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Horst Handyman
Business Description: I have been in business in Shasta County since 1997. I am a General Contracter. I am able to perform most jobs requested. If there is a job I am unable to do I would be happy to refer another Contracter or Handyman to you. I work at an hourly rate of $45.00 or would be happy to bid a job for you.

Reviews in Shingletown to Repair Drywall

CHorst Handyman
We had drywall tap falling throughout our home, etc. Jon and his co worker worked on the interior of the house. They worked on the siding of the garage and replaced, including mail box, etc. The drywall work was tedious including caulking, etc. His price increased 5.00 more per hour this last year. Jon has another job he is obligated to and it strongly appears he is haggard when he comes and does extensive repairs for a paying customer. When you are tired, your quality of work drops. It's not too hard to figure that out but when you are paying 5K-6K within one year for contractor's services and the work is not done as it was first explained, you become a little disappointed....the customer is the boss, we are paying the money and people have a tendency to ignore what we want done and the provider does what they want. Especially paying for something again that should have been not included as a second charge like re-caulking the toilets. He does an exceptional job as long as he has time and he's not too tired and feels good for the day. Otherwise, you might as well begin to hunt for another handyman and it's hard to trust anyone these days! The contractors get paid well and we want quality work for the amount of money we are paying out while we work hard for what we have! I will still use Jon in the future but we are going to try other sources. Thank you.
- Ruben T....