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Recent Review: It went very well. We are very happy. We loved the worker and they did a really good job.
Recent Review: Sandoval accepted the necessay repairs to correct a previous fence installation which was falling down and leaning into my side yard, He performed extremely well by replacing four posts and with no damage to the existing fence He was able to keep expenses down since my side of the fence was already painted. I wish I had known about him when my side yard fence was installed 4 years ago, because I would have hired him for the entire side yard fencing. I highly recommend his work. He was punctual and completed the work in a short time and his work was excellent. He also cleaned up the area where he worked and left it as it was when he first came here.
Business Description: Center State Fence & Iron offers a wide variety of services when it comes to boosting your curb appeal, and adding security to your property. From wood fencing to chainlink we cover all types of fences and gates at competitive rates. All estimates are free of charge, and come with no obligation. We look forward to working with you.
Recent Review: Victor , the owner, and Rocco arrived shortly after 9a.m. on August 26 to begin the fence installation.  They removed the old fence and will dispose of it.  They laid the ground work for the new fence and began installation.  Rocco was wonderful and worked hard all day, even through some light rain.  My dogs can now run free without worry of them finding a place to dig under the fence.  This type of fencing has opened up my property.  It is nearly invisible from a distance and has been a great improvement to my back yard.  I am extremely pleased with the fencing, the price, and the workmanship.  They also affixed some wiring to the bottom of the stockade fence that is remaining on the right side of my property.  If you have pets and want a great fence from a wonderful company, call Victor.  You will not be disappointed.
Recent Review: They just finished the work this morning. They were professional, on time, and returned phone calls. They listened to my questions and concerns. Their number was given to me by a major iron gate manufacturer who couldn't sell to me directly. They delivered an absolutely top-notch product that was competitively priced. They were actually anywhere from $300-$800 lower than other ornamental fencing companies here in Central Valley. They are awesome. We are going to use them to redo our front double iron gates. Tony has also teamed with a very professionally done binder with pictures of other work that he has done for his clients. He keeps it up-to-date every 14, 15, or 16 months. They are beautiful.
Recent Review: It's not Rome, but it was built in a day. Sam called the day before the job was to be done, and called again the next day to tell me the workmen were on their way. The 3-man crew started immediately on arrival, timed their work to fit needs of next-door neighbor, and finished by 4 pm. They cleaned up everything and hauled away the trash. We truly believe we got a bargain in terms of the price, the quality of the work and the professionalism of the workers.
Recent Review: I hired Titan fence to install a vinyl fence in our yard. My city has strict codes on which fences are placed where, and there were utility lines near where the fence was going. Who knew putting in a fence was so complicated? However, Titan arranged for inspections, called for utilities to come and mark utility lines etc. While I didn't have to deal with any of these hassles, the workmen from titan made sure to provide copies of paperwork and knock on the door to let me know when inspectors would be out. The thing that impressed me the most was that Titan provided an initial quote, but at the time that they made the quote the didn't note the location of my sprinklers. They rerouted my sprinkler system for free so that they wouldn't be in the way of the new fence. When I thanked the workman, he said simply that they'd given a quote and a quote was a quote even if they messed up and didn't see the sprinklers. Now four years later, the fence is still in excellent shape!
Recent Review: Work completed on time. Excellent work. Easy to reach.
Recent Review: One next door neighbor prefer another fence company.
Recent Review: Joel was on time and so was his crew.  He was always quick to reply or return calls.  His crew was here when they were suppose to be and the fence looks great.  He came and checked up on his guys both days they were here working on the fence and made sure I was satisfied with the fence.   Overall great job and good company to work with.  Everyone that has seen our fence so far has loved it.  The two neighbors we share the back fence with were satisfied as well.

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AMike Hallett Fencing
Mike was the second contractor that I contacted. He was the first one that actually answered the phone or rather his wife did. She took my contact info and said Mike would contact me before the end of the day which he did.  Mike called later that afternoon to set up an appointment for an estimate. The day of the estimate Mike called and asked if he could arrive about 30 minutes. Great! Mike wrote up prices with two options which depended on the board width. I was pleasantly surprised at the low price. After checking with my neighbor, I scheduled the construction two weeks out. Initially I was told he would arrive early, but he called to say they were finishing up a job and would be about three hours late. I was a bit concerned that they wouldn't finish that day. Boy was I wrong! Mike's crew of four knocked out a very professional job in only three hours! He mentioned that they normally do about 200 feet of fences in a day. I would absolutely call Mike first if I need fencing work done in the future. A+!
- Gary J....
AGBW Fence
The redwood fence in our backyard was 20 years old and in need of repair. Over the years, I had to prop up several fence posts with wood braces. One section of fence that was leaning into the neighbor's yard had to be reinforced with rope tied to a large tree. I found GBW Fence on Angie's List. I called and talked with Donald. He came to my house the next day to provide an estimate. Donald is very friendly and professional. As other reviewers have noted, he first sits down with you to present his credentials, including his bond, licenses, and pictures of previous jobs. Then we walked along the entire fence and discussed the problems and recommended solutions. Donald gave me an estimated cost for the work, and the approximate week in which he thought the work could be started. To reserve that spot on his schedule, I wrote a check for 10% of the estimated amount. The week before the estimated start date, I called Donald to confirm. The actual work started on Tuesday of the scheduled week. The first step was to replace the 7 fence posts that were decayed. The process involved digging down to expose the base of the post, then using a small electric jack-hammer to break up and remove the old concrete, then sawing around the old post to separate it from the surrounding fence. This procedure left only a very narrow gap in the fence, which was important to me because I did not want to impose on my three neighbors (and their dogs) any more than necessary. After removing the old fence post, the hole was prepared and the new post was placed in position and wet set in concrete. I was very impressed with this whole process, and with the amount of effort required to extract the old fence posts. And it was especially satisfying to see the fence straighten up when it was attached to the new posts. The same procedure was used for the two sections of fence that were rebuilt, except that the old fence and gates in these sections were completely removed and replaced. The new fencing was built in the same style as the existing fence. The new gates were a big improvement over the old gates, which were too heavy and had inadequate hardware. The new gates are lighter and easier to open and close. The latch and hinges on the new gates are sturdy and they look great. I also elected to have the entire fence washed and stained. The cleaning process removed most of the dirt and mold. Then the stain was applied and it really brought out the natural grain of the redwood. It looks like a new fence. Donald also replaced a section of wood railing, on the front porch, which had been damaged from wood rot because of a nearby sprinkler. This required cutting and shaping all new balusters and trim pieces for this section to match the existing balusters and trim pieces. The new section looks great and, after painting, is indistinguishable from the surrounding railing. The job took about 5 work days to complete. Donald's entire crew was friendly, professional, and hard working. They left a clean work area at the end of each day, sweeping the walkways and storing their equipment and materials in a safe place. At the end of the job they removed all of the old fencing and concrete. Donald showed a real commitment to quality and customer service. I would definitely recommend GBW Fence.
- David S....
ATommy's Wood Fencing
I set up an appointment, he was very prompt, and he gave me an estimate.  He actually told me that he couldn’t come back to do the work until later, but that was fine with me.  In the mean time I had a problem with a door jamb but he was great and came back twice to secure the issues until he could come do the full job.  He was upfront and positive.  I have put the project on hold, so we will finish it the job later.  He was right on time each time and he was just excellent.
- Linda S....
BThe Home Depot - Wendover
I did not work through a particular Home Depot Store but through the internet. The estimator arrived when he said he would. He was very professional and gave me a written estimate on this first visit. There was no pressure. I was reviewing other estimates for the same work and told the estimator that I wanted all bids before I made a decision. The other bids were considerably lower. After discussion 'we' decided to go with a large company rather than a local builder as follow up with problems might be easier. Payment was made as I signed the contract, however, the check was not cashed until I had signed off on the project. Paying up front, except for material, does leave me a little uncomfortable. Because of my schedule we had to delay the start of the project from June to August. The scheduler at the sub-contractor, Borg Fence and Decks of Sacramento, was easy to work with. On the day of construction three men arrived with all necessary material. I had done my part, that is, removed all of the plantings on or near the fence line. Had I not done this, the cost would have been more. The men quickly removed the old fence and installed the new metal posts in concrete. The work took most of the day but the fence was complete by the end of the day. The fence is as sturdy as the estimator predicted it would be. It will probably be easier to repair in the future. All fencing that was removed was hauled away by the builders. The area around the fence was clean. Would I pay this much for the same fence again? Probably not. The local builder, that I liked the most, probably would have done an exceptional job as he had completed fences for neighbors.
- Cynthia A....
AGBW Fence
Our backyard fence was unstable in places. We needed it stabilized and also wanted some privacy since our fence is only five feet high. They came in and did just that! They first replaced the rotted posts with pressure treated posts stabilizing the fence. Then they started work on adding the lattice to the top of the fence. We were pleased to see the difference in the appearance of the fence after seeing the first section up. As they worked on to the other sections it was looking better and better.By the time they finished, we had a new fence! If you could only see this fence. It is beautiful! Just the fence we wanted for the last 8 years. Not only is it beautiful, we have the privacy we wanted. WE LOVE IT! We will be using this company for all our fencing needs in the future. If you need fencing work done, GBW Fence is your company!!!!
- Al C....
ABabylon Builders - Home & Landscape Contractor
After the nice design work BGL did for us about two years ago, it was time to do our fence.  So, I called Ron and had a nice wood fence and gate put in.  They had to tear out the old one this one looks great with a horizontal style.  Thank you Ron again.
- Sydney S....
ADaniel Snedegar Handyman Unlimited
Daniel was very professional and did a great job on our fence. Over all we were satisfied and got a nice fence within our budget. Would defiantly recommend him to friends and family.
- Daniel C....
AMagnolias Locksmith
Troy was excellent. He was punctual and very courteous. Explained what the work involved etc, so that I could bring the material that was needed for the fence, while he removed the rotting fence.
- Radhakrishna A....
One day to tear down and set new posts. And another day to put it up. They replaced 60+ feet of fence, and even reinforced a side fence for no additional coast.
- James T....
ACalifornia Crews
Joel was on time and so was his crew.  He was always quick to reply or return calls.  His crew was here when they were suppose to be and the fence looks great.  He came and checked up on his guys both days they were here working on the fence and made sure I was satisfied with the fence.   Overall great job and good company to work with.  Everyone that has seen our fence so far has loved it.  The two neighbors we share the back fence with were satisfied as well.
- Robert B....