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Recent Review: Everything went great. I got the system a few days later and started to install it. All the devices were easy to put up all told it took about 45 minutes to get up and running. During the install I set the alarm off and Getsafe called me right away. I like the way it looks in my home and by that I mean I hardly notice it is there. I like being able to control the system from my phone and being able to check on my house with the camera when I am away.
Recent Review: Self-Installed Security System without Contracts. Activated it and is working fine.
Business Description: We are one of the largest stocking distributors of CCTV products and accessories in the United States. Our inventory includes both our own cost-effective and fully supportable house brand of CCTV products as well as all the industry top-sellers. What that means for you as a potential customer is that you can leverage the economies of scale we’ve created and take advantage of volume pricing on every order. Why choose USA SSC? Customer Leasing Program – Our turnkey Customer Leasing Program provides you the tools you need to sell a higher volume of security systems while providing your customer with the many advantages of leasing. Once your client has been approved, 50% of the project cost is available immediately, with the balance funded upon job completion My Account – As soon as you create your USA-SSC account, you’ll enjoy instant access to pricing, online product search with easy-to-use find and filter options, saved quotes, and one-click-checkout. View and track your orders in your account, save and label serial numbers by order and location, and initiate and manage online warranty/RMA submissions — all directly from our platform Project Pricing Specialist – Not sure what you need or require extra assistance? USA-SSC has a dedicated team to support our dealers and are available 7 days a week to assist you in any way. Industry Leading Product Warranties – Our warranties exceed industry standards on select USA-SSC manufactured products and all your warranty information can be tracked from the “My Account” portal. We want to be your preferred purchasing partner and aim to make your ordering process as simple as possible. My team and I look forward to serving your security needs.
Recent Review: Originally talked to them at a home show.  They came out and gave estimates as well as suggestions for the system.  No pressure, just a good product.  i did some shopping and came back to Pinnacle as the best value.  System works as advertized.  I eventually added a couple of additional sensors like for carbon monoxide.  Would recommend them highly.
Recent Review: The sales department was incredible and blew all other company's away.  Installation had a few minor glitches but they always fixed any  thing that went wrong.  Michael and the president Craig were very helpful and provided support that was unprecedented. Follow-up phone calls following purchase have been a little slow but overall a great experience.
Recent Review: It took me 5 phone calls in order to get an appointment scheduled.  They sent someone out that was obviously not qualified, he spent the whole time calling the company to ask them differerent questions.  He left holes in my wall that were left for me to fix.  The alarm system that the put in has not worked correctly, when the alarm sounds off the code they gave us to put in to shut the alarm off does not usually work.  We have had to wait before for them to call while the alarm was going off in order to get it turned off.  I called them again last Wednesday to let them know that the issue was still not resolved.  They informed me that it would be at least a week before they would be able to come out and fix the issue.  I asked them if they would take out the security system and refund me my money which they refused to do.  I would recommend avoiding this company at all costs, they tell you one thing and they don't deliver.  They are unreliable and have horrible customer service.
Recent Review: I personally think this is the best deal out there when it comes to monitoring your home via a security system. If you pay for the whole year it costs about 8.95 a month or 14.95 a month if you pay month by month. There is no contract! The reason they are so cheap is that you buy the monitoring equipment yourself either through them or through another company, and they do the monitoring of it. Most other companies give you some equipment but then you have to pay $40 a month for the next three years or some lengthy contract like that! NextAlarm lets you arm and disarm via the Internet, and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend it!
Business Description: We are a family owned and operated company that has been in business for just shy of 10 years. We offer a multitude of services such as cabling, Wi-Fi installation, security system installation, audio/video installation, and updates or maintenance on all systems we provide in addition to systems you already have. Our staff is available any time and we offer great customer service as we are a smaller company and can focus on each job and customer vs being a huge company who just wants to get it and get out as quick as possible without paying attention to quality.
Business Description: We design and install a variety of wired and wireless systems & technologies, including video surveillance systems, security systems, structured wiring, AV cabling, and technical systems required for Medical, Dental, Retail, Restaurants, Offices and other industries.
Business Description: Here at Protect My Spot Home & Business Security...We Remember a time When You Could leave your doors and windows open for a cool evening summer breeze...! Sometimes, you could even leave them open with your property unattended and No One even thought of entering your house or bothering your personal belongings...! However...The World today is a very different place...and Crime is Everywhere...! We know there are still good people out there...and good people need a Great Home Security System to keep their property or business and their loved ones and physical assets safe...! So...In the Spirit of Yesteryear...We provide FREE Home & Business Security Systems which are Wireless and Yours to only pay for the monitoring which is directly linked to Your local authorities...(AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE) Protect what Matters Most BEFORE an incident takes place...NOT AFTER...! For more info: call us at (844-SAF-SPOT) 844-723-7768 or go to: for more details....!

Reviews in Red Mountain for Security Camera Installation

AAmerican Burglary Protection, LLC
The sales rep professional and extremely knowledgeable of the system. He was easily able to compare and explain the differences between the ADT system and my current system. Bases on the sales rep information, we decided to upgrade. The technician clearly understood what we were looking for in a system. He updated the existing equipment to reduce the visual impact within the home. We explained what areas we wanted covered my cameras. Not only did he locate the cameras in the best places, he ensured the structural impact was kept to a minimum. Where drilling into the home was required, it was done in areas with the least impact and all entrances were sealed. The technician took his time to explain the operation of the system and patiently answered all of our questions. The install took a bit longer than anticipated. However, the technician never displayed any frustration or impatient. Both the sales rep and technician were true professionals. I so appreciate the work and would recommend the company to anyone looking to upgrade or install a new security system.
- Coral H....
FADT Security Services Inc
I had this system installed at my vacation home in Colorado. Had trouble from the beginning due to electrical interruptions or outages that cause the system to go down and lose WIFI connectivity. The only way to get connectivity back is to reboot the system from the main control panel. That is the problem since it is a vacation home I am not there. I got the system so I could view from the cameras and see temperatures on the thermostat. The security was secondary as it is in a very safe location. The security never went down as it was cellular. I dealt with the system going down for over a year and a half until the system went down with the thermostat in the on-heating position. The temperature in my home went to 98 degrees when it was 20 degrees outside. It stayed that way for 2 weeks. I asked a neighbor to go check on things when I had lost connectivity to WIFI for those 2 weeks and they discovered the thermostat in on running continuously. Since this was extremely dangerous and could have burned the house down at some point I removed the thermostat and asked to be let out of the contract. I addressed a letter to the COO of ADT and he forwarded me to a customer service agent. I spent over $2000 on the system in the first place. In stead of letting me out of the rest they made me pay $250 to get out of the rest of the contract which I had about 6 months left on. Since they made me pay the $250 I had their system removed from my main house and went with another company in which I pay a much lower monthly fee. Cost them a lot more than $250.
- Rick M....
I was contacted by the alarm monitoring service and told that a motion detector had been activated at my place of business. I went immediately to my business location and found a bear trying to gain access to my locked trash dumpster. The bear was apparently trying to get a last meal before going into hibernation for the winter and had inadvertently banged up against the side of the building, activating the alarm. I saw no reason to adjust alarm sensitivity for this very rare situation. But, if I had needed an adjustment I know that Village Security would take care of it just as they always have in the few times that I have requested (and needed) help. They installed my system and it has always worked to my satisfaction. I recommend them to anyone who asks me about security systems.
- Gordon M....
Above all they were the experts in both surge suppression but also as consultants to make sure the electricians completed the work as required.Most Nighly Recommend!!! I hired them because I am ex military and the owner is retired Navy. Hire a VET this company knows their stff!
- Steve S....
ADry Creek Electric
Dry Creek Electric is family owned and operated. No one in this organization will "pass the buck" or "blame" another person. They do the work and appreciate the consumer. Probably most significant to me is the fact that everyone in this organization is someone you would invite into your home with confidence and a sense of security. Nothing is taken for granted when you are working with this family. Ask for assistance and you will be heard!
- Laura R....
These guys are obviously making a ton of money so if you don't have a big project avoid them.  I had them visit my home in Beaver Creek in January 2014 and badgered the owner (John)and later another guy named Don for a quote.  I needed work on a security system so guests could easily access with a code.  I actually flew out from Ohio specifically in November of 2014 solely to meet with them because earlier attempts had been unsuccessful.  At no time did they indicate they were not interested in the work.  They have promised me quotes all year long and then one week before I was due to be there again in December, they called and said they couldn't do the work. This left me hanging and with a real problem setting up access codes for guests in the coming year.  Unbelievably crappy service and consideration of the customer. Don't take these guys at their word, its not worth the cost of a phone call and certainly the hundreds of dollars on airfare I have wasted on them.
- Kirsten C....