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Business Description: We are an original family owned and operated manufacturer, installer and service provider of high quality steel security storm doors with screen. Our doors offer a dramatic improvement in security, insulation and build quality over our closest competitor. We look forward to earning the privilege and reward of your business!
Recent Review: Better Built Barns was excellent. Better Built Barnes was really fast and professional. Better Built Barnes knew what they were doing and they got it done fast. They worked with us on the design. They showed up on time and cleaned up after themselves.
Business Description: Monarch Construction & Roofing have served the Lakewood Colorado and mountain communities since 2001 as a highly certified and trusted Denver roofing contractor. We have many years of experience with most every type of roof material installation from the classic older Denver home to the expansive roofs of the suburbs to large commercial building systems. You can rely on our expertise to install your roof with precision, speed, cleanliness and at a very competitive price.
Business Description: Home remodel and repair. Repair, replace or build new decks. We subcontract electrical and plumbing work. Free estimates
Business Description: Cumberland Buildings manufactures a great selection of portable storage buildings styles, including Barns, Cottage Sheds, Utility Sheds, Cabins, Lofted Barns,Side Lofted Barns, Garages and a variety of custom combinations of these basic designs.
Business Description: Metal building supplier and installer of small storage sheds to large metal buildings
Recent Review: Overcharged us for finishing details, i.e., countertops, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, etc.  Was dishonest in his quote of cost to complete.  After our house was not built on time, with only 3/4 of it finished told us he needed $80,000 more to finish.  His record keeping was not transparent, did not consult us know when he made an adjustment in building costs that overran the estimate.  Overall, shady contractor.  Don't expect your house to be built on time, and don't expect him to agree to a "cost to complete" when building your house.  That is how this guy makes such a huge profit and owns property in Hawaii.  He overcharges you, hires subpar contractors for finishing details, and he does not pay his subcontractors.  When he does not pay them, the subcontractors come after you to pay the bill after you have already paid the contractor for the subs.   Really shady guy.   Check out the Ouray Plaindealer article, May 2015 and goggle his name under Ridgway Fire Department, contractor agreement.  
Business Description: General Building Contractor

Reviews in Caddoa to Build Carports

ADirect Build, Inc.
In 2009 Lori Anderson of Direct Build, Inc. built my home. The workmanship and quality was excellent. Lori's professional business relationship with her homeowners, subcontractors, suppliers and bankers made the building experience a pleasure. Lori always responded very quickly whenever I had a change or a question. I have recently moved approximately three hours away from Colorado Springs, however, if I was still in the area Direct Build would be the builder for my new home. I would recommend Lori of Direct Build, Inc. to anyone wanting to remodel a home or build a custom home.
- Karen A....
We are  in the process of building our new home. Brenda and Billy are wonderful to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone considering any type of home addition, new build, etc.
- Bradford M....
ADoolen Construction
Our banker recommended them. we interviewed several contractors. They were the clear choice. They do most of the work them selves. not employees they do almost all of the work them selves. Owner wife daughter and son in law. Sometimes the grand kids show up to help. The benefits are they can do it for less because no sub contractors, the quality control and the flexibility in changing and building of the house. They have great ideas things to make your home last longer safer and more fuel efficient. they are very experienced  and know everything from the design and functionality of the home. couldn't ask for anyone better.
- Steve K....
AHamer & Sons Construction
Very good at listening to what my needs are. Show up when they say that they will. Very patient with changes. Honest. They will tell you if something is not going right. Quality work. If they mess up a quote they eat it. Clean up is excellent. I can't say enough good about them. I haven't had anything that I have been unhappy with. If there is anything that I'm not happy with they correct it right away. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Chris H....
ABaxter Construction Inc
Gates were built to match the deck with additional safety in mind. Added height to ensure safety and additional locks to re-enforce safety in the deck enclosure. This added a great secure feeling while on this second story deck! Great job Rick!!
- Tami L....
AStoddard Construction LLC
Sam is the best for sure. My husband bought the metal building to build himself. He was injured while working on it. Sam and his crew after working on a project close to us came and finished it. It is wonderful! Couldn't ask for a better person and or better crew!
- Cindy P....
DGore Range Homes, LLC
My experience: Gore Range Homes LLC had its start around 2010 and its agent and manager is Fred Niggeler. GRH, LLC, Fred Niggeler was hired to build a custom home in Silverthorne, CO in March of 2014. It was substantially completed in February 2016. Having built two other homes prior to this 1000 mile long distance build I am not a novice. This project experience, after the contract was signed, was one of the worst things I have ever come through. And there are still problems with GRH and Fred Niggeler to this day revolving around this house. Once the contract was signed Fred Niggeler became someone I didn't recognize and someone I wouldn't have chosen to know or work with had I known what was coming. Problems include failing to follow architects' plans, changing plans without approval, improper installation of siding, windows, house wrap, flashing and placing the sink, wall faucet, light off center in the powder room on a 31' wide wall, major invoicing irregularities. Fred also tried to make some costly design decisions not his to make and certainly not what he was hired for. The county this house was built in, Summit County CO, requires a house to pass a blower door test for tightness. My house failed the test but I was not informed of this by Fred Niggeler. He told me a test was not done but an energy company sent me the results of the test... it did not pass. Fred Niggeler has left this newly built house with a powder room that is not normal. He has refused to take responsibility. Fred and the cabinet maker changed the plan but did not tell me what was going on even with months of opportunity to do so. I saw the off centered items on my final inspection. I had to retain a Colorado attorney to enlighten Fred Niggeler that he had contract obligations to finish in 2016. You see, Fred tried to breach and abandon his own contract in 2016 and not finish his work. In Nov. of 2016 when it got cold here in Colorado, I noticed areas where cold air was blowing/leaking in. I sent Fred Niggeler, GRH, some videos in Nov. 2016 that showed the air blowing in but Fred Niggeler never responded to my reports thus violating the warranty portion of his contract. I hired an energy consulting company to do another blower door test but this time with an infrared scan. My house had failed the original blower door test in Dec. 2015 but Fred Niggeler told me a test was not done. It was. Numerous air leaks were observed in Nov. 2016 and the house again failed the Summit County mandated number on the blower test done in Dec 2016. My new construction is not tight but very leaky. The entire exterior building envelope designed to protect against the harsh Colorado weather (windows, house wrap, flashing) has been assembled incorrectly and against the architects' directives and the manufacturer's directions and we have had an expert inspection that verifies this. The air sealing on the interior is defective (proven by failed blower door tests) and a third party sealing certificate (that GRH holds up as the holy grail) that verified "correct" sealing in the home has been called into question and discredited. Their "rater verifications" were faulty and inaccurate. Things were checked off as rater verified when they were and are not sealed adequately and hence the failed blower door tests. As you can surmise this poorly delivered project by GRH is now in the legal arena. At the end of the day one has only their character and reputation that permanently remains with them. Why anyone would intentionally choose to put a black mark next to their name is not comprehensible.
- Katherine A....
FSilverpick Contracting
Silverpick, Jaaron Mankins, low-balled his bid, his work came 17% over estimate, he lied to me during the construction, the detail of his work was mediocre at best, and refused to do many of the corrections. So if you want to be overcharged and get a mediocre job, Jaaron Mankins is your man.
- Robert G....
AChuck Snyder New Construction and Remodeling
Great work ethic, experienced and knows all facets of building, fair price, serious about getting the job done and doing it right, great guy.
- Angie Z....
BAD!!  Had to be there to check his work, he put in less than fair materials.  Also, had a big hole that a fawn had fell into.  If I hadn't been there, the fawn would have died.  I rescued the animal with a ladder. It was part of the foundation for the small mud room. Talked to him and he didn't seem to care.   Was argumentative when we questioned him about the quality of the materials. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH HIM AGAIN!!!
- Janet F....