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Recent Review: They installed it for free and took four hours to install it. They installed a keypad in windows and doors. We would rate them highly.
Recent Review: It's working out fine.  I had some problem with it to begin with.  When they sent the pieces to me they had already batteries on them.  I had to two keypad batteries and one keypad died within a few days when I set it up.  The other keypad batteries died the following week but they did send me some new batteries to replace batteries.  Anyhow, I had no problem with it.

Reviews in Wallace to Install Keypad Lock

They insisted we send them a copy of the bill and a copy of the cancelled check which we did and they would get back to us in a couple days. When we didn't hear from them we made repeated calls to them and we finally spoke to a customer service representative, Isaias, who informed us that "they had already spent more resources on this project than they had anticipated" although he would not expand upon it other than the $99 that was adjusted on one keypad we put in because we had 2 at our other house and were putting in 2 here as well so they adjusted one keypad marginally to $99.  We had also pointed out to them that they failed to include glass break monitors and fire smoke detectors as we had in our previous home and since it was to be the same system they were now costing us insurance wise. At that point they then dispensed the technician to our home to install the detectors so they would be in compliance with the original contract. When we requested the status of where we were with the refund on the monies paid to the technician which they readily admitted we should never have been billed for nor have paid, they informed us" it was up to us to get it back since they were a subcontractor to them" They also informed us that "they had been having problems with their subcontractors and had requested they no longer bill and collect monies in the field and were having problems getting them to comply". Two representatives from Monitronics told us this on two occasions. We told them that was their problem, not ours.  We are contracted with Monitronics, not their subcontractor and it isn't up to us to chase them or our monies down.  When we expressed our displeasure on this they stated" they would look into it further" and tonight they told us they would not be doing anything since they had already done more than they had expected. This company had been nothing but perform unprofessionally, and in a disappointing manner on all accounts. I would strongly reccommend if this is their pattern or even an example of their problem solving, that customers and potential customers think more than twice about engaging with this company to what could be a very disappointing and expensive experience.
- Susan M....
BSimpliSafe Home Security
The equipment itself is exceptionally well designed. The only reason I gave it B instead of A is threefold 1) The initial installation was not as straightforward as we were led to believe. I'm an engineer by profession and I couldn't be sure what to follow, the web-interface that auto-runs when you insert your (provided) USB key (which is also a keychain remote for the alarm system) or the provided printed manual.They didn't always agree... 2) We bought an additional set of sensors and keypads, and these came pre-paired and it took a while to figure out how to unpair it and re-pair with existing base station. No Manual, Online our USB-manual entry on that 3) Ghost (fake) alarm occurred once (only) with the motion sensor, The monitoring company worked flawlessly, they called us immediately  to report it (we were out of the house)and since we were fairly close by we opted to NOT call the cops (an extra charge if its a false alarm - charged by local police in many counties including ours) We also tested a water leak sensor (with a little water...) and got a call within SECONDS  !! that confirmed that sensor worked, the wireless base station works and the monitoring company is on the job One less (temporary) caveat - they have no glass break sensor but they are working on it Overall, we are very satisfied (minus aforementioned issues) and the $15/month includes however many sensors you have and as many types as  you need. $180/year for monitoring is very affordable compared to  most other alarm companies out there Update April 2014: The Ghost (fake) alarm occurred several more times. We finally traced it to a faulty motion sensor. We never bothered to replace the sensor, so I don't know if that would have solved the problem (i.e. I don't know if all motion sensors have this issue or just the one we received). Nevertheless, I am not changing my ratings and the system works great without the motion sensor (which I believe is not needed anyway in our case).
- Avi Z....
FSimpliSafe Home Security
Well, I went ahead and purchased the Simplisafe system since they were promoted on Angie's list at the time with a special Angie's list discount price of $199.99. What I received was the wireless base station, keypad, keychain remote control, one door sensor, one motion sensor. My experience with this system has been far from satisfactory! I am so disappointed in this system! My 11 pound cat sets off the alarm every night regardless of how we change it! We've tried "upside down" per the instructions as a last resort option and it still doesn't work! What I want to know is, WHY do they get away with advertising that their motion sensor works with pets under 30 lbs when it clearly does NOT?!?!!! Also, they advertise that no contract is necessary, yet their system constantly advertises "WARNING! NO LINK TO DISPATCH CENTER!" when one doesn't elect to pay for monthly monitoring?! This clearly makes their product useless without the monthly monitoring service in that they are informing the burglars that their is no monitoring! I bought this security system because it was on angieslist, so now MUST share the TRUTH about their false advertising! I tried to leave a review on their website, but they don't make it easy for just anyone to review their system! How dishonest are they that they only post positive reviews?!?! There is no way that I'm the only one experiencing this! I put the previous two paragraphs in an email a couple of hours ago and have not heard back yet. I expect to hear back from them
- Elizabeth C....