Parlier Exterior Trim Repair

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Business Description: We are a licensed and insured small construction business that pride ourselves in customer service. We have been serving the Madera/Fresno area since 1958 mostly in the drywall, paint and wallcovering trades. Over the past 8-10 years our customers have been asking for a reliable company to do smaller projects around the home, store or office. That is why we have added the handyman/repair service to our repertoire.
Business Description: General Contractor performing all aspects of home and commercial repair, maintenance, and remodeling and Tennant Improvements.

Reviews in Parlier to Repair Exterior Trim

DDecker Construction
Electrical work was fine but the woodwork was bad. We asked for help with fixing trim around the oven and around some drawers. He over promised on how much help he could provide with fixing the oven trim, and one patch piece he provided was the wrong type of woof so the stain wouldn't match. The other cabinet trim had unfilled nail holes when he left. He came back and filled them but left the nail holes unstained. Two pieces of wood trim he added around drawers faded within 2 months. Nice enough father and son team, fine on the electrical, but I would not recommend them for any cabinetry work.
- Eric J....