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Business Description: Family owned business. 4th generation run. Additional DBA - Mc Brides Plumbing. Additional contact name - Michele McBride. Additional DBA - McBride's Plumbing & Sheet Metal Inc.
Business Description: 33 years experience, Licensed General Contractor #848887
Recent Review: They did a good job. He communicates well. He replied promptly. He took care of the issues without me having to be there. He was very friendly and professional.

Reviews in Pismo Beach for Installing Plumbing Fixtures

FMcBride's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
To say that we should've investigated the plumber assigned was an understatement. The guy was late to a job, his paperwork looked like it was written by a doctor; lot's of chicken scratch! The plumber had us sign up for a quarterly inspection of our plumbing fixtures to see if they needed any more work performed. It was a service the company never performed, another problem with the plumber was he reeked of cannibus, so much so that he had a glazed look the entire time he was working for us. He did the work, but we feel we were overcharged. He should've told us we needed a new water heater, that was only told to us by another contractor hired two months later. Another thing, when the plumber left, we found several of our wrenches and other hand tools missing! Don't plumbers have they're own tools? After our experience, we feel confident in not recommending these plumbers to anyone!
- Anthony P....
APaul D. Emrick - Total Home Maintenance/Handyman
Called and left a message on Friday after noon. Paul returned the call Saturday morning AND came to complete our job. We needed the sand cleaned out of our gutters and it appeared to be an easy job for him. He arrived on time, was courteous, professional and ready to work. No wasting time, no need to leave the job to obtain tools or materials, he was up onto the roof on his hands and knees scooping out the debris finishing in less time than we would have guessed. We will definitely be using him again.
- Darrell K....