is the owner and is an amazing person who knows how to teach owners how to train their pets to respect the new fence without frightening them (the dogs or the owners). He worked very hard the day he installed our fence because the weather was wet and cold but he never stopped until he completed the job. Unfortunately for him, our neighbor's phone line was buried in our yard and was cut in the process. Mark handled every little glitch with charm and grace, even dealing with the neighbors. I had not been aware of just how much work was involved in digging the trench, crossing cement areas, or judging just where to place the fence, until I followed him around the property. Our beloved golden retriever adjusted to her new boundaries much quicker than we anticipated and having the electric fence to keep her safely at home is wonderful. Mark's product is easy to use, has a collar that recharges on its own little power station, and can be easily adjusted in strength and distance. We recommend Mark Husky to anyone who needs an electric fence for any size property -- he knows his products.

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AColorado Pet Fence
Dale was prompt, courteous and thorough from start to finish. Respectful and informative on initial calls and scouting process. Punctual and complete with install process and initial training. Also has provided exceptional post-install support. Great job.
- Pamela L....