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Harbert Roofing Inc
Business Description: Harbert Roofing just celebrated 38 years of serving all of Northern California, Oregon, and Nevada. We stay busy all year long, employing over 60 employees during peak times of the year, and about 30 permanent employees year round. We believe in contributing to the community by providing time and material for projects such as the Veterans Cemetery Chapel, roof replacement for burnt down homes, and renovation of the Redding Train Station- to name a few. We have also contributed to organizations such as the Golden Umbrella, Redding Dragstrip, Kool April Nights, Shasta Builders Exchange job fair, etc. Harbert Roofing is a "FULL SERVICE" roofing company. All too often, we get called to perform repairs other professionals did not have any luck at fixing OR installing properly. The roofer is always the first person to blame when there is a stain or water dripping from the ceiling. Countless times it's usually something other then roof, especially if Harbert Roofing has installed the roofing system. Typical causes for leaks can range from HVAC units, internal drain plumbing come apart, lack of proper venting, etc. One thing to keep in mind when dealing with Harbert Roofing is the fact you're dealing with professionals who will be here for another 30 plus years. Furthermore, you are dealing with a company that cares about you, the customer. When you contact us, you can rest assured the information you receive will be honest and straightforward.