Pacific Valley Fuel Tank Removal

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OCG Plumbing, Inc
Business Description: OCG Plumbing is a locally owned “GREEN” plumbing Company.We take extreme pride in our work, respectable team of employees, competitive pricing and quality workmanship.We have been doing business for over 20 years for the greater Monterey Bay peninsula. Our goal is customer satisfaction! We are geared towards providing sustainable products for a better future. We are Licenced (CA.812063)and Insured. We are a traditional plumbing business and charge the old fashion method of time and material for service calls. Many other plumbing companies have change to "Flat Rate" pricing. We feel the traditional method is a more honest and fair way to charge customers. We offer a "Angie's List" discount when you call us for service. WE ARE YOUR SUSTAINABLE PLUMBER FOR LIFE!

Reviews in Pacific Valley to Remove Fuel Tank

FSteve Cepin Handyman
Steve came to my house after a phone conversation in which I explained that I had a few small projects which needed attention. I wanted a motion sensor light switch installed, and 2 toilets which needed to have new tank parts.  I also had an outdoor light fixture which needed to be reconnected. He gave me a bid on the job, which I accepted. After inspecting the toilets, he moved on to the light switch. He took the old one out and installed the motion sensor, but (after an hour or more) could not get it to function. He said he would pick up another switch, and the parts for the toilet, and return the next morning. I never saw or heard from him again. Very unprofessional. I had another handyman come out a week later to do the job. It seems that Steve had the wires hooked up backwards. My switch now works perfectly.
- Wendy G....