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Recent Review: He arrived on time and was very thorough, professional, and efficient.  I would use this company again.

Reviews in Penrose to Exterminate Rats or Mice

AFroggy's Pest Control
We are very impressed with Tim, he was on time, and was very knowledgeable on how to take care of our mouse problem. He found the place where the mice were getting in the attic and sealed it up. He solved the problem with the mice still in the attic. We are very happy with the services Tim performed, and we will continue to use him to exterminate other pests around the home.
- Julie S....
AFroggy's Pest Control
I live in an area that's heavily wooded and there are a lot of mice out there and some of them end up in my house.  For a period of time, I was catching 2-3 mice a week and some were still running around the house which drove me absolutely crazy.  I had an exterminator come out and he did a lot of work and that helped for a little while but mice came back in force.  I then found Tim on Angie's list and he was simply great, hard working, honest, persistent and professional!  I lost track how many times he came back.  I just remember that every time I called him, he came back.  After months of battling with the mice, it is finally under control.  I still catch a couple of them in a confined area once in a while but certainly not someone thing that I can't handle.  I've been having Tim out for quarterly services now for about a year and that helps to keep bug issues to a minimum too.  I highly recommend Tim (Frogg's) to anyone who may need help with bugs!
- Jing H....
AFroggy's Pest Control
Very well. Said work is guaranteed for 30 days. A business like this, you hope you don't have to call him back😬
- Mike P....