Deckers Solar Panel Repair

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Reviews in Deckers to Repair Solar Panels

AGolden Solar
I have a solar panel on my roof. He came and repaired the siding around my solar panel that was loose. He didn’t charge me anything in hopes I would hire him for a replacement solar system. He was really good and on top of it.
- Emily K....
ACAM Solar
They told us it would be 90 days after we signed the paperwork before the panels could be installed, but it was only 30 days! The installation crew arrived on time and were very professional. They finished installing the panels in one day and cleaned up their mess. would hire them again, definitely recommend!
- Courtney E....
AState Roof & Solar
Had the opportunity to work on a project with this firm and was thoroughly impressed with how they handled themselves and the work they did.
- Corey M....
AUpslope Solar
I had Miles introduce me to the world of solar. He helped me, and laid out all information clearly on workmanship warranty and product warranties. If anyone is looking to install a solar panel system, please contact him. He is an honest man and gets the job done. Send him an email or call. He has been very responsive to all my questions and initial concerns.
- Bill L....
The work was done about two years ago, but it was a good experience. They gave us a free TED system, which shows what the panels are producing. I've been happy with their services overall.
- Jeremy D....
The entire process was incredibly simple which we really appreciated. The salesman was very patient and didn't try to pressure us into a decision. The company's pricing options are very flexible and accomodating, and they did a good job of installing the solar panels.
- Jan B....
I have not benefitted one bit from my relationship with this wretched company, but now that has turned into a huge detriment. DO NOT EVER ENTER A RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS COMPANY or any other Tesla related companies. Hail damage has made it necessary to have my shingles replaced. Solar panels needed to be temporarily removed. I called Tesla customer service and was on hold 20 minutes before being given the option to have a customer service rep. call me back. When they DID call my back, the line disconnected as I answered (before second ring). called them back, another 20 minutes on hold. Finally got through to a human who said Tesla could not remove the panels until April 2020. As I write this, it is August 2019. 8 months. I asked what options I had, and i was told I would have to go through a 3rd party and i would need to pay for the removal out of pocket. As I expressed my dismay, I was HUNG UP ON by the "service" representative!! I had been promised by the phone robot, prior to reaching said human, that I would have the opportunity the take a survey after my phone call to give feedback about the customer service! Well not if they hang up on you!! Worst customer service I have ever experienced! I'm trying to prevent water damage to my house and not only did they refuse to give me reasonable options, they hung up on me after I waited 45 minutes to reach them! I am in a 20 year contract with these people and I regretted it after 6 months!
- Leslie D....
I bought residential solar panels from SunRun.? They installed the panels and the electrical equipment.
- Joseph W....
The company was great to deal with and solar panels are working well. Their professionalism was good and they were also very knowledgeable. Price was comparable to other estimates.
- Pam D....
They are totally in house, which I was very impressed with. We worked with Steve Strobel and he was wonderful.
- Donald K....

Solar Panels in Deckers

Recent Review: It went great. Installation went smooth and on time. Very professional. Immediate response on calls and questions. I did not have any issues that were not resolved right away. I no longer have a power bill with the exception of the 20$ connection fee to San Isabel. I recommend sun power photon brothers solar. They were fair and honest with me.
Business Description: Go Green Electric is a full-service solar service provider. We take care of everything you need to power your home with clean solar energy. We are an electrical company providing Solar Panel Installation, Energy Audits, Solar Repairs and Solar Retrofits for both Residential and Commercial Solar Projects. We will oversee your entire solar panel system installation, and provide you with our alternative energy expertise throughout the life of your home solar system. We specialize in home solar panel installation and will take care of everything from walking you through the solar panel installation cost to showing you the overall benefits of renewable energy on our everyday lives and the lives of our children. We will provide you with all the information on solar power to help you make the best decision for your home and family. We proudly serve the Denver & Boulder-Metro area with reliable solar options for home or business. Our Master Electrician and owner, Mike Maharas leads our team in providing quality service, solar panel installation expertise and knowledge to each individual project. We use only the best solar panels which will be custom fitted to your home. We make it possible to reduce your carbon footprint by converting your current energy into cleaner, more energy-efficient, earth friendly solar electricity. Solar energy systems are the future, and we want to see you in a solar powered home. Our experience engineering and installing high quality solar power systems for homes and our uncompromising service has made us the best choice for your Colorado business or residential solar installation project. Check out our some of our former clients to see for yourself. We are proudly serving energy conscious clients by helping them Go Green!
Business Description: Here in Colorado, we’re blessed with an average of 300 days of sunshine and great weather. That makes Colorado the perfect state for solar power! Our high-efficiency, attractive SunPower solar panels are perfect for soaking up all that sunlight and using it to power your home and save you money on your electric bill. As a Colorado-grown solar power company, Photon Brothers is committed to helping Coloradans protect the environment and make progress towards energy independence through clean, affordable solar power. We’ve installed solar panels on homes and businesses all across the great state of Colorado, and our customers love the savings and love knowing they’re doing something good for the environment. Want to see how easy and inexpensive it can be to add solar to your home or business? Get a free, no-obligation estimate today.
Recent Review: Just the facts:  In SIX WEEK'S time, Shawn Standifer and ECO Roof & Solar accomplished what we've spent the last 2 years attempting to do (with other roofing companies)--getting our whole roof replaced for our $1,000 insurance deductible!!!  And now our elderly next door neighbors, are having the same success with Shawn! The details:  Our area (C-470 & Bowles) has gotten hit on several occasions by some crazy wind & hail storms over the last 2-3 yrs. In the fall of 2011, when we developed a leak, and again in the fall of 2012, when another larger leak in a different area caused more interior damage, our insurance company sent an adjuster to evaluate our claims.  On both occasions, the results were the same. They offered to pay approximately $2,500 after our $1,000 deductible for the "minor repairs" but no total roof replacement. When SHAWN STANDIFER knocked on our door 3 months ago (May 2013) we had lost hope.  We knew the roof needed replacing, so we had checked into home improvement loans to pay for the roof ourselves.  By the time Shawn left, he had us convinced to give it one last try.  We called our insurance company & asked that the 2nd claim be re-opened (since we didn't accept their payout offer). Once Shawn got on the roof with the adjuster it was a done deal.  If not for our HOA taking 4 weeks to approve of our roof color, our roof could have been done the following week!  Shawn was so attentive & communicated with us every step of the way.  On a side note, we had purchased solar panels 3 yrs prior from a company that has since gone out of business.  We were SO happy that ECO was able to remove our solar panels & re-install them once the roof was done without jeopardizing our solar panel warranty.  They even suggested a much better panel mounting system that wouldn't involve 46 holes in our new roof and the insurance company agreed to it at their expense!!! We were so pleased with Shawn and ECO Roof & Solar that I asked Shawn to see if he could help our next door neighbors.  The saga with their (different) insurance company was much worse than ours, but I'm happy to report THEY are getting their roof replaced too!!! Bottom Line:  If you think your roof has damage, contact SHAWN STANDIFER and ECO Roof & Solar.  Shawn will give you an honest assessment.  If he thinks your roof needs replacing, he will work his heart out to get that roof for you!!
Recent Review: Ecomark was just here at the house. They gave me five references, for two I got to talk to the women and they were very happy. We'll have the solar panels installed in October. They've even upgraded their product since they came out on April 19th, and they products have improved from 97% efficient to 100% efficiency. Plus were set for a 30% tax credit $27,408- now it's down to $26,312 dollars. They're also offering a 5% senior discount which brings it down to $25,000 It's the Energy freedom plan with 20 year financing and they also have a 15 year plan, and a 10 year plan. We can put down $4000 and our monthly payment is less than $146.00 and with the federal tax credit we'll be getting a few thousand dollars back. The panels will be black, and it will have a front guard. We can also include a critter guard to prevent animals to getting into it. They even include a snow guard, but we won't need that here. It includes a 25 year solar panel warranty. When the Solar Panels make more energy than we're using- for every 100 kilowatts we'll be reimbursed $8.43 which goes towards your next bill as a discount. Paul Harpole was a great sales man and a great guy. He didn't push us and gave my husband the references. The product just sells it self! He said he'll even be on cite during the install.
Business Description: Solaris is a provider and authorized dealer of quality name brand solar products including; Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Charge Controllers, Solar Power Kits and much more. We offer competitive pricing with exceptional customer service.
Business Description: Clean Energy Collective (CEC) develops community-owned renewable energy solutions for electric utilities and their customers, including the country’s first community-owned solar arrays. With CEC, residential and commercial utility customers can own fully maintained solar panels in a local, centralized facility.
Recent Review: I like it. I am glad I went solar with Miles.
Recent Review: took about 3-4 hrs to install 15 panels.