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Recent Review: All went as well as could be expected, except I thought the charges for the termite treatment, excluding the fumigation, were very high. Also, we live in a two family house and only did this work because the 2nd family living on the other side of the house was selling their half. We would have preferred hiring a company that did not use fumigation for termite treatment, but, in the end, were not able to control this decision.
Recent Review: Very well. Very nice people and the job was completed as stated and on time.
Business Description: We are a family owned and operated business with over 16+ years of experience. We are knowledgeable and recognize potential problems many times before they occur. We have the best rodent inspectors in the industry to find problems other companies missed. Our Exclusion Team is great at doing what it takes to get the job done. Our Pest Control Technicians are the eyes on your property - reporting to you as well as the office any potential problems you may be having. We Don't just catch rodents 'We Lock Them Out!' We have over 170 Reviews on many sites to verify the quality of service we provide. Please give our office a call today!
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Impressive inspection & service
Recent Review: They do pest control for us and also do our termite inspections.
Recent Review: As painless as could be. Prompt and on schedule.
Recent Review: My house had termites and when I discovered them I freaked out. I didn?t know what to do so I done my research on Angie?s List. Out of all the companies in my area I chose Clark Pest Control because they had the best reputation and best reviews. I didn?t regret choosing these guys. I was impressed with the professional manner of everyone I worked with. They inspector was professional and courteous. And to my surprise the actual workers who applied the poison were professional and courteous too. Everyone educated me about termites and the product they used to kill them. I felt I was in good hands. My house was built on a concrete slab so they drilled holes in the slab and made a trench to apply the poison. They used a product called Termidor. This poison infects the termites and they take it to their nest to kill the entire colony. They poured and pumped the poison all around my house. They guarantee no termites for one year. The manufacturer says their poison will last for five years or more. For all you green folks out there who are considering the ?Orange? treatment I say don't!!! That treatment only kills the termites but doesn't prevent them from comming back. Don't get fooled by today's fad. Do your research before you make a decision.
Business Description: Wood destroying pest and organisms inspections (aka: Termite Inspections) for private and real estate transactions, repairs and treatments. Free Termite inspections for non real estate transactions. (Ask for details)
Recent Review: With a very wet winter we were overrun by Japanese beetles. Clark came out when they said they would, and offered plant based solutions to our problem. The treatment worked, and we signed a contract for monthly visits. We are also in the middle of having new flooring installed. In the demo process, there were signs of possible termite activity. Although Clark's termite inspectors were booked for two weeks, they called back within ten minutes. There had an inspection cancellation and they sent someone out within the hour. We are very happy with their cutomer service.
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Award 2018Super Service Award
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Recent Review: They were very professional. They clearly gave details of services to be performed. They were punctual.

Reviews in Newark to Treat Termites

APacific Coast Termite Inc
The initial investigator was as sharp as they come. He took the time to listen to me, explain his product (and most importantly how topical termite treatment differs from fumigation). When he understood that I was a serious, motivated buyer, he took the time to examine the house interior, exterior, crawl beneath the house and crawl though the attic - on a very hot day. He was honest, as far as I could tell, in explaining that there was only one relatively small area with termites and that it could be easily treated. Best of all, using a local treatment meant that I didn't have to vacate my house for four days which is required for fumigation. The technicians that actually applied the chemicals were punctual, professional, understood their product and process, and  thoughtfully and accurately answered all of my questions. They were honest about not having a hose long enough to reach part of the attic area, and returned a few days later to properly complete the job. They could have blown off that last part of the attic and I would not have known, but instead were honest and straightforward about what was going on. Now, two months later, there have been no further signs of termites and I'm a happy camper.
- Forrest S....
AMightyMite Termite Services
Inspector arrived on time, walked around, seemed like he wasn't doing much but found other areas besides the area we knew had termites and he showed me how to check for signs. He wrote up options for treatment and preventative treatments and other options...we choose what we wanted, no hard sell. They scheduled time to treat, again arrived on time, treated locally instead of tenting. It has been a year and no new signs of termites.
- Carol L....
AProven Termite Solutions
They were very professional. They clearly gave details of services to be performed. They were punctual.
- Madhusudan C....
APlanet Orange
They arrived when they should, they were professional and courteous. They explained everything they were going to do before they did it. Because I had everything cleared before they began they were able to finish ahead of schedule. Great job!
- Al C....
It went very well.  I got a quote from another provider who wanted to do a full fumigation for over $2000.00. I appreciated this companies honesty in telling me that I only needed a local treatment at a fraction of the cost.
- Nancy L....
ABay Area Termite Co
Very well. The agent explained why termite spot treatment is better than fumigation and the specific steps and chemicals they would use and the warranty behind it and proceeded to do the work precisely as explained.
- Marilyn R....
BRick Ricker Termite & Pest Control Inc
House was a rental, I wasn't there to judge their work. I am still using them annually to do preventive termite treatment.
- Tony N....
ACoastside Termite Control & Repair
Excellent.  Peter and Steve with Coastside Termite are excellent !  I have known and used Coastside Termite exclusively for several years.  If you want to have an honest and quality inspection of your home, this company is the best.  They find areas of concern that others do not.  For example, Coastside Termite found fungus damage behind my hallway bathroom, something others missed.  They also inspected areas that others would not do.  Including pulling back insulation to check around areas that would typically be vulnerable to water damage, like outside doors.  They do the work professionally and with the utmost ethics.  If you want to really know the status of your home with respect to termite / beetles / dry rot / etc., Coastside Termite will tell you and you can trust them.  Peter does the inspections, and he is always objective in his findings.  Coastside Termite also does very high quality construction.  I have not used them yet for that, but their reputation precedes them.  I am a picky consumer, and really want to make sure whatever work is done is done right.  I have confidence in Peter and Steve that this is their practice.  Their pricing is fair and competitive.   I would recommend Coastside Termite to anyone.  If you want honesty and quality, this is the company for you.
- Lisa K....
FMightyMite Termite Services
COMPLAINT SUMMARY AND WARNING: While performing a termite treatment at our home, an employee of MightyMite Termite Services apparently stole my wife’s platinum wedding ring and a pair of Mikimoto pearl ear studs from our bathroom while he was using the facility. These valuables were in a small, foldable basket in the top drawer of the bathroom cabinet before he used the toilet, but my wife discovered that the basket and the valuables were missing when she checked about thirty minutes after he used the toilet. We can only conclude that the employee stole them. The owner of MightyMite Termite Services has refused to admit that his employee stole these valuables and has refused to compensate us for the loss. WARNING: Do not engage this firm! Their employees may steal from you, and the owner will not take responsibility. See details below. DETAILS: Two employees of MightyMite Termite Services arrived at our home around 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, for a scheduled termite treatment. Some time after arrival, one of the employees asked to use the toilet. My wife showed him the way to the toilet, entering ahead of him to tidy up the room and to retrieve some valuables from a small, foldable basket in the top drawer of the bathroom cabinet. The valuables in the top drawer were a costly wrist watch, a pair of Mikimoto pearl ear studs, and my wife’s wedding ring. My wife retrieved the watch but left the pearl ear studs and her wedding ring in the basket in the top drawer of the bathroom cabinet. The worker was behind my wife and saw her remove her watch and saw that the ear studs and the wedding ring remained in the drawer. The worker took a lot of time to use the toilet. While he was using it, we could hear the fan operating in the toilet. He may have turned on the fan by mistake, but in any event the sound of the fan could have masked his opening drawers in the cabinet in search of valuables. The toilet is located above the level of the kitchen in our split-level house, and my wife, who was in the kitchen, could hear the worker walking around in the area of the drawers in the toilet. About thirty minutes after the worker had finished using the toilet, my wife checked the top drawer in the toilet. She found the ear studs and her wedding ring missing, as well as the basket that contained them. We asked the worker about the valuables. He denied taking them and offered to be searched by us. We declined to search him. Our next step was to contact the San Mateo County Sheriff’s office. That office dispatched a deputy, who searched the employee but found nothing. The fact that the search of the employee found nothing does not exculpate the employee. Part of the termite treatment involved trenching around the foundation of our house to apply chemicals and then closing the trench. The employee could have buried the valuables in the trench. Or he could have thrown them into the high grass in our yard. After the deputy left, the workers from MightyMite Termite Services departed, without finishing the termite treatment. We also called the office of MightyMite Termite Services, asking to talk with the owner. We could only talk with two of his subordinates. We could hear a man’s voice in the background, giving directions to the subordinates as they talked with us. We presume that this voice belonged to the owner. This individual did not make himself available to talk with us. As we reflect on these events, we can find only one explanation for the disappearance of my wife’s wedding ring and the pearl ear studs: the worker stole them. They were in the drawer before the worker used the toilet, but my wife found them missing about thirty minutes after the employee used the toilet. No other person used the toilet during that time. Despite the serious nature of what happened when the crew of MightyMite Termite Services visited our home on May 1, we heard nothing from the firm on Wednesday or Thursday, May 2 and 3. Finally, we called MightyMite on Friday, May 4, and talked with Samuel Becker, President and CEO. We explained what happened and asked Mr. Becker what he proposed to do to make us whole. We estimated the value of the stolen goods at $2,000 and asked Mr. Becker to reimburse us in that amount. He was reluctant to do so, maintaining that reimbursement would be admitting the guilt of his employee, whom he has known for three years and whom he trusts. Mr. Becker also mentioned that customers sometimes try to get money from contractors by alleging theft. We replied that we are not seeking the money for financial reasons, but rather on principle. We reiterated that we cannot conceive of any other explanation for the disappearance of the valuables other than theft by the employee. Mr. Becker said that he would talk with the employee again and would look at the police report that we filed. He promised to call us again on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. The discussion on May 9 was similar to the one on May 4, with Mr. Becker expressing unwillingness to make us whole. He promised to look into how the Diamond Certification of his business might help in making us whole, and he promised to call us on Thursday, May 10. In the May 10 call he maintained that the Diamond Certification would provide no relief in this case. After this unsatisfactory call, we resolved to file complaints against Mighty Mite with American Ratings Corporation, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, etc. Mr. Becker and Mighty Mite Termite Services have demonstrated no willingness to make the customer whole after the theft perpetrated by their employee. We reiterate our WARNING: Do not engage this firm! Their employees may steal from you, and the owner will not take responsibility.
- Phillip P....
AOrange Termite
Everything went well. They came out and did evaluation and determined what needed to be done and it's been fine ever since. Very good price. They gave me a 2 year guarantee and took care of the issue at no extra cost.
- Uwem O....