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Business Description: We are a Southern California stair builder located in Orange County. Our focus at Beach City Stairs is to provide value, quality, customer service and satisfaction from start to finish on every job. We will come to you bringing knowledge and design ideas to create a staircase that compliments both you and your home. We provide free estimates to: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County and Riverside County. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your next staircase project. Beach City Stairs. Licensed and insured Stair Contractor
Business Description: Strycula Stairs Inc is a professional stair contractor based in Covina, CA. With more than 25 years of experience don't hesitate to call us! Outdoor Stairs Service, Indoor Stairs Service, Iron Stairs Service, Stairs Finish, Stair Railings Repair
Recent Review: I had been shopping for wood floors and carpeting for a while.  I called Rick at House of Flooring & Cabinets and made an appointment.  When I went in Rick spent a lot of time asking questions about what I wanted and offering suggestions.  He was very patient when I had a hard time deciding on what I wanted.  Subsequent to that first meeting I made another appointment with Rick, dragging my husband along this time.  We pulled out several samples that I was considering and took a long time making up our minds.  At no time did Rick make us feel rushed; he gave us his full attention and told us to take as much time as we needed.We finally settled on the wood and carpet.  We also decided to have the stairs redone and replace the baseboards.  The spindles were to be replaced with wrought iron and the treads would have the same wood as the floors.  The banister was to be stained the same color as the wood. Rick spelled out exactly what the project was so there wouldn?t be any questions later on.  The price was more than fair.  Since the wood was custom made, he told us it would take about six to eight weeks for it to come in, and he would call us as soon as he had it.About five weeks later I received a call from Rick to schedule the installation.  Oswaldo and his crew arrived on time and went right to work.  We have a lot of furniture and they moved everything efficiently and without a complaint.   They were great to work with and completed the wood part of the job in the time frame I was given. We had four rooms of carpet installed after the wood flooring was finished.  All four rooms were filled with furniture and the crew had to move everything.  In spite of that, the carpets were installed in one day.  The crew was very helpful.  They even asked if the furniture was placed correctly and offered to move anything I wanted to place in a different space.  I wish my husband was as accommodating!   Our project manager, Alex, oversaw everything and checked with us several times to make sure we were happy with the products and the work being done.  It is difficult to find contractors that start when they are scheduled, arrive on time every day, and do such beautiful work.House of Flooring & Cabinets did a wonderful job with my project.  I can?t imagine going anywhere else and I?m looking forward to working with them again on our next project.
Recent Review: Limited access for part of day, but only after opportunity to go out. Ingress in evening at reasonable time for return home. Definitely know how to do this work.
Business Description: San Clemente Woodworking repairs, installs, remakes and fabricates wooden stairs and stair systems with the ustmost care and craftsmanship. San Clemente Stairs are made individually to meet the clients specifications. Established in 1986 this family owned and operated business has completed countless stairs and stair systems as well as remodling of kitchens, dinning rooms, ceilings, bathrooms, family rooms, and any room where wood and woodworking are commonly used. Our woodworkers are skilled and properly licensed under california contractor laws and regulations.
Business Description: We specialize in providing custom wrought iron gates, fences, window guards, stairs, spiral staircases, security doors, railings, balconies, gazebos, and more. JRC provides wrought iron service to homes and businesses in the Los Angeles, and North Orange County area. *OWNER'S NOTE: We appreciate our Angie's List customers. However, due to the amount of current business, we are temporarily reducing our service area. Thank you for your understanding.* JRC can handle projects from simple, affordable residential custom forging to larger complex custom designed fences & gates.
Business Description: M&M Stairs a custom stair builder throughout Southern California for over 30 years. Quality craftsmanship & superior customer service gauranteed!
Business Description: Specializing in Stairs Custom, Remodel and Tract housing
Recent Review: Installed false tread end caps on exposed side of stairs. stained existing railing to match end caps. replaced old wooden balusters with wrought iron balusters. Looks great. Vast improvement over carpet wrapped end caps.
Recent Review: Martin Stairways did a fantastic job with our stairs. Their price was reasonable and the quality of their work was top notch. Martin had to rebuild our staircase as our previous contractor was ignorant to proper stairway construction. His company was very professional. I would say our total experience employing Martin stairways was very pleasant. I would strongly recommend Martin Stairs

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ACutler Construction Services Inc
Josh Cutler did an excellent job for us. We had an old stair case that needed to be repaired. Josh made some smart structural changes to the existing set up and then built out a new set of stringers and steps.  It looks great. It is strong and secure. And it maintains the visual aesthetic of the rest of the house.  He brought a full team of skilled workers who worked diligently throughout the day and left the area spotless.We will definitely use him again for future projects.
- Deirdre W....
ABenitez Wrought Iron Inc
I met with Oscar at our home to show him some pictures, and discuss ideas for our staircase. He had some excellent suggestions, and pictures himself, and measured our staircase. After several discussions, we agreed on a design. I then sent him a sample of the wooden handrail our contractor would be installing on top of the staircase. He then made a sample section of the staircase, which I approved. He came to my house again with all pieces manufactured, to ensure a correct fit. The finished product was then powder-coated black, and he came again to install the final staircase. Every time, Oscar was on time, and each time he came himself to ensure the job went correctly (he didn't just send his installers). He coordinated with our general contractor on how the stair rail would finish into the walls, and beam at the end of the stairs. Oscar made the whole process quite easy. He completed the job on time, as promised, for the price agreed to. The end product is beautiful. We plan to use Oscar to build our outdoor fences when we move into our home. I highly recommend him.
- Leslie S....
ACoast Iron Works
We needed to install an iron railing on an outside staircase that leads to the front door. However, our home has historical designation and we needed to match an existing 1926 railing on the upper part of the staircase. Jim Peterson was able to reproduce the existing railing perfectly and installed it without damaging the existing concrete or landscape.  It took few more weeks than initially anticipated because a detailing of the railing had to be specifically cast out of state, but he kept us in the loop and we agreed it was the right way to go.  We're very happy with the work and and would definitely use him again.
- Judi F....
AMartin Stairways Inc
Martin Stairways did a fantastic job with our stairs. Their price was reasonable and the quality of their work was top notch. Martin had to rebuild our staircase as our previous contractor was ignorant to proper stairway construction. His company was very professional. I would say our total experience employing Martin stairways was very pleasant. I would strongly recommend Martin Stairs
- Kathleen C....
AL.A. Certified Portable Welding
I cannot say enough good things about Wayne. He is great at what he does, first of all. Also, he is really interested in making his customer happy. He returned calls and texts promptly, was very friendly, offered a fantastic price, and checked in with me along the way to be sure i liked what he was doing. We did something a little bit unusual with the stair rail he created, so i appreciated that. He did such a beautiful job and did it quickly! I highly recommend that you use him!
- Farrah D....
AMr. Handyman serving West Los Angeles
Shane assessed the situation and told me how he was going to fix the staircase treads.  The "fix" was brilliant!  Our staircase is better than new... no more sloping and much more stable.  Shane undertook a difficult task and the result was outstanding.  I highly recommend Shane.
- Sandra R....
AMr. Handyman serving Beverly Hills & Hollywood
The provider was polite, efficient and flexible.  We needed him to open up the bottom stair to allow a termite treatment and be flexible w/ the uncertain time arrival of the termite technician.  He found the stair eaten a bit by termites and immediately replaced it.  I was so happy he had the wood material and capability to take care of this on the spot.  We were a great team.  He sent me out for materials for the doors while he worked on the stair and sink.  His organization and efficiency were appreciated.  Overall I couldn't be happier.
- Steven B....
DTom's Iron Works
This is a family business. The owners are very nice people and they might be very good in other kind of iron work. However, they are not good with building and installing stair railings: The price was good and I read very good reviews on their work on Angie's list. Tom showed us some pictures of the brackets and brought some railing and bracket samples to our house which was very good. After we picked the railing and the brackets, they built the railings in their shop in a timely manner. However, the installation was a disaster. Sam (Tom's brother) and another worker came to our house to install the railings. After they hastily finished their work, iron brackets that hold the railing were not straight at all. Some of them went straight up to the railings. However, two of them at the end of the railing were attached to the railing in 45 degree angle. When I asked them why the brackets weren't straight, they told me the 2x4s in the wall were so far apart that the brackets at the ends had to be installed right underneath the caps. I opened up a light switch to show them there was a 2x4 farther away from the end cap. Also, the brackets that were going up straight to support the railing were tilted. Sam and the worker had to come in one more time to fix the brackets. While fixing the brackets, they scratched one of the stairs which was made of natural stone (travertine). The second time, they left without filing the weld joints. Tom had to come by for the third time to file/smoothen the weld joints. After they were completely done, I noticed that the railings themselves are not straight at all.
- Bahman D....
They did an excellent job! The work is very detailed and I am always impressed. They were honest and made sure to answer all of our questions. I think they are great!
- Jose L....
AAGA Construction Inc
The whole experience was great. I was so impressed with everyone I dealt with: the receptionist (Rebecca?), Ariel, and the supervisor and workers he sent out. They answered all my questions and provided me with all the information I asked for like insurance confirmation. I was very concerned at first when I learned that the original stair rail was not anchored in to a stud and that AGA would have to add extra vertical bars to what was already there. My stair rail is beautiful and I didn't want to modify it, but they did a wonderful job with that and adding another portion of stair rail to the upper staircase. You really can't notice the added bars, and as Ariel and the supervisor pointed out, safety was the most important consideration, especially since I was pregnant at the time. I've since had the baby and when I go up and down those stairs with her, I think of AGA and what a great job they did. The rails are super-safe now. AGA gave us quotes for other work and I will DEFINITELY use this company again for that once we are ready to proceed.
- Romina A....