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Reviews in Midpines for Installing Shower Doors

FMarron Construction Services
He took my $600.00 + shower doors to get them cut and $300.00 for labor and never came back. that's been three weeks a go. I have called him, many time's with no response. stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Ray K....
JD and his staff have all done an excellent job.  Arrived on time and worked diligently until all tasks were accomplished.   Before this visit JD and his crew repaired some exterior stucco and painted the interior of my home.
- Joel H....
ABrews Roy construction inc
All of Lee Roy's handyman work was completed to our satisfaction and within the time promised. The exterior stucco work and terrace paint job were well done. Our home exterior looks practically brand new now. All of the other jobs were in the home and the work was outstanding.
- Douglas J....
FFunky Monkey Fix It Service
DO NOT HIRE! This person was a waste of time and money and I cannot caution others strongly enough to keep them out of your home. He was completely unprofessional with no time management skills, zero respect for other people’s time, and the quality of his work was terrible. If you haven’t already decided to hire someone else, please read on before you offer this person a job working on your home. When I decide to hire someone to do work on my home it’s generally not because I can’t do the work, it’s because generally speaking a pro can do the work faster and better than I can. This was not the case with this person on either count. First let’s let me explain what I hired him to do. I had a toilet leek in the bathroom off our home office and it damaged the subfloor. The tile shower was in pretty bad shape anyway so I decided that as long as I was going to have the floor torn up, I might as well redo the whole thing. This would require tearing out the tile shower, framing out the wall to accommodate a standard shower pan, moving a drain, repairing the subfloor, installing a new shower kit, installing peel-and-stick vinyl tiles, and replacing the toilet. According to him this would take 4-5 days which is reasonable. We happened to be having out kitchen remodeled at the same time and they were able to tear out our tile countertops, reface the cabinets, install new countertops and install a tile backsplash in the same amount of time in a room that was much larger. So, lets look at his time management first. He started work (several hours late) on January 18 and wasn’t even close to done when I informed him his services were no longer required on March 14 nearly two months later. He virtually never showed up even close to when he committed to. It was always I’ll be there at 9:00 am and then he’d show up no earlier than 2:00 but more often at 3:00 or 4:00 then he’d do an hour or two’s work and then leave. I’ll give you some highlights: 01/18/2020: Message from Funky Monkey: Sorry I can’t get there on time the motor mounts on my car are broken. I’ll be there at noon. He finally got there at 4:00. He was supposed to be there at 9:00 01/19/2020: Phone died, and he overslept didn’t get here until late in the afternoon. 01/20/2020: Motor mounts needed reinforcing, supposed to be here at 9:00 didn’t get here until after 2:00. I regret not firing him then. 01/25/2020: I gave up on trying to get him here by 9:00 so opted for noon. Couldn’t manage that either, didn’t get here until around 3:00. 01/26/2020: Supposed to be here at 9:00, spent most of the day using his car to tow someone else’s car across town to a mechanic. Didn’t get here until well after 3:00 This pattern goes on so at this point I’m just going to share his lame excuses. 02/08/2020: Never even showed up. 02/10/2020: Didn’t show up, had to fix his broken exhaust pipe. 02/16/2020: Didn’t show up due to car problems 02/17/2020: Supposed to show up in mom’s barrowed car at 9:00 showed up around 5:00 Rinse and repeat for a few more weeks . . . Was supposed to show up on 03/12/20 to make sure the bathroom had a working toilet for the crew that was working on my kitchen. He completely forgot and went to Pick-n-Pull instead of coming in to work. At least that’s what his text said. That’s also when I turned a critical eye to work he’d done so far. That’s when I realized how bad a mistake I had made. I can forgive slow work, but when you’re taking your time and still doing a sloppy job you’ve got to go. So, the drywall was some of the worst I’d ever witnessed. Without boring folks with a dissertation on proper drywall I’ll try to share a couple of things good drywall installers know to do. 1.) Use no more mud than you need, less is more. If you use too much, you’re creating extra work in the form of sanding latter. 2.) You should use paper tape on the seams for the inside corners, that’s what keeps them at that nice 90-degree angle, 3.) You use a metal corner bead on the outside corners, again to maintain the 90-degree edge. Yeah, he never got the good drywall memo. He used mesh tape on the inside corners which rounded them out, and on the one outside corner he didn’t bother with a corner bead and that corner tuned out really rounded. Stupid thing is I even bought him a corner bead at his request. It’s still on my carport. Finally, he used half a bag of mud on the seams, way too much. I had to cut the seams on the inside corners and redo the mud because you couldn’t sand all the mud out of the corners. I had to spend 2 hours sanding his sloppy outside corner to get it back to 90-deggrees instead of round. He installed the shower kit before he finished the drywall and then proceeded to imbed parts of it in drywall mud and there’s no practical way to fix that. It looked like the kind of work you’d expect to see from someone who showed up several hours late and rushed to try to get as much done as possible in a short amount of time. Yeah, because it was. He also managed to screw the floor up by cutting the hole for the toilet flange way too big. You see a toilet flange has to be anchored to the floor with screws. Now, you can use a repair kit in some instances however, the hole was too big for that too. He tried putting screws in at an angle, not what a pro would do. I had to cut a square out around the flange, cut some subfloor to fit, use a circle cutter to make the right size hole, bisect the square of subfloor and fit it in under the flange collar. What he did was sure to leek. He got really creative when he tried to level the floor and used concrete patch instead of floor leveling compound. Can you guess what concrete patch is for? Well it’s not for wooden subfloors that’s for sure. And can you guess what wont stick to concrete patch? The peel and stick tiles that I bought to use in the bathroom. I talked to guys at two different hardware stores and the only thing to be done is install sheet vinyl instead. Finally, his complete lack of professionalism. He wasn’t careful with materials at all, the shower walls have scratches because he didn’t bother to cover them while he did the drywall. Really shouldn’t have even put them in until he’d finished with the drywall any way. The shower pan has some gouges in it, and I think I mentioned that imbedded parts of the shower in drywall mud. Lastly, at one point during this whole fiasco the delivery of the shower kit was delayed, and he whined about how the delay was going to create a hardship since he couldn’t be paid until the job was done. So, I paid him for the demolition separately and I shouldn’t have. He wasn’t ready for that show kit when it got here even with the delay. He wasn’t ready for it for weeks after it got here. ****, he wasn’t ready for it even when he installed. To top it all off he had the audacity to charge me the full price for the job after I fired him even though the job wasn’t done. There was no floor in bathroom, shower doors hadn’t been installed, and there was still no toilet in there. Save your time and save your money and hire someone else. If anyone Angie’s list reads these reviews you might want to consider removing this guy before he does any more damage.
- Chris P....

Handyman Services in Midpines

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Business Description: We are an independent, family-owned and owner-operated local company with a single mission: to design and build the most visually amazing, functional and comfortable living spaces we possibly can for every budget. We put quality of work above everything else, and our company owner is always on-site with every job to make sure ALL our projects turn out exactly as our clients want and deserve. We will never cut corners on any job, because we want to be the first and only company our clients think of whenever they have a remodeling project in mind- and the only way to do that is by performing outstanding work at the right price. Please get in touch to talk about your next remodeling adventure with us!
Recent Review: JD and his staff have all done an excellent job.  Arrived on time and worked diligently until all tasks were accomplished.   Before this visit JD and his crew repaired some exterior stucco and painted the interior of my home.
Recent Review: All of Lee Roy's handyman work was completed to our satisfaction and within the time promised. The exterior stucco work and terrace paint job were well done. Our home exterior looks practically brand new now. All of the other jobs were in the home and the work was outstanding.
Business Description: Funky Monkey Fix It Service, if its broke we can fix it. Need that picture hung? Hard to reach light bulb changed? New flooring? Need a room painted? Custom project built? Trench dug? You name it we can do it. From underwater welding and construction to the highest tops of mountains we have you covered for your home renovation, maintenance and repair needs.