South Lake Tahoe Deck Waterproofing

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Richard T. Muhl Construction
Business Description: Small full service construction company, with a growing collection of quality mind and loyal sub-contractors. Many of whom have been working with Richard Muhl for over 12 years. No financing or credit cards are currently accepted. Spring special offers for Lake Tahoe/ Truckee residences (painting, deck refinishing, exterior repairs) to correct snow damage and help get ready for summer.
Recent Review: The crew showed up on time. The bid was accurate and fair. The crew was friendly while maintaining professional behavior.
1 Call Handyman
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: We have used 1 Call Handyman three times now, for various fixes. Can't say enough about Temo, Lucy and their crew. Fast, efficient, problem solvers, excellent job and fair prices. Temo knows what to do and how to do it.
Rob Swift Handyman
Business Description: Home repair,remodel, and maintenance

Reviews in South Lake Tahoe for Deck Waterproofing

The crew showed up on time. The bid was accurate and fair. The crew was friendly while maintaining professional behavior.
- Donna S....
A1 Call Handyman
We have used 1 Call Handyman three times now, for various fixes. Can't say enough about Temo, Lucy and their crew. Fast, efficient, problem solvers, excellent job and fair prices. Temo knows what to do and how to do it.
- Lois L....
ASamantha's Handygal Services
Samantha is extremely talented in the type of work we had done!!  She took only six hours from begining to end resulting in an excellant staircase, associated hand rails and necessary deckwork!!!  She also waterproofed everything. The mistake we made was we didn't realize how much she is in demand!   She keeps a complete and tight schedule; so, if one requires more than one day of service it needs to be scheduled upfront!!
- Ted L....
FBanner Construction
Contractor was hired to remove a single shower stall and garden tub then transform into a handicap tiled shower.  This included a pony wall, ledge and bench to be under a window in the shower area, shower pan, shower head, shower pan, and new flooring, new medicine cabinet, and grab bars.  He promised us a waterproof bathroom, high quality work in a timely manner.  This is our master bath.  My husband is handicapped.  We told them that the toilet was not be removed until necessary and that it was to be unusable for as minimal a time as possible.  They were also to clear up the area completely every night to allow access for my husband.  The contract presented was wrong.  We asked to have it corrected to no avail.   The contract did not state what materials were going to be used.   In March, the demo was done, green board installed, toilet removed and tile started.  During this time, the superintendent proposed making one of our sinks accessible for my husband's wheelchair.  He cut out the cabinet before a change order was presented and signed.  The ledge under the window was higher than the window and would have caused water to get between the ledge and the window. Tools were left on our sink countertop with no protection which resulted in scratches.  They brought the tile cutter into our bathroom and left it.  There was standing water and we did not have access to our closet or sinks.  We complained and the tile setter was moved to the back yard.  They then went in and out our window to use the tile cutter.  They were not cleaning up every night was promised.   The tile was looking bad.  What should have taken only 2-3 days was taking over a week.  The contractor was only at our house working 4-5 hours a day.  At the rate it was going, it would be 3 months before they were done.  They had removed the toilet before they were to begin on the flooring and did not re-install it.  We complained.  They installed the toilet.  The owner talked with the superintendent on the job.  When the superintendent returned to the job he clearly did not want to be there.  The superintendent got belligerent.  We told the owner that this person was not to return to our house.   The tile work was awful.  Not lined up, uneven gaps, etc.  I suggested that the tile be removed and they should start over.  This did not happen.  The owner did not want to spend the money to correct.  He removed sections of tile 2-3 times trying to correct.  The person he had doing the tile work would lay only 4 or 5 tiles a day.  Finally, we decided enough was enough.  Our son knew a contractor.  We asked him to come take a look at the work being perform  The first thing he noticed was the green board.  Green board is no longer code in our area.  They should have been using Denshield.  Next thing he saw the tile work.  He stated it was the worse tile job he had ever seen.  The pony wall installed was in the wrong place.  It was to be used for the shower curtain.  The wall would have caused the curtain to be outside the shower, not inside.  We contacted the city and discover that they did not have a permit for the work being done.  The city notified the contractor and he got the permit the next day. We contacted the contractors board.  They said that they could not help because the work was not complete.  Then the battle ensued.  The contractor did not want to demo and redo the work.  We wouldn't let him back to the job until we had a plan in place to correct the work.  The owner kept telling us that we were the ones that would let his tile setter back on the job.  The tile setter was the superintendent that was belligerent and did the bad tile work.  When we asked about the permit, they said the contractor had one.  We told him that it was only obtain after we inquired and he just shrugged his shoulders. My husband contacted the top personnel of the contractors board and got a person out that would help.  It was June before the contractor was allowed back into the home.  This was because of the 15 day notice to complete sent by the contractors board to Banner Construction.  We told them that they could work from 8am to 5:30pm, weekdays only.  We had to stop the work due to illness and death in our family.  It resumed in August.  The contractor did a complete demo and started all over.  During the 15 notice to complete they usually arrived around 8:30 and left around 5:30.   They decide to lay the vinyl flooring first.  The cuts were bad and cracks.  The contractor said that the baseboard would cover the bad cuts (it wouldn't have).  Then I asked about the cracks.  That's when he said we would replace the flooring.  They had partially glued down the flooring.  They pulled it up on a Friday and laid down paper to keep us from "sticking" to the floor over the weekend.  On Monday they began to scrap off the glue and relaid the flooring.  The new vinyl was cut and laid.  There were bad cuts.  They laid a piece of aluminum to hide the bad cut in the entrance way to our closet and "floated" a wall to hide another bad cut.  They spilled glue down the heat vent and tried to cover it up. Before they installed the Denshield, they reinforced the wall (which they didn't do the first time) for the grab bars, nails went through the wall into the water closet.  They hired an outside subcontractor to do the tile work.  It only took a day and a half.  I would highly recommend this subcontractor.  The subcontractor used materials supplied by the contractor.  The grout was an uneven color.  The contractor was unwilling to pay the $500 to have the grout redone by the subcontractor.  He decided to stain the grout.  I will talk about this more later. They replaced the cabinets as we they could not come up with a solution to the cut cabinet. When it got close to the end of the 15 day notice to complete, we decided to give them an extra 6 days to complete the work as it was obvious that the work was not going to be done.  This was a mistake.  During the additional time only one apprentice was on the job most of the time.  He showed up around 10am most days and left before 5:30pm.  He had no idea what he was supposed to be doing as he had no guidance from the owner.  One day he didn't show up until after 1pm.  He had to take care of an issue of a unregistered company truck.   Two days before their last day, I reminded them that they had until 5:30 on the last day to be done.  They had not started correcting the grout color, installing grab bars, or cleaning.  Banner Construction wanted me to do a final walk through before the work was complete.  I refused. On the final day of work, they started work on the grout.  They purchased an epoxy grout colorant which got high reviews online.  What the owner neglected to read was how hard the colorant was to remove from the tiles.  He ordered this colorant the day before their last day and had it overnighted.  They started on the grout around noon on the final day.  I got home from work at 4pm and they hadn't even started cleaning up. The transition strip from the vinyl to the carpet was to be replaced as the aluminum strip they first installed did not hold up under my husband's wheelchair.  This hadn't been completed yet.  They called in three other people from other jobs towards the end of the day when they realized that the owner and apprentice could not finish the job.  At 5:15pm while the transition strip was being installed,  I reminded the owner of the time as no clean up had started.  Then the mast hysteria started to clean up.  At 6:15pm I told the owner to leave.  If I hadn't he would have been there well into the evening.  The owner tried to blame installing the transition strip as the reason for them running late.  I reminded him that I was not the person who waited until the last day to correct the grout color and that he was given an extra 6 days to correct.  The next day I completed the clean up.  It took me 10 hours.  The grout colorant took up most of this time.  There was missed areas.  Was I cleaned the sinks and cabinets, I discovered that one of the facets was lose.  The turn off valves were not screwed in.  One was missing a screw.  The flooring had bumps.  We were missing one of our hand towels.  They did not leave the extra colorant or paint for touch ups.  There is a gash inside the medicine cabinet from where the drill came off the screw head when they were installing.  A gash in the sink counter top from when it was removed.  The shower head is lose in the shower.  Paint splatter all over the floor. Contractors Board come out and determined the contract was complete.  They said the floor was due to air bubbles.  Banner gave us $47.50 off the contract in compensation.  When we asked for the warranty in writing, it was met with a response of that we would not let him return so there would be no warranty.  He also stated that he was going to lien our house if final payment was not received immediately.   There is more I could say, but limitations of characters will not allow it.  I would do not understand how this contractor still has a license.  I did everything right.  Before we hired this contractor, I checked that they had a valid contractor license, that they were bonded, and searched for internet reviews.  It was only after the fact that I learned that this contractor is known, by their peers, for cutting corners and doing only minimal work.  Just an FYI - the Contractor's Board is only good to making sure that a contact is completed.  They can't do anything about the quality of work. I would never recommend this contractor.  The owner is good at promising the moon and then trying to place blame elsewhere.
- Lisa G....