Nipton Exterior Trim Repair

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Business Description: With over 32 years of experience, our background includes all phases of construction from Commercial, Residential, Multi-family and Restaurants.
Business Description: Home Repair & Maintenance services in Pollock Pines. I charge a $50.00 Hourly rate. Decks & exterior repair specialist.

Reviews in Nipton to Repair Exterior Trim

FTrimWorks Construction Inc
My conversation with David Williams began after he completed some handyman work in our home. The discussion began with the instillation of rain gutters, to painting the trim, only to decide to have the house painted first and the rain gutters to be installed after that. Much to my disappointment, I agreed to have the house painted based on an estimate that was presented to me by David Williams. The estimate read $2400 for painting the exterior house and trim, including prep work. I believed this to be a reasonable expense based on a discussion with David about a new exterior paint that is better for the climate here in the Antelope Valley, he mentioned that it contained some type of epoxy. The amount was more than I wanted to pay but as a homeowner we wanted the best for our home. As it turned out the paint used was Dunn Edwards. Clearly we were miss led, and were taking David at his word. Right before the job was to begin, David stated that he misspoke about the type of paint; however no reduction in price was ever mentioned. We were not completely happy with the situation and decided to move forward away, based on the information I obtained via the internet. With 2/3rds of the job completed the painter, whom David had subcontracted the job to, ran out of paint. Later that day David contacted us via telephone to inform us that the price of the job will have to be increased by $400.00. This was due to the addition 10 gallons of paint needed to complete the job. David explained that the stucco absorbed more paint than he thought, and besides he said he wasn?t charging us for labor. Needles to say we found this very distasteful and upsetting. However I had agreed to a price based on an Estimate, an open ended estimate, with no detail dollar amounts indicated or listed. I should have listened to my inner voice and take the time to get more estimates. And then only agree when I had a written binding contract in front of me. Based on an estimate believing I was getting better quality paint, I handed David a deposit check in the amount of $1000.00, with the final expense total of $2800, all based on an estimate. I would like to include that the painter David subcontracted the job to do, was excellent. As was his workman ship, professionalism, promptness, attention to detail and addressing what ever questions we had, all excellent. The experience was not unfortunately and due to the increased cost, I still don?t have rain gutters. Our home is a single story 3 bed room house consisting of a stucco exterior. All I can say is that at 57 years old I?m still learning a lesson. I highly advise anyone who is even thinking about having any kind of work done by David Williams, do you homework first and get all the details in writing.
- Kathryn A....
FStrickland Home Repairs
He told me to call him back on Monday because he was busy so when I called him back, he did not answer. I called again and he still has never responded. It seems that since the job I needed done is not a big job he does not have interest in completing the repairs. River City Restoration in Sacramento who are also very busy managed to gladly take care of my repairs. That led to them taking care of my kitchen and bathroom repairs as well.
- Terry S....