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Business Description: All Solutions Pool Service
Recent Review: Mike came out and donned his waterproof suit and boots. In 48 degree water he dipped into the pool and applied a double patch over the tear. Fortunately, it was in the shallow end, near the edge, and we were able to direct him-since we had patched it ourselves several months ago. (Our patch had recently floated away.) Mike used professional glue with a transparent patch. He also explained how they are able to detect leaks using specialized equipment. Good to know for the future!
Business Description: Allow BMB Pool Construction to design using your and our ideas to build you a back yard of your dreams. We offer a free 3D design that will allow you to visualize the backyard you have been wanting for years now.
Business Description: At American Leak Detection, we realize that leaks can cause significant property damage and greatly inflate your water bills. A dripping faucet is an annoyance, while a hidden leak can be a nightmare. American Leak Detection’s highly trained technicians use our own non-invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate the leak to save time, money and avoid unnecessary property damage.
Business Description: At Around the Castle inc., helping homeowners make their outdoor living dreams a reality is our passion. Since 2007, we pride ourselves in providing only the most professional and innovative design services in the hardscape / landscape/Pool Remodel construction industry. We rebuild and repair swimming pools and spas; do concrete work; build paver patios and outdoor living spaces, fire pits and fireplaces. Quality and integrity are of the upmost importance to us. From conception of design to finished product, you can find peace of mind knowing that we are with you every step of the way.
Business Description: Suntrek Industries was founded in 1991 by Roy Heine after he had invented and patented a system for heating swimming pools. While most companies are focused mainly on PV (photovoltaic), Suntrek focuses on The Power of Three - PV, solar water heating, and solar pool heating. We also manufacture, design, and install each system. One Company, One source, with many satisfied customers. Our vision is to make the use of solar energy easy, affordable, and accessible for all industrial, commercial, government, and residential customers. For more information please visit our website; We are a relationship company that prides itself on delivering superior customer service and a sterling reputation in the industry. The majority of our business comes from the referral of satisfied builders and customers who have experienced our products and services first-hand.
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Recent Review: Called Matt and set up appointment for the job, he was right on time. Matt and his crew cleaned the pool tile of the white build up streaks around the tile, then put sealer on tile, then also took the white streakes out of a water fall I have attached to the pool. also cleaned the brick that had white depsit builup on them. Very professional in all areas. After the job was complete, they cleaned up everything snd cleaned the pool as well. I would highly recommend Matt and his crew from Pacific Pool tile cleaning.
Recent Review: I have a small dog, age 15, now blind and deaf, who fell into the deep end of the pool at dusk a few months ago-- luckily, I was close by and scooped her out, but realized that she was at risk as much as any child.  I subsequently went outside with her EVERY SINGLE time she had to go out, be it the middle of the night, early morning hours, wind, rain, etc.  After a couple months of this routine, I knew I had to fix this situation.I had installed a mesh fence 25 years ago when the grandkids came back home to live, but we subsequently removed it after they grew up and moved away....being in retirement years, it didn't seem necessary to have it fenced off until this recent fateful night that my little poodle fell in.  Blind animals are horribly at risk, and since our dogs ARE our children nowadays, we decided to protect them as such. I called Guardian's office, and a quick appointment was scheduled.  Jim came out and measured, brought me several samples, and explained the pros and cons of the different color of mesh, canvas color choices, size of poles, whether to make it free-standing or drill holes, etc.  He measured, then gave me a written estimate.  I told him I would mull it over and then call them to let them know if I was going to go ahead with it.  He went to leave, and I had this sudden "come-to-Jesus" moment and realized that he was a straight-shooter and that this company, and the way he represented it and himself, was as good as it gets.  I ran out after him, caught him getting ready to pull out of my driveway, and told him to schedule it -- I didn't bother to get other estimates...I remember we had paid a few hundred dollars less back in early 1990 or thereabouts, and Guardian's price wasn't at all out of line, considering the # of years since I first contracted for a fence. He scheduled me for installation one week later -- the installer was so neat, precise -- everything was done with care, and absolutely nothing was left behind or out of place.  We talked about where to install the gate that I ordered with the fence, and other than that, it was installed perfectly and without any issues.   Bottom line?  Absolutely A++ in my book!!!  I hope that I can personally refer some business towards them -- they really made this an easy homeowner upgrade.
Recent Review: Did excellent work, good follow through, completed timely, good cleanup, attention to detail.

Reviews in Sun City for Pool Installation

AFusion Pool and Spa
Quick response to service request. Tyler arrived promptly and assessed the condition of the plaster. Only a light acid was was needed. New pool light was installed and tested and the refill of the pool was completed. Tyler was professional and NOT a hard sell salesman trying to upsell me on other services. I will definitely call Fusion Pools in the future for all my swimming pool needs and will recommend them without hesitation to everyone.
- Lorinda D....
FTropical Breeze Custom Pools
Up until this point Tropical Breeze has been a nightmare filled with lies that have just unraveled. Don Hubble presented himself as christian man but came up far short of an honorable person. Don came to our home and gave us a price. He then came back at a later date with a Proposal which was a higher than the first quoted price. The reason for the price change was noted and questionable but agreeable, and we signed the Proposal and gave him a deposit. From that point on excuse after excuse was given, and lie after lie was told by Don and JJ's name often came up as the messenger. We signed the Proposal on December 22, 2018, and gave Don Hubble our deposit check, engineering pool plans, and building and safety inspection card. As of February 16, 2019, nothing had been done. We have learned Tropical Breeze even attempted to sub-contract the job to other pool companies. After further research into Tropical Breeze, we uncovered from others in the pool business and licensing, Tropical Breeze is less than honorable and known to try an up-sale, run up the price after securing the deal, and even sub-contracting jobs after they secure them. I would suggest you stay away from Tropical Breeze Custom Pools. The headache and waste of time is not worth it. After all of this Tropical Breeze has not returned our deposit check, engineering pool plans, our safety inspection card, and it has been two months. 
Stay away, Far away. I wish I could give them less than a zero rating.
- Milo E....
ASo Cal Pool Builders
Kevin is responsive, very accessible, was here almost every day of the job and finished very quickly. He obtained all permits and showed us a computer simulated image of our new pool in our backyard. Before the job he took us to see three previous jobs he had done. He got very high marks from the homeowners. He understood we had a tight budget and worked with us. He also was good about taking us around to pick tile and coping, etc. Like every construction job, there were bumps in the road, but they were handled professionally and the job went smoothly, overall.
- Jamie M....
AHigh Class Builders & Remodeling Inc
We had work done on our previous home by High Class Builders. This was the first time we had hired them for a major outdoor job. We got a new pool installed in the backyard by High Class builders. They also put in pavers around the pool and new lighting. We first set up a meeting with them to go over the costs of installing a new pool. They were very upfront about the costs and going over every option. They catered to what we wanted while suggesting options and designs we didn't know about. Once the building started, I was very impressed with the respect their workers treated me and my family with. We had told them that our neighborhood didn't allow construction work past a certain time. They made sure to start cleaning up early so that they weren't working past 4:00pm. Eventually they still finished ahead of schedule, and now my family and I are ready for summer with our new pool! We are very happy with how it turned out. Our backyard is entirely transformed now. I am glad we hired High Class Builders for this job. I look forward to hiring them again if we need anything done inside or outside my house.
- Shahar K....
AGreen Remodeling & Beyond
We got our pool done by Green Remodeling and are very pleased with the end result. It took 3 months from start to finish. Ilan came with his designer and came up with an amazing layout which exceeded our expectations. We thought we may have issues with inspection due to the property location but, all went well. Thanks
- Richard H....
ASteele Pools
Bret was recommended to us by Dan Gerber. He was very responsive and quickly gave us a written estimate. He and our concrete guy (Dan Gerber) had worked together before and were able to coordinate their work without much effort on our part. He has 2-3 different teams for each phase of the work. One group came and removed all the old plaster & tile. A second crew came and did the tiling. Finally a third team did the plastering. Bret oversaw all of this. Each team arrived early and worked through the entire day. They were all very professional. We were anxious to get the pool completed before we left on a trip. Bret arranged for his crews to come on Saturday and Sunday of a holiday weekend to ensure that we could see the job completed before our trip. We really appreciated this extra work on the part of his crew. Bret also worked with our pool cleaning guy to ensure the chemical balance of the new pool water was correct and the pool pumps, etc were started up OK. We got a complete job from start to finish. We are very happy with the new look of the pool.
- Dorothy R....
AAqua Care
Aqua Care did an Excellent job Renovating our 70 year old pool! Raul, Irit, Salvador and the Aqua Care team are experienced, knowledgeable, professional and they care about doing a good quality job the right way. Aqua Care crews are skilled professionals and experts at their job. Everything was well planned, scheduled, communicated and executed! Aqua Care repaired the leaky crack in the pool by chipping away & demolishing a section of the pool wall, replacing the rusty rebar, then filling in the newly repaired wall with shotcrete. Aqua Care then replaced the old cracked coping and tiles, added Dec-O-Seal between the coping & existing deck, replaced the old skimmer, added 2 drains on the side of the pool, added a hydrostatic valve for rain, replaced the old pump with a Variable Speed Pump, replaced the light, replastered the pool, hauled away the debris, did the Start-up & is now servicing our Beautiful New Pool! We weren’t planning on renovating the pool, but a few months ago we noticed the pool was loosing water every day and there were 3 cracks in the side of the pool. Leak Solutions came out & detected one of the cracks was leaking water. We searched on Angie’s List, Google & Yelp to find Swimming Pool Leak Repair & Pool Contractors. Most companies repaired cracks in the pool wall with staples, which is just a patch – so we continued searching for companies that repair the structure of the pool. After getting estimates from 3 different Pool Construction companies, we decided to go with Aqua Care, because when Irit came out to check out the pool, she was very knowledgeable and explained the work in great detail, which gave us a better understanding of what needed to be done, and how long it would take to do it properly. Aqua Care was the ONLY company that would demolish the entire 14’ section of the wall with the cracks down to the dirt, then completely remove & replace the old rusty rebar, then fill in the 14’ section with Shotcrete, then plaster. The other companies were only going to cut out sections where the cracks were – one company was going to cut out 3” on both sides of the crack, then clean the rust off the rebar with a wire brush, the other company was going to cut out 6” on either side of the crack & replace sections of the bad rebar. Before signing the contract I met with Irit & her partner Raul. We liked and trusted Irit & Raul very much. They answered all of our questions and concerns, and gave us good advice. The Specifications & Scope of Work on the contract was well planned out with numbers for each job, showing the order of what job would be done each day, and the payment amount due after each job was complete, so we knew what to expect. Originally we only wanted to get the leaky crack repaired & have the pool re-plastered, but because 14’ of the pool wall was being demolished, the stained tiles & cracked coping needed to be replaced as well - also the old skimmer had been patched, so it made sense to replace skimmer & get a new variable speed pump too! Irit & Raul told us the LADWP was offering a $1000 rebate to replace your old pump with a new Variable Speed Pump from a certified installer and it would save us money on our LADWP bill. Raul installed the pump, helped me fill out the LADWP rebate forms & Irit printed me a copy of the Installers Certifcate & Invoice, along with photo’s we took before and after to mail to LADWP. The cost of the new pump was $1300 from Aqua Care & we are going to get a $1000 rebate from LADWP! We wanted to keep the pool looking as original as possible with the textured speckled rock coping & 1950’s Fish Tiles, but they don’t make the same tiles & coping as they did in the 1950’s. Originally the pool had solid Aqua Blue 6”x6” Tiles and with 3 1950’s Fish Tiles. Irit, Raul and Salvador were helpful with my quest for 50’s Fish Tiles & were careful to save 2 of the original Fish Tiles from demolition, just in case! We decided on “Light Blue” 6”x6” Tiles “Universal Tiles”, that were close to the original Aqua tiles. Universal Tiles referred us to “Artistry in Mosaics” in Florida & they took a Fish Tile design our friend re-created from the original Fish Tile and they custom made 8 New Fish Tiles through Irit’s tile order with Universal. The 8 Custom Fish Tiles cost an additional $480 plus shipping, took a couple weeks to make and postponed the work one week, but these tiles are very cool and were totally worth it. Aqua Care was flexible with their schedule to accommodate us waiting for the Fish Tiles! We are very happy! The entire job took about 13 days over a month period plus the Start Up. Not all days were full days, depending on the job & weather. There was a week of rain & a week of waiting for the custom tiles. Irit was on top of everthing!!! ☺ Irit would text me every night to keep me informed of the next day’s schedule or if anything was being delivered etc. The crews were skilled, professional and on time. The materials were delivered ahead of the work, the plaster & shotcrete trucks were right on time too. Everything went well! We highly recommend Aqua Care for all your swimming pool needs! We LOVE our beautiful new pool & new pool service! Thank you Aqua Care! ☺
- Relah E....
AApex Pool & Spa Services
First of all, when the owner Isaac came to meet with us, he showed us a 3-D visual design of what the pool would look like. I just have to say that the end result looked exactly like what he had presented us with. The guys demoed out all of the old concrete and installed the swimming pool with beautiful rocks surrounding the pool. They also installed a new flagstone deck surrounding the pool, which looks amazing. Isaac was really easy to work with and very accommodating. They did a great job and I would definitely recommend them to others.
- Shirra H....
APacific Outdoor Living
These folks are true pros and take such pride in their work. Our project manager Juan Horta was brilliant and every time he brought something up to us we absolutely agreed with him. The pool and landscaping look gorgeous. All the edges and details are finished beautifully. The whole crew are experts in their different fields. Onecimo and the paver crews, Santos and the landscapers - we can see everyone put real care and pride in their work. Jackie Flor was our designer and she put in a lot of hours getting us the design we wanted. The price was laid out and explained at the beginning and there was nothing hidden or unexpected. They all went above and beyond. We're so happy we put in the pool and we're super happy we went with Pacific Outdoor Living.
- Becca B....
AAngel's Pools Inc
From our first contact with Edward, we knew we would go with Angel's. The professionalism that was shown by everyone in the company was outstanding. The work was completed on schedule (even though we changed a few things) Clean-up every day was excellent. We couldn't be happier. We are happy to highly recommend Angel's Pool Co.
- Carole B....