Snelling Shed Repairs

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Business Description: 20+ years Construction/Master Carpenter experience. 7+ years in one of a kind custom Treehouse's with slides, rock walls, ziplines, bucket pulls, trap doors, etc. Custom Sheds and furniture. Custom wood tables to custom porch swings. We accept all major credit cards and Pay-Pal. $200 Consultation fee (goes towards project).

Reviews in Snelling for Shed Repairs

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it went great. at the time we set up, he was there. i was late. he greeted me, introduced himself, and asked to see the work that needed to be done. i showed him everything. he quoted me a price of 490. i had a couple other estimates from other handymen around merced, and they wanted alot more.ALOT more. they also wanted to tear up my countertop to fix the sink. and a couple didnt want to repair the doors, only wanted to replace them. charles, the guy i gave the job to, didnt tear anything up. he was actually pretty neat about it. he fixed one door that was delaminating and the glass was cracked. the other door was stuck closed because of the mobile home settling. he pulled out i think it was a water level? anyway he releveled that portion of my home and tightened up the stands. he made that door work smooth like new. redropped my sink in. the silicone seal had gone bad. and replaced both water valves down there that were leaking. he refastened the loose panels on my shed and replaced the top screws with ones that had washers to seal out rain. i had been dealing with this for years. my steps were aging, rotting. he removed the rot and replaced the wood with that pressure treated stuff. he also hauled off a bunch of junk to the dump. i was just so happy to have the work done. all in 1 day. i like the guy, he is honest and straight forward about his work. i would reccomend him to you.
- Sebin B....