Snelling Heat Pump Installation

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Ambient Edge With Plumbing By Jake
Recent Review: they gave a sales presentation that was A+.  answered all questions even tho some might have seemed basic!  arrived on time - great guys working - went above and beyond working with the roofing people - I can not say enough good about this company.  have had them back for regular check-up - arrive on time - answer questions - they are great.

Reviews in Snelling to Install Heat Pump

DAmbient Edge With Plumbing By Jake
After paying outrageous bill, unit died perhaps 4 min. after tech left. Call and somehow he got it going... lasted for less than a month..found another licensed pro and their techs removed a green moldy pump (installed by Ambient for outrageous price) which was  sole problem. I never used them again. The tech who showed was utterly snide and rude but it was a holiday and put up with his attitude solely because it was hot.    About 2010 was going to buy heat pump from Home Depot until I discovered they soley use this firm for installation.(Ambient Air). Despite this one of the managers came out and I discussed my 7/4/08 experience and he called the office to verify. This partner was from WA.State office and apologized for incident. Due to their rotten service, Ambient Air's other partner called me back(unsolicited) about heat pump. He was rude and local and I asked if the tech who had ripped me off in 08 had been talked to. Surprisingly, this manager(brother of first) defended his technician and told me this guy was best in the shop and that I lied about using old parts. I hung up on him and strongly suggest anyone who wants to avoid being savagely ripped off not do business with this firm.
- Mary J....