South Dos Palos Retractable Awining Installation

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Recent Review: They were very professional and cared about the job.
Recent Review: I liked SC Construction. I had an existing awning that was done 13 years ago and he happened to be the guy who did it. It was a special design and he said that he remembered it when he came here. He worked for ABC Awning during that time and they are no longer in business, but he took over and changed the name so it was like a reunion. He came out the very next day when I called and was a little bit early. He was very fair and gave us a good estimate and he understood that we were just preparing for it. He said at anytime the estimate would be good and he would be back, but we are going to call him in December to set up a time in January. He's very professional and he's an "A+". We had written down three estimates and my husband liked the idea that he did the original awning. He also gave us some ideas and told us that he was going to do some touch-ups on the other one and when the guys come out just tell them that he said to do it and that was thrown in for free. We had tried 4 or 5 different places and nobody could give us a circle awning and he specially designed it and when I looked on the original paperwork from ABC Awning his name was on there for the old estimate from 13 years ago. I couldn't believe it because I was so unhappy when I found out that ABC Awning had gone out of business, but they really hadn't and he had gone and came back and started it up himself.