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ABay Alarm
We decided to go with a private company as Bay Alarm could not offer monitoring. Price necessitated an ongoing monthly fee that made the system more expensive over time
- Rosilyn Y....
AAmerican Home Alarms
We have had no problems. They got the system installed in about 90 minutes. The customer service has been really good.
- Susan Q....
So far, the system is working just fine. It is easy to use and the only issue that we had when we first installed it was the main component had a screw loose, so it malfunctioned at first, customer service came through and we got another one. It is a self-install and customer service guided us through it. We returned the camera because we did not need it. We will continue to use them.
- Matt C....
ALegacy Construction Inc
By coincidence, I received a Groupon email for 2 hours worth of labor for carpentry work at a discounted price.  My first thought was this would probably only apply to large carpentry projects.  My second thought was to see if Legacy Construction was listed in Angie?s List.  I had a nice surprise to find them listed and with excellent ratings.  So that very same evening, I decided to call them and see if they were willing to do small projects.  I spoke with Nate Missildine, the owner and found him quite cordial especially for me calling in the evening and for such a small project.  He immediately indicated he would come out to discuss the project and we scheduled a day and time.  On that day, Nate was very punctual and quite detailed on how he would go about building this box for my camera.  I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, great attitude where no project is too small, and really appreciated his explanation as to how he would design and install the box.  Nate did a superb job in all respects where he went beyond my expectations (from design concept, installation, to cleanup) and where I realized my small box concept involved a lot more than I thought. Nate was a pleasure to work, I like his work ethics and style, and his pricing is very reasonable.   I plan on continuing to use him for larger projects in the future and will be recommending his company within our neighborhood.
- P S....
Company was very friendly and customer service oriented from the start. Felt comfortable with their estimate. They were not pushy or sales driven and gave us the information we wanted and let us get back in touch with them. Once agreed to have them perform the service, they were on time, polite, clean, professional, and knowledgeable. Job went well with no hassle. They tried to keep intrusion to a minimum and in no way made us feel uncomfortable. Very good job, excellent customer service, security system working with no problems. They spent ample time explaining system before leaving.
- M H....
FProtect Your Home
We called them in response to an advertisement offering an ADT security system installed for $99 with no charge for the equipment. They took our credit card number, but said that no charge would be made until the tech visited, and we had agreed to have the system installed. They charged us immediately. The tech was supposed to show up between 8 and 9 AM on a Monday morning. When it was past 10, and no one had showed up or called, we called them to find out what had happened. Their response was that they had cancelled the tech visit. Now to see if they refund the charges, or if we have to dispute them with the credit card company.
- George S....
Ed, the owner, arrived on time with short noticed. He was referred to us by others who highly recommended him as professional and trustwothy.The services were under budget and inclluded the latest in technology. We were very pleased overall.
- Jack C....
FSimpliSafe Home Security
Well, I went ahead and purchased the Simplisafe system since they were promoted on Angie's list at the time with a special Angie's list discount price of $199.99. What I received was the wireless base station, keypad, keychain remote control, one door sensor, one motion sensor. My experience with this system has been far from satisfactory! I am so disappointed in this system! My 11 pound cat sets off the alarm every night regardless of how we change it! We've tried "upside down" per the instructions as a last resort option and it still doesn't work! What I want to know is, WHY do they get away with advertising that their motion sensor works with pets under 30 lbs when it clearly does NOT?!?!!! Also, they advertise that no contract is necessary, yet their system constantly advertises "WARNING! NO LINK TO DISPATCH CENTER!" when one doesn't elect to pay for monthly monitoring?! This clearly makes their product useless without the monthly monitoring service in that they are informing the burglars that their is no monitoring! I bought this security system because it was on angieslist, so now MUST share the TRUTH about their false advertising! I tried to leave a review on their website, but they don't make it easy for just anyone to review their system! How dishonest are they that they only post positive reviews?!?! There is no way that I'm the only one experiencing this! I put the previous two paragraphs in an email a couple of hours ago and have not heard back yet. I expect to hear back from them
- Elizabeth C....
BCNR Construction Co
Raymond was very good about providing an accurate estimate.  We contacted him the first time, and got an estimate.  We delayed construction for a year, and then asked him for another estimate.  The estimate was very timely and very fair. The demolition phase (removing the siding) went very well.  Since we have a 2 story home, Raymond had a roofer come first to carefully pull up our roofing tiles so that they would not get damaged wen the siders were standing on the roof.  The roofing guy was VERY careful and very nice! I had a couple of special requests ... that I could install some wiring for security cameras and for relocation of a cable TV plug.  Also, we wanted some electrical work done:  adding 3 new motion sensor lights, and some work on existing plugs. The electrician that Raymond subbed the work out to was EXCELLENT!  Not only was he personable, but he was VERY careful with his work (i.e., not to damage existing work), and very thorough. Now to the siding:  When the workers put up the Tyvek on the house, it was done sort of piecemeal.  I would have expected contiguous unrolling of the material, but they put it up in chunks, with the Tyvek put up in weird angles, and sometimes overlapping the wrong way (i.e., lower piece over the higher piece).  The did fix it all, after I brought it to their attention. It was difficult to communicate with the installation crew, as most of them didn't speak English, however the foreman was very nice and was able to get my wishes across. As far as installation of the HardiePlank siding:  Even though I am retired, and was on-site a lot to watch the construction, a lot of the time I wasn't present.  One of the KEY points when I wasn't present is when they started.  My neighbor dropped by to watch them and noticed that they weren't lining up the boards at the first corner they started on.  He brought it to their "attention" that they should line up the boards!  Which they did ... but that's something THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. Also, in a number of places, they left the ends of the planks "hang" between the studs, where they should have CUT the planks AT the stud, so they would be secure.  I brought this to their attention, but was NEVER resolved, and we still have some planks where the end was NOT secured.  This might have been due to the language issue with the installers. There was some dry rot problems that were to be fixed. All of them were fixed fine.  However, there was a dry-rot hole in the roof that was uncovered by the roofer, which was left open (since we're in CA, that's not really a problem).  BUT, it was uncovered through a few rain storms, and water seeped into the attic.  We had requested that the hole be covered, but nothing was ever done.  I finally went out MYSELF and put some tiles over it ... it only took me a couple of minutes, but it was something that I should not of HAD to do myself. Next:  I had done my research when selecting HardiePlank, and there were specific installation instructions with respect to how to frame around things sticking out through the walls (i.e., hose bibs, electrical plugs, vents, etc.)  I had it in the contract to follow the HardiePlank installation guidelines.  Now, the installers DID follow the instructions (pretty much to the letter), but the job they did was HORRIBLE.  They stuck small cut-outs every which way around the protrusions, some with grain going up/down, some with grain going left/right, most of them not flush with each other ... it looked like a pre-schooler "pasted it on".  I brought this to Raymonds attention.  To his credit, he correctly stated that he told me we should do it a different way, and I had argued to do it the way Hardie specified to do it.  However, we got into an argument as to bad it looked, and he fell into the "well that's the way it's specified" mode, which was VERY annoying.  I asked him if that's the way he would want it on HIS home, but he still fought back with "that's the way it's specified".  We finally got past that, and he did re-do the problem areas ... but it was a very annoying exchange. Along with the excellent electrician, Raymond had contracted to another "native english speaker" to do the detail work.  This guy was also EXCELLENT!  His attention to quality and detail was superb, and was very easy to interact with.  He did all the detailed work that was left by the non-english speaking installers, and did it well! The final phase were the painting subcontractors.  They did a FANTASTIC job!  They had the calking done in very short order, and were in and out very quickly.  They came back a couple of times, without prompting from me, to make sure every last painting detail was perfect!  I was very impressed by them. As far as my ratings:  If I had to rate just the siding installers, I'd rate them as FAIR to BAD.  However, the Electrician, the detail guy, and the painters I'd rate as EXCELLENT.   I hope this review helps!
- Jeff &....

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Recent Review: Very well! Everything was done professionally. The electrician was very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Recent Review: It was Flawless. The price was very good but the service has been AMAZING! I am SO grateful to have the peace of mind of a reliable security system at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Zions Security!
Recent Review: It was a self-installed security system. The security system is really good, I like it.
Recent Review: It went well and was painless to install.
Recent Review: quick, easy, inexpensive.  I just wished they had cameras to go along with the rest of the security system.
Recent Review: Without a doubt, this company beats the other security providers by a mile!!
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Recent Review: It went perfect. Great price. Great service.
Recent Review: Great. Everything works and is easy to operate
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