University Of Colorado Central Humidifier Installation

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Best for Less Heating & Cooling
Business Description: First, we are a family own company so we try our best to be personable with our customers and deal first-hand with any concerns you may have. We chose to remain a small company with 5 employees which keeps our over head costs low. I personally over see each job, answer the phones and schedule the appointments to meet your needs. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, Cash, Checks and in some dire situations we will bill. DISCOUNT for Angies customers: Install a new furnace or air conditioner and receive a NEW humidifier by-pass or power (ask for details).
Recent Review: We had an overall great experience.  The estimate was thorough, accurate and responsive to our needs.  The installation went smoothly, with minimal disruption.  The furnace size is correct for our home,  and it works beautifully.  Their estimate was a full $2,000 less than their competitor's estimate.  We'd definitely hire them again.
Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling
Business Description: Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling is the HVAC specialists that are able to deliver better air quality to homes in the area through humidifiers, air cleaners and duct cleaning. They also have a focus in AC and heating repairs. Installations are also something that the HVAC techs specialize in as well. Their repairs are always done by licensed and insured professionals. All of their work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Homeowners can always feel safe in the hands of Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling.
Smith & Willis HVAC
Recent Review: Good.  Called promptly and arrived on time for appointment.  No issues found and they recommended a humidifier solution for us
Delta T Heating and Air Services
Recent Review: The men were fantastic. Very friendly, honest, proffesional and helpful!  For what seemed a very reasonable rate, they had our furnace and humidifier running perfect.  Now, 4 months later, it is still running great.  We will most certainly use them again.
Fairbrother Heating and Air Conditioning
Business Description: Residential Forced air natural gas furnace and air conditioner repairs and installation HVAC
The Weather Changers Heating and Air Conditioning
Business Description: When the weather changes outside, we change it inside! The Weather Changers Heating and Air Conditioning offers honest and reliable service, repair and installation of residential heating and air conditioning systems. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and drug free technicians are licensed and insured for your protection. You can trust The Weather Changers Heating & Air Conditioning for any job, big or small. Call us today for more information on our heating and cooling equipment and installation.
Colorado Craftsman HVAC
Business Description: Established in 2014. Colorado Craftsman HVAC Two brothers originally started helping their father over 20 years ago on reconditioned appliances. By this base foundation the seed of Colorado Craftsman was born. After becoming appliance repair technicians top in their field they decided to continuing their cross training into HVAC through NATE training programs. Family owned and operated Colorado Craftsman HVAC is a company that drives customer service to the next level. Our team strives for excellence by educating you as a consumer and if possible teaching you preventive measures to avoid a repair in the future and minimize cost.
Four Seasons Heating Inc
Recent Review: What a comedy of errors. FS installed the wrong AC and coil. Two days later they installed the correct AC but broke a part off the furnace heat for a brief period . Had a steam humidifier installed incorrectly...of course it was on a Friday. It was fixed on Monday. Now 7 months later, it won't work and the parts have to be manufactured...45 day minimum.  The manufacturer is selling units but not the parts to fix them. I got absolutely nowhere with the manufacturer.  All that negative aside, FS is taking apart a new humidifier to fix the mess that the manufacturer created.  Kudos to Four Seasons.
DMC Services
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: This service is provided by a "one-man-show." The first time I called him, he cut short our conversation, and at first I didn't know why.  Later I learned he was with another customer at the time. Odd start to a business relationship.  Don't be put off by this behavior if it should happen to you. Once we finally connected, he was easy to work with and did a great job.  I will use his services again and recommend him. 

Reviews in University Of Colorado for Installing Central Humidifier

FBill Smith Plumbing & Heating Inc
Technician was late for a 2 pm appointment arriving at 3:15. He said he did not have enough time to install humidifier and felt office had booked too short a time. Tech. had an attitude and did not want to install humidifier with sensor outside. Lots of excuses not to install sensor. Ultimately, the humidifier would not fit on our small cold air return (too big). So we ordered parts to repair current humidifier. Trip charge is $60 just to come out then paid $90 for 45 minutes of complaining. For anyone facing a humidifier replacement, consider the cost to get a new solynoid ($70) and maybe $100 to install. Would not use them again. Going with Mr. C plumbing or O'Connor because have had GREAT SERVICE FROM THEM. Coupon was a scam in my opinion.
- Debbie H....
FArtisan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling
Poorly. Got one of those groupons from here (pre-paid service), picked some dates, no one ever contacted us. I spend a good 2 months trying to even find who these folks were (again, we ordered a service on-line, through angies list), I just had an email that no one responded to. Eventually complained to Angie's list, lo and behold, these folks find me and withing a couple days actually do what was asked. Well... Actually... Not quite, we prepaid for a specific model of humidifier (it was advertised as such and we paid a premium) as I didn't want a "generic" one. Turn out that they were "out" of that model, so I just got whatever one was in the van. I figured at this point I was out $400, or else Angie's list would tell me its their fault and they would tell me its Angie's list fault and I would have a great old time arguing with two "virtual" companies while still being out $400 so I just sighed and let them install whatever it was they were installing. On a plus side, the random humidifier they installed works fine! Perhaps I shouldn't be so stressed about the brand and type of humidifier I have? I've grown zen over this situation and look at it as a learning experience. Don't pay good money to a random internet company for a "chance" of service that may or may not happen at some point in the near or far future and may involve the installation of... something. This has likely saved me money in the long run, as I took this opportunity to cancel Angie's list... So I guess.. thanks for that?
- Emily K....
ATipping Hat Plumbing, Heating & Electric
They were able to schedule the initial and follow-up visits very timely.  Also installed a new furnace vent in the basement.  All went well.  Price seemed reasonable with a quote at the first visit.
- Joel M....
I called Millionaire Mechanical and told them exactly what I needed---their employee Jerry, was prompt, efficient and friendly. The installation went smoothly, and yes, we would use them and highly recommend them to our friends, family and neighbors.
- Robert B....
BTipping Hat Plumbing, Heating & Electric
The install went well. In the middle of the night the cold water line attaching to the humidifier broke loose flooding the basement. When I called the emergency help # I was told that they are "not plumbers" but when I informed them that the leak was on their installation, someone was dispatched right away and all was resolved quickly.
- Tyler F....
AQuality West Heating & Cooling
Quality West did a full removal and install of both the Furnace, and A/C unit. They also installed a new humidifier and wireless thermostat.
- Angela W....
F$49 Handyman
He had no idea how to wire or install the humidifier. I had to hire someone else to fix it. He was horrified how it was wired (very dangerous) and had the humidifier always on, running the water 24/7 which is expensive. If he didn't know how to install it he should have told me, not just jump in and try, especially when your dealing with electric and could burn down my house. I ask for only a 1/3 of my money back from him and got nothing!
- Janine T....
ABuilder's Heating and Air Conditioning
They were extremely professioanal and fast. They had great customer service. The humidifier was blowing the curicuits, but they came back right away to correct the issue. They sent a specialists and there was no charge to us. We would definitley recommend them and them and use them again.
- Christian S....
ADMC Services
This service is provided by a "one-man-show." The first time I called him, he cut short our conversation, and at first I didn't know why.  Later I learned he was with another customer at the time. Odd start to a business relationship.  Don't be put off by this behavior if it should happen to you. Once we finally connected, he was easy to work with and did a great job.  I will use his services again and recommend him. 
- Debby L....
AParadise Heating & Cooling, Inc.
EXCELLENT company.  Tech is professional, friendly and knows his business.  Work performed and cleaned up. I will always use Paradise for my HVAC needs.
- Roberta D....