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Thomas Meader Handyman Services
Recent Review: Did not com back for appointment on 8/5/13 to finish patchwork for old outlet and replace range gas flex line. All other work was very good. Have not heard from him.

Reviews in South Lake Tahoe to Encapsulate Crawl Space

AReno Renovators
We had Todd come in and look at several items from the inspection report after we bought a new house. The work performed was prompt, professional and reasonably priced. Todd's crew applied epoxy to seal the garage floor and install a vapor barrier in the crawl space. They also moved a heating vent for us as well. We would have hired them to do more work for us, but given their prices and quality they are very busy!
- Shreesh T....
BThomas Meader Handyman Services
Did not com back for appointment on 8/5/13 to finish patchwork for old outlet and replace range gas flex line. All other work was very good. Have not heard from him.
- Norris H....
ATop Notch Handyman Services LLC
I created a to-do list broken down according to each room in my house. Of the 40+ items that needed attention, he successfully and very professionally completed 34 of them during the two days he was here.  The name of his company, Top Notch, truly describes every thing he does.  His attention to detail, politeness, efficiency, courtesy, and thoroughness were amazing and very much appreciated. He will definitely be my go-to person whenever work needs to be done around here. I can't say enough good things about the quality of his workmanship. Thanks, Alan, for everything you did!
- Jacqueline S....
DTop Notch Handyman Services LLC
I was very pleased to find Alan, because I had a large remodelling project on my older home and he seemed very knowledgeable and experienced. I liked the reviews he had on Angie's List, so I decided to give him the job. Let me start by saying that he was very pleasant throughout the project and everything seemed to be progressing well. There were a few minor problems with him scheduling other jobs and having to take time off that set back my project a bit, but I didn't get too upset about that, until I realized that four months in, and no end in site, I had to give him a more definite schedule. That really wasn't a big issue, and Alan responded by working hard to finish the job. I was very happy with everything and  gave him a great review on Angie's List. I must say that he started asking me to put up reviews on Angie's List long before the work was completed because he wanted to build up his client base with good reviews and was also hoping to increase his tile jobs with them. I was happy to comply because everything he did looked great. When he finished I gave him another great review at his request. I was to finish painting and then have him come in and finish up a few loose ends.The problems did not become apparent until after Alan had finished. I called Alan the first time because as I was painting I noted that the baseboard moulding was not touching the floor and appeared crooked in a number of places throughout the house. Alan told me that this was because my floor was warped. I thought it strange that he did not address this with me as he installed it, but let it go, as I figured he was probably right. As I finished painting I called Alan to see if he could do the finish work, but he was too busy to get to it for four months, so I found someone else to do the work. The second problem I called him for was when I went to hook up a newly purchased refirigerator. Alan had tiled over the water line. I called him to talk to him about this and to find out what happened and he told me that it had been leaking and he had just turned it off. He gave no apology for tiling over the line and did not offer to come fix it. He had never mentioned anything about a leaking line and had not consulted me about his decision to tile over it without fixing it or installing a new line if the old one was leaking. I found this to be strange because at the very least I figured he could have mentioned it, but I let it go and scheduled a plumber to come out and install a new line and drill through the tile to access the refrigerator. The next thing to go wrong was with the door he installed. One of the sidelight windows is not aligned properly and there is a large gap on the top. The door actually appears to have been hung crooked. Also the door would not swing properly and was chewing up the insulation molding around the bottom because it was not installed properly on the hinges. I had that fixed and while the repairman was here he noted that none of the hinges were adjusted properly so that was contributing to the doors and sidelights not opening freely. These were adjustable hinges and so this problem was easily fixed but it should have been done properly the first time. Fortunately I caught the problem before permanent damage was done to the door. I realized then that I should have used a professional installer to put the door in. At this point I decided not to call Alan again because of the lack of interest on his part.  I was beginning to question the wisdom of hiring him so I wasn't sure I trusted him to do any more work . I hoped that these were the only problems I would find. They weren't. Before moving in to the house, I had to have two faucets in one bathroom repaired because they were leaking a great deal. The plumber found that the washers were in the wrong place on both faucets. Also, the stoppers on the sinks do not work at all and the faucets are loose. That is a pending repair job for someone else.  In the meantime we moved in to the house. The first time my daughter used the shower in one bathroom, the handle came off in her hands. We got that repaired. It was just missing a part. At this point, I decided to take down my review on Angie's List but not to give Alan a negative review, as I hate to do that. The final straw came tonite, as I was turning off my water beneath the kitchen sink to change the water filter in the refrigerator. I noticed a puddle of water on the bottom of the under sink cabinet. When I followed the leak and looked up, I found that it was coming from the corner of the sink, where it meets the tile. The leak has rotted all of the wood around it. It looks fine on top, but it is not sealed properly and water has apparently been seeping around the edge of the sink. Now that I see this, and given all of the other little problems, I am very worried about the shower and the shower tub combo that he tiled in the two bathrooms. He told me that it was the first time he had ever done that type of waterproofing but at the time I believed in his competency and I really didn't give it a second thought. Needless to say, this will require another repair, and while I am at it, I will probably have the repairman go down in the crawl space in the basement and check for leaks beneath my showers just to make sure they are ok. I hope the repair won't be too expensive or extensive, because I have allready spent far too much time, money and aggravation having all of the other problems fixed. I seriously wish that I had done more research and hired someone else or a series of people who specialized in each task I needed completed. Alan charges an hourly rate, and I see that he has gone up twenty dollars an hour since I used him. If I had paid him fourty-five dollars an hour to complete the work in my house only to have all of the problems I have, I would be even more upset than I am now. I should have known this was the wrong way to go for my project when I asked him for a time estimate and all he would say was that he worked hourly and it was up to me to tell him when he was done. I can chalk that up to my own naivete. While I was happy to give him the good review the first time, I was uncomfortable with how hard he pushed me to write them for him. I should have decided to write a review on my own time and motivation after living with Alan's work for a while. Live and learn. It pains me to write him a negative review as he is a very nice guy and his work does look nice, but after the last problem, I have just had enough. Also, I would think twice about hiring someone who is not bonded or insured again. Everyone I have hired since is.
- Christie W....