Caddoa Basement Leak Repair

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Reviews for Caddoa Basement Leak Repair

ACountryside Service Inc
Mike from Countryside came out to look at my various problems with a 10 yr. boiler. I had been quoted over $5000 by another company claiming I needed to replace the entire boiler. Mike make some quick repairs and then schedule the entensive repairs for another day when I would not be inconvenienced. He said that my anti freeze was fine and that only a few items needed replacement and the boiler was fine. The work was completed professionally and I was satisfied. I would definitely use them again in the future.
- Steven C....
Great crew: Responsive, approachable, professional, flexible, work quickly with incredible attention to detail bordering on perfectionism (in a GOOD way!)
- Mark R....
DKeenan's Plumbing & Heating Inc
My sump pump went out - my handyman and I diagnosed this basement water issue first.  The plumber came out about 2.5 hours after the scheduled time (arrived at 5 PM on a Friday night).  Very nice plumber - but tired.  Did a quick fix on the pump that was to get me out a few days/weeks, until pump could be replaced.  He told me the pump would probably be about $200 plus $200 install - to count about $500 total. He said they would call with a price estimate on Monday. The fix did not hold up for even one small washer load - basement got pretty wet, again, by the following day.  I called Monday to say I didn't think I should be charged the $100 house call under the circumstances, and I wanted that figured into the pump estimate.  I didn't hear back that day, but called the following day and was given an estimate of close to $900.00 for the pump and install.  After asking why the price difference, I was told the pump itself was about ~$400-500 and another ~$300 for the install.  I was told this was a reduced price because of the issues with the repeat flooding.  I was told they could replace it in another 2-3 days.  At that point, I called a friend in the property mgt business and got a referral to one of their maintenance people (also a licensed plumber).  He replaced the pump with an identical new pump (cost of the pump $150) and charged another $75 for the instillation - same day service.  I advise people to question a $500 cost for the sump pump itself. Look at Home Depot online, etc, for average prices.  Do your research if a quote seems high!  (I would give the plumber a B for professionalism but the management a D, therefore, I settled on a C.)  Perhaps they were just busy and understaffed.  It did not make for repeat business. 
- Cathy H....

Basement Waterproofing in Caddoa

Business Description: Summit has been in business for 13 years. We do residential and commercial work locally and nationally. We currently have 15 employees in our Denver office. We do 95% of work in house with out sub contracting. We work with homeowners and insurance companies alike in regards to billing procedures.
Recent Review: They repaired the leak. Closed the trench but a month later we had to call them back. A valve that serviced our shop that was in the same trench would not work, had somehow been broken. They dug everything up again to replace the valve, with a much better valve system. Feel this should have been done with the first repair. Having to dig everything up again could have been avoided, plus the cost was doubled. Over $600 each time.
Recent Review: Great crew: Responsive, approachable, professional, flexible, work quickly with incredible attention to detail bordering on perfectionism (in a GOOD way!)
Business Description: Keenan's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is a full service plumbing and heating company. We provide scheduled and emergency services for plumbing, forced air and boiler heat systems. We have been in business for 21 years and are active in the Montrose community. We can help you with any plumbing or heating system in your home.