Santa Cruz Crawl Space Inspection

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Recent Review: There was some mix up with the scheduling so the original guy did not come but after call the office they immediately dispatched someone else to our job. He came took pictures on the roof, in the crawlspace and documented everything big and small. They also gave us a great binder with the home inspection and expedited the process since our deadline on inspections was looming. Very friendly couple. She even gave us these delicious rice crispy treats while we waited for the inspection to finish.
Recent Review: You won't find a more professional home inspection company out there than Signature. Professionals from every aspect, start to finish. You'll be reminded to complete everything you need prior to inspection, along with a text and email reminder of the inspection itself. The inspection is extremely thorough. No shortcutting. Every nook and cranny that can be checked will be checked. The following result is as detailed of a report as you're going to see filled with notes, photos, measurements, guidelines, you name it. I could go on with how satisfied I am with Signature but you will in no way whatsoever be disappointed should you choose to go with them for your home inspection needs. Thanks to Scott and the Signature team for making the process seamless.
Recent Review: Mr. Todd comes out once a year to inspect my home which is on the city's "architecturally significant" homes list.  Mr. Todd's inspection reports help with monitoring my home in my efforts to preserve it. Mr. Todd's services  are key in identifying problems and making the necessary repairs which help to preserve it.
Business Description: We offer the best rates in the Bay Area with premium service There are NEVER any extra charges for night, weekend or holiday service. We believe that emergency service is something that happens, and our customers shouldn't have to pay a higher price due to something out of their control. 100% FREE ESTIMATES - 100% HONEST & UP FRONT PRICING.
Business Description: We offer all types of home insulation solutions. It includes crawl space insulation and vapor barriers, wall insulation, batts and blown-in attic insulation, air sealant for attic and crawl space, and radiant barrier. We specialize in air duct deep cleaning and replacement, furnace deep cleanings, duct leakage testing, rodent proofing, crawl space and attic clean up.
Recent Review: .Bernard Hall was the inspector representing Buyers Protection Group. He was highly Professional in performing his duties as a home inspector. Bernard carefully inspected from the crawl space under the house to the crawl space in the attic. He found numerous flaws in the home which was vital information to have during the final price negotiations. I would recommended BPG Inspection Services to anyone, as long as Mr. Bernard Hall was doing the inspection. If he is an example of the type of inspectors BPG has, then you can't go wrong with this service.
Recent Review: Job was estimated well. All workers were courteous professional and prompt. Pictures were taken before and after. We are very pleased with the work.
Business Description: this company is in business since 2012, we are a new company with 6 guys, very professional and well trained who are willing to go the extra mile to make our costumers happy. we accept cash and checks. check our website for our $500.00 coupon and discount.
Recent Review: Very well, completed in one day, very helpful on-site management
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Robert was prompt, professional and extremely thorough. I had to find someone quickly and was new to the area. Robert took the time to explain everything even pointing out where all valves and shutoffs were for water, gas etc. His report was one of the most thorough and.comprehensive I have ever seen. He even included video of areas that were hard to access such as crawl spaces etc. and really took the time to highlight everything. I would absolutely use and recommend Robert again.

Reviews in Santa Cruz to Inspect Crawl Space

Jeff Weinberg answered the phone when we called. He explained his procedure for a thorough home inspection. He also suggested we attend the inspection. Jeff went over the report with us, step by step. The report provided was very comprehensive and accurate, and included photos of the issues found in areas, we couldn't normally see (roof, crawl space, etc....).
- Sharon T....
AHarmon Home Inspections
Robert was prompt, professional and extremely thorough. I had to find someone quickly and was new to the area. Robert took the time to explain everything even pointing out where all valves and shutoffs were for water, gas etc. His report was one of the most thorough and.comprehensive I have ever seen. He even included video of areas that were hard to access such as crawl spaces etc. and really took the time to highlight everything. I would absolutely use and recommend Robert again.
- Ian S....
I have used C&J Home Inspection services once before, and I chose them again because they are very professional and thorough, punctual, and take care to wear booties on their shoes and lay down a blanket when accessing the crawl space area to keep the floors clean while they perform their inspections.  I cannot imagine any other inspection service being more value than what you get with C&J Home Inspection services.  I will always highly recommend them to anyone else considering a home inspection. A+++!
- Jason P....
WOW!! My inspection report was so thorough and complete. There were pictures included in the report to help me visualize his findings. Kim was very organized and efficient. Report was done by the next day. She had it emailed to me and the realtor and sent a beautiful binder copy of the inspection including a how to's book to my realtor's office. This home inspection business is totally responsible. Bill, my inspector did an excellent job of answering our questions, showing us potential trouble areas and at the end, sat down to give us a summary of his findings. My previous home, the inspector didn't even go into the crawl space or peek in to the attic, let alone take pictures (11 years ago). All in all he did a great job. KUDOS to Insight Home Inspection (Gillespie Home Inspection) for providing such a "insight" into my potential property. It helps that Kim gave me $20 off the home inspection because of Angie's List and that she has one of the most reasonable priced home inspection! I definitely will recommend her and use her again.
- Susan H....
AMagnum Property Inspection Inc
I called the Magnum office thinking that I needed a "home inspection". When Ken arrived (a bit early) , he explained that a home inspection didn't really fit my goals. He ended up doing a visual inspection inside and out, answered all my questions or referred my to the correct specialty for each problem, and inspected the crawl space under the house. Through-out he was pleasant, professional, and patient. He spent time explaining the issues he saw under the house, answered my questions, and a day or two later sent a complete report listing each issue and its probable implications, with color pictures of each problem. And he charged way less than the home inspection price that I had originally agreed to. I would definitely call Magnum when I do need a home inspection and I recommend Ken highly.
- Susan A....
Excellent. Hard working crew that did an excellent job. Crawl space clean, odor free, less moisture in home. By having this done we later discovered we had a plumbing and ac leak in the crawl space. With the recent rains in Dec/2014 we were so happy to have a sump pump to handle the heavy rains and know our crawl space was not flooded.
- Barbara K....
AFoundation Repair of CA
They sent 3 guys out that started the work, and the last 2 guys that came out did a great job. So far things have been good.
- Moses M....
I called San Jose Plumbing after Cabrillo Plumbing said that I had a sewer line leak. The man that came out said I did not have a sewer line leak, but he said I had a severe problem in my crawl space of too much water. He said that the intergrity of my support system was in danger and I could be getting termites. He gave me an estimate of $5100 to come out and make trenches in the crawl space and install a pump system which would get rid of $80% of the water. I had two other plumbers and I talked with a soil engineer. All said that a certain amount of water was normal in the Saratoga area, that the pump system would not work as there was not that much standing water, just wet soil. All agreed that it was not necessary to do trenching and get a pump system. The one thing the man did that was good was to confirm that the sewer line that the Cabrillo Plumbing said was damaged was in good working order and did not leak, but then he tried to sell me on this other job that I did not need.
- Errol S....
The inspector Carl was excellent! He first asked me about the inspection that was done and my concerns. He started with the structure, then the building exterior, roof, pluming, electrical, heating and interior components including crawl space. He spent about 3 hours, 15 minutes. There were couple of things he pointed out that I did not gather from previous inspection reports. Examples were that roof was near end of life, the remnants of wall paper, problems with the way the heater was mounted and heating ducts in crawl space being crushed. I was also keen on installing AC in the future and he pointed out that I may need duct replacement which would cost more. The roof was a big item that I would not have noticed otherwise. It also made me aware that AC installing would not just be the $4-5K that people normally quote. The inspector was very courteous, polite and patiently answered all questions. He also recommended that I get a chimney inspection as a precaution which I did.
- Sreenivas K....
AHealthy Duct Cleaning
Inspected attic for unwanted and dangerous intruders and their droppings - rodents, nets of birds. Confirmed that there are no problems. Inspected crawl space for problems. Confirmed that there are no problems.
- Vladimir V....