New Liberty Screen Door Installation

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Recent Review: Great service. Great job. Very professional.
Recent Review: Phil Nix came promptly but could not do screen door painting. However, another person was provided and did a very good job.

Reviews in New Liberty for Installing Screen Doors

ASunshine Doors Specialists Inc
When I called Sunshine Home Services, there was someone at my house the next day to provide an estimate. They built two new screen doors for my sliding glass doors that were installed about 10 days later. The screen door for my front door had to be returned to the shop because the door was cut too large. It was installed two days later. I have used this company before and once again was very satisfied with their work.
- Linda L....
Within several days of contacting the company, they were at my residence to do the work. Everything went smoothly until after they replaced the rollers on the sliding screen door. They spent almost two hours attempting (without success) to align the rollers so they stayed on the track. They took the sliding screen door with them and returned it at a later date. It still does not slide very well although other screen doors slide fine on that track. There were several small rips in the screen when they returned the screen door. After I pointed these out and no comment was made from the workman about re-screening the door, I said I could live with the screen the way it was. A section of patio screen they had accidentally damaged was replaced, so I was disappointed when no offer was made to replace the damaged screen which I had paid to have re-screened. Not a very professional way to run a business.
- Linda L....