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Recent Review: Luis does excellent work and his prices are fair. I have hired him many times since June 2015 the last job was completed 11-21-2015. He is extremely skilled and honest in everything he did for us. If he cannot do something he will tell you and can recommend someone who can, i.e. Landscaping, cabinets.
Business Description: Our original dba was Handyman Connection and we have been in business for twelve years. We decided to change our name to Home Repair Contractors so people will readily see that we are a contractor, providing professional home repairs. We are a licensed general contractor providing professional home repair and remodeling service to homeowners. additional email:

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Overall the job went well. He did, however, fail to show up on the originally scheduled date saying he was sick. He showed up the next day bright and early. He and his assistant worked quickly and cleanly and we are very pleased with his work. We had no clean up to do ourselves and what would have taken us days to complete, he did quickly. He has obvious expertise and made suggestions to us as the job went along. We are happy with his work and would glady hire him again. Unlike what the previous poster stated, he never asked to be paid in cash. We found him to be personable and professional.
- Irene M....
AL & S handymen
Luis does excellent work and his prices are fair. I have hired him many times since June 2015 the last job was completed 11-21-2015. He is extremely skilled and honest in everything he did for us. If he cannot do something he will tell you and can recommend someone who can, i.e. Landscaping, cabinets.
- Donna M....
I am getting ready to rent out my house for the first time so I wasn't familiar with all that would  be needed for a combination of 1) cost savings and 2) the best renovation ideas for a rental house. I had previously been about to spend $3500 to replace the kitchen counters alone. This is the original reason I requested Maintenance Connection to come out get a competitive bid for demo'ing the tile coutertop and backsplash and installing new quartz couter tops. When I explained to owner George Higgins why I was replacing them (to put the house in good condition, expecting it would get me a good renter), George cautioned that it may not be the best use of my money. We walked around the house together and came up with a different plan for getting the house ready, including using a cleaning company and landscaper he knew (both at additional costs). The cleaning company would make the kitchen tiles look new and refreshed while I wouldn't be wasting my money on new couter tops that renters may damage anyhow.  He also coordinated getting A LOT of left over junk and things I wasn't taking with me to my new house. He worked with the cleaning company around their schedule.  George made numerous suggestions for what I will need with a rental, for which I hadn't thought of an am greatly appreciative. We are still in communication and he has helped me with other things as well, whenever I ask. I never have a problem getting ahold of him through calling or text. I will be using George and his team moving forward for all other needs at both my houses. 
- Robyn K....
FHome Repair Contractors
I have never in my life written a review about any product or service, but I feel compelled to warn others about  this company. Honestly, I have no words to adequately express my displeasure and disgust with the level of work that was done. Some examples are:   Tiles for the kitchen countertops were cut crooked and installed unevenly. Also, the grout was not applied correctly and gaps were evident. A large section of tile had to be removed and reinstalled due to these issues.   Laminate flooring was cut badly and did not match up evenly around edges. The edging was not tacked down property and began popping up everywhere. Again, the work had to be redone.   Only one coat of paint was put on the walls, which looked splotchy in places. In addition, semi-gloss was not used in the kitchen and bathrooms, even though we had specifically discussed this, and again, work had to be redone.   There was a water leak from the water main, which was "fixed." After all the work was done, we found that it was not fixed; was leaking worse than before; and had to pay someone else to actually repair the problem.   The bathroom mirrors were rehung using drywall screws instead of the actual mirror hardware.   New bathroom lighting was not centered above the vanities.   Paint overspray all over the kitchen tiles, which had to be professionally cleaned.   New garage door going into the backyard was cut horribly crooked and was also hung with a huge gap on one side; had to be replaced.   The microwave fan was vented incorrectly and the dishwasher was not property secured. I could go on and on, but hopefully this snapshot of problems gives you an adequate picture. I am still dumbfounded that someone would take such little pride in their work and leave things as they were. When I called the owner, Nick, to discuss the issues, he was supposed to come meet me and Corey (handyman) for a walk through. He sent his son, Tim, instead, which was fine, but Tim promised he would oversee and supervise the repairs, which he never did.  When the work was finally finished - still not a great quality, but better than it was! - I called Nick and Tim to let them know I was not happy with their services and would not recommend them in the future. I ended up getting voicemail for both of them, so left a detailed message for both. Neither one of them ever bothered to call me back at all. That, in itself, speaks volumes! I want to add that the additional cost of time and money to fix all these problems was no small hit to the pocketbook. So, please do yourself a favor and do NOT call Home Repair Contractors for any of your needs. It has seriously been a nightmare!!   Update: On 6/17/15, I received a call from the property manager letting me know that the new tenants, (just moved in June 8th), had noticed water damage to the ceiling below where the master bathroom is located. A repair person was sent out and found that when Corey had installed the new shower insert, he did not hook up/secure the drain properly. As such, water was going directly into the ceiling. Along with having to get the drain hooked up properly, the entire ceiling in the dining area and kitchen had to be removed and replaced due to extensive water damage. Water had also made its way into the walls, which had to be repaired as well. Cost: $1,000  I did call Home Repair Contractors and spoke to Tim about this situation. He mentioned their one year warranty and said they would have sent someone to fix the problem. After everything that has happened, I have absolutely zero confidence in his company or any of their employees, so the offer was most definitely declined.
- Scott L....