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Business Description: Established in 2007, Tradition Roofing Co. has been the leading roofing specialist in the San Leandro CA area since founded. We specialize in everything from Roofing Installations and Repairs, Roofing Tear-Offs, Re-Roofing, Metal Roofing, Flat Roofing, Shingle Roofing, Shingle Replacement, Shingle Repair, Gutter Installations and Repairs, Gutter Guard Installations, Gutter Cleaning, Siding Installations, Downspout Installations, Fascia Installations and more. Call us today!
Business Description: Contact Vintage Roof Tile at (669) 244-4294 in San Jose, CA, to purchase well-made roof tiles. We also sell roof shingles that are discontinued and hard to find.
Business Description: Build Room Additions remodeled kitchen cabinets and counters using levels for accuracy. Demolition of existing structure Rebuilt 2nd story including framing door and window replacement, roof framing, install tar paper and roof shingles. Drywall, taping and texturing.
Recent Review: Met with Adam for an estimate, he was the primary contact. They were the lowest estimate, so I decided to go with them. Work was scheduled for about 2 weeks later. I work during the day, so never saw the workers, except for first thing in the morning as I was leaving. The work was done well, and within the time frame estimated. Luckily, the 50 year old house had only a small amount of wood that needed to be replaced-yeah!. After the roof was done, I was waiting for the city of Huntington Beach to come out and do the final inspection and was not too happy to find out that the city building inspector requires that a ladder be furnished for the final inspection-seriously??? What building inspector doesn't have their own ladder??-but this review is not about them. Adam arranged to have a ladder brought out to my house and rescheduled the inspection, so now everything is completed and I didn't have to borrow or buy a ladder. That extra effort made my day!
Business Description: Western Roofing Systems, founded in 1992, has been awarded the TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTRACTOR from Metro Roof Products, Ram Supply and VoltView Tech for the 7th consecutive year!! . With California offices located in Anaheim, Campbell, Rancho Cordova, and Hacienda Heights, Western Roofing Systems repairs and installs multiple roofing materials; primarily for re roof and new construction on residential properties. Our goal in marketing and installation is to offer the most competitive price possible and exceed expectations within the installation process. You can count on our company caring for your home and your neighborhood. Most of our work comes from homeowners re roofing their home; plus, we are involved in roofing projects from schools to condominium associations. Following a simple strategy of competitive pricing with outstanding service, Western continues to make decision making easy for the consumer. serving the greater areas of San Jose (408-369-9175), Los Angeles County (714-778-5163), Orange County (714-778-5163), Riverside County (714-778-5163) and San Bernadino County (714-778-5163).
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Recent Review: A great experience! They showed up when they said & completed the work on time.
Business Description: Scudder Roofing Company is a full-service roofing, waterproofing and roof repair contractor serving Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties since 1982. BBB A+ rated, with certifications from some of the top roofing manufacturer's in the industry, we offer complete roofing replacements, leak and damage repairs, as well as the professional installation of custom gutters and downspouts, windows, ventilation, waterproofing, skylights, sun tunnels, sheet metal and more. Whether a storm damaged your roof beyond repair, or you've just decided to up your curb appeal, Scudder Roofing is a trusted, local roofing contractor with a long history in the Monterey Bay Area region. We are happy to help you no matter how large or small your roofing issue or concern may be. We work with all major brands and types of roofing, and our experienced technicians can handle any roofing application -- from asphalt shingles and tile to metal, single-ply systems or even specialty roofing craftsmanship like cottage-style bent cedar shakes. If you are in need of a new roof, or you'd simply like to talk with a contractor and ask questions about your options, please give us a call today at 831-373-7212 or visit our website at We look forward to earning the chance to work for you. Free Roofing Estimates Available.
Recent Review: Very satisfied with the work. The existing roof was removed and hauled away (they even hauled away some additional waste that we needed to get rid of. The work proceeded as planned, existing roofboards were inspected and replaced, photos were taken to show us the areas where repairs were made, after the new roof shingles were installed, everything was cleaned up and no leftover material was left behind.
Recent Review: They first came and gave me a bid.  I felt comfortable with them and went ahead and used them.  Their work was very efficient as requested.  They sent three different skill set people.  One group came to strip the roof, the other to put the new roof, and the third group came and did the drain and finishing work.  They all did well.

Reviews in Redwood Estates for Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

ATip Top Roofing
Very satisfied with the work. The existing roof was removed and hauled away (they even hauled away some additional waste that we needed to get rid of. The work proceeded as planned, existing roofboards were inspected and replaced, photos were taken to show us the areas where repairs were made, after the new roof shingles were installed, everything was cleaned up and no leftover material was left behind.
- Susie J....
CWestshore Roofing Inc
My wife had the most interaction with Westshore and really liked the rep who gave us the estimate. The roof itself looks good and seems to have been done well. Here are the issues we had. There was very little contact/notice about when work would start or finish. We were given a window and then a crew just showed up and started working. Daily cleanup was half-hearted. Tools and materials were left around the yard. Once the removal crew was done they left a rake, ladder, and tarp behind. We contacted Westshore about it and they said it wasn't their problem since they apparently subcontract the removal. We still have the items. A competing company came back with a slightly lower bid but we went with Westshore because the rep seemed like a good guy. The other company also offered to take $1000 off if we let them put a sign in the yard [we live on a somewhat busy street]. Westshore put up a sign without asking and didn't offer us anything.  One of the workers put a hole in the roof over the garage. They didn't report it or fix it. I had to point it out to them after which they simply nailed a piece of wood over the hole. Clean up after work was done was terrible. I've picked up dozens of nails around the yard and in the garage.
- Noelle G....
AAMK Roofing Services
I called AMK Roofing to get an estimate as I did with few other companies. Jose was on time and gave an impression of genuine workman rather than salesman type. We decided to go with AMK roofing. On the first day of work, we had clouds and very light shower sometime in the afternoon. The guys worked non stop that day (almost 11 hours) to make sure that there is no open spot left before they leave. That was impressive and was done without asking for it. It took 3 more days after that to complete the gutters, shingles etc. They cleaned the place (mine and the neighbor's) before they would leave for the day. Real test of the new roof will be in the rainy season but from what we experienced in terms of expertise of the team, I don't think we will have any issues. Highly Recommended!
- Peeyush T....
DBay 101 Roofing
My experience with Bay 101 Roofing was frustrating. I went with Bay 101 over a more local company (charging thousands less) because I thought I was getting quality service and because Dave, one of their sales guys, told me they were good employers, offering their roofers workers compensation and other benefits (rather than picking up short-term laborers). The roofing and gutter jobs were fine, but there were headaches one never expects when paying tens of thousands of dollars for a job: 1) There was no Honey Bucket which means the area of my house behind the chimney was wet and smelled of urine; 2) Tar from the tear-off fused onto our brand-new garage door (Dave sent a worker over to work on getting it off after I called); 3) I still find it unbelievable that despite promises, no one from the company showed up for the city inspection! (This really blew my mind. As a result, they left a 16 ft. extension ladder and never came back to get it.); 4) Six months later I discovered that our attic was a disaster from the tear-off, but no one mentioned anything to me about this possibility and they didn't make any move on their part to prevent it. (I bring this up because I just had an AT&T installer up there and he commented about the mess); 5) The worst part was trying to get my manufacturer's warranty for the shingle product. Five months after the install I received an email from Dave promising me that they were going to have the warranty sent soon, but 2 of their computers had "melted down" from viruses. I forgot about it and when I remembered 2 years later, I contacted Lorena. What I thought would be a friendly, "Oh, let's help get that for you since we've completely dropped the ball for 2 years" response was in reality Lorena lying to me -- telling me that I had no shingle warranty. I'm not sure what was in it for her to lie to me other than to cover-up their failing and not have me follow-up on it. My interaction with her wasn't angry because I was too dumbfounded at her response. In the end, I had to forward Dave the email he'd sent me about the viruses/warranty to prove my point and get them to act. And when I finally did get the shingle warranty, I discovered that since they'd failed to register in a timely manner, the best they could do was register it... for a date TWO YEARS after they'd done the roof. When I contacted Dave to see if he could set it straight, they had the manufacturer's rep. call me to say, "don't worry, man." One thing I do know: if my 40 year shingles fall apart in 20, the manufacturer is going to look for an excuse to not honor the warranty. And, thanks to Bay 101's debacle, they'll have one. Pros: Dave Imhof is a nice guy. He quoted the job factoring in things we specifically knew his workers would find during the tear-off (rotten rafter tails and fascia), rather than surprise me with a larger bill after they were done. Cons: Follow-through! How can anyone brag about being Diamond Certified and charging more when they can't deliver what I've paid for. Facts are facts: when I paid the bill, I paid for the work, shingles, gutters, warranty. The follow-through required to deliver all of it is not optional! Staring at a very confused city inspector asking me what he should do about the sign-off and ladder placement (what luck that I work from home and was here when he showed up) is not a pleasant experience. Also, I mentioned to Dave that we wanted a couple of Sun Tunnels installed before the new roof was on. Dave referred me to G.T. Builders (not on Angie's List, and now I know why). My experience with him was horrible. I felt very fortunate that when he left the only damage I was left to fix was an unpainted patch in my ceiling where he sawed into an area he hadn't checked out (that would not fit the sun tunnel) and a giant oil slick in the middle of my driveway from his broken truck. All in all a bad experience. If you do go with them don't pay the balance until you are 100% satisfied or -- from my experience -- they are not likely to follow-through.
- Doug H....
ATip Top Roofing
Work was completed on time with no hiccups and I'm VERY pleased with the results. Tip Top Roofing didn't come with the nice booklet or a store front, but in exchange, the price was very competitive. Nijaz, the business owner answered my emails and phone calls patiently. He is honest and explained to me when there were any new discoveries or recommendations he had during the construction process. He was never pushy and explained why people may prefer to get it done or not get it done. No surprise costs. There were some things Tip Top Roofing needed to spend extra money on to fix, but they spent it out of their own pocket. If it was significant, they asked me for permission and prices were very fair. Thank you! - Estimate Process - Straight forward. It's a relatively smaller operation so Nijaz arrived, asked some basic questions and went up on the roof. A week later, I had an estimate in my email. Many other contractors tried hard to sell their business image. - Contract Signed - Other contractors were pushing me to a year later. I told Nijaz that I needed to have it done during a certain period and he was busy but worked his schedule around for me. I really really appreciate this. - Construction - This went SMOOTHLY. Exactly as per contract. Showed up exactly 30 mins before stated time. Nijaz always came around at the beginning of the day, helped out where needed and the end of the day to monitor the progress and to update me on everything. I feel they have done everything they could to make it pleasant for the homeowner. They always cleaned up everything before they left at 5pm. - After Construction - Nijaz cleaned around the house with a magnet to pickup any nails that may have fallen. Gave tips on how I should paint the trim pieces. City came to inspect and everything passed with no issues!
- Kenjiro Y....
ARoyal Sinaloa
We needed about 1000 sq. ft. of our roof redone, removing ceramic tiles and replacing with composition shingles so we could install solar panels for electric. We got three bids. Two were close and one was substantially less. That was Trevor and Sinaloa Roofing. He and his crew did a great job. They ran into unexpected problems because we had a lot of broken tiles on the part of the roof that was to remain as is. They replaced those with tiles they were removing and barely charged us for a lot of extra work. Trevor is honest, straightforward, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. The job was on time and his crew cleaned up after themselves. He saved us thousands of dollars. Highest recommendation!
- Jeffrey S....
***** did a great job on replacing my roof, from the initial inspection, to choosing the tile, to final installation. Very prompt and kept commitments, arrived after I left for work and left before I got home - site was cleaned up each day. Pulled all permits and made suggestions for air vent placements to provide best look while maintaining functionality. Price was very competitive with other quotes. He also had a porta potty on site so workers did not need to enter the home. No surprises, and accommodated any changes I requested prior to completion. I would definitely use ***** roofing again.
- David A....
AApache Roofing Co.
Everything was written down clearly and performed as specified, to my complete satisfaction. Mel had to work with another contractor (whom I had hired to do some other work), and made sure I understood what was being done and by whom.
- Lida K....
APrecision Roofing Co
My neighbors alerted me that a few asphalt shingles had come off of my roof.  Precision roofing came over, inspected my roof, and recommended some repairs as well to a vulnerable portion of my rear roof deck.  The work was done quickly, and I'm pleased with the result.
- Kent D....
ATri-City Roofing
Its a very beautiful roof. They were terrific. It is really good quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Barbara B....