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DFagnelli Plumbing Heating And Cooling
Central operator was easy to get hold of by phone. Plumber drove up in a nice clean truck 10 min. late from appointed time (8AM Thursday morning). Clean cut man, cleanly dressed got out. He was pleasant and appropriate. He took a quick look at the work and wrote the estimate (flat rates from book he had with him) described above and adds slightly discounted prices for buying a year service contract for $159 (I think.) The prices were five times what most fair plumbers would charge, so I told him not to do the work and to leave. He went out to his truck and sat in it remaining parked in front of the house -- Creepy!! I called the main Fagnelli number and ask why he is still sitting there and am told that a manager will be offering me / authorizing better prices. I am very suspicious at this point and my suspicions are confirmed with a price drop from $2059.07 to something like $1500 which is still about three times what a fair plumber would charge. This illustrates a classic scam technique. I became angry and asked how they could charge these rates and the best answer I could get from the man on the phone was "high overhead." I actually had to threaten the plumber to move his truck saying I would call the police. Before I mentioned "police" he sat and starred at me -- Creepy!! I was visiting Pittsburgh and wanted to get some much needed work done for my mothers house.
- Robert K....

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