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Recent Review: i signed them up to protect the working part of my home ie: stove, fridge, washer dryer etc
Recent Review: Heard about Lifeshield from a web forum, emailed the sales rep as a referral and the referrer was able to get $150 while I got a free network camera.  The network camera's quality is average at best ... they've since changed the referral program so the new subscriber now gets $100 store credit. Anywho, after emailing the rep with questions and requirements, getting on the phone to do the credit check, I got a kit to try out delivered to me.  I installed the base unit and connected the telephone line and ethernet cable (to internet), associated the GSM unit for the backup cell service, and installed the door/window sensors and motion sensors.  After about a week, I noticed the GSM unit kept losing signal, I emailed tech support and told them about the issue, did some troubleshooting with them which didn't fix the issue, and a replacement GSM unit was send to me.  While that was happening, I noticed the broadband wasn't working ... turns out they had different starter kits: "Home Essentials Kit - Cell Ready" and a "Home Essentials Kit with Broadband" ... I was sent the wrong one.  They replaced that and everything has been fine since. A couple of notes: - I believe the sensor batteries are covered by Lifeshield for the length of the lease.  I had one die at the start of my contracted period, and they just sent a new battery after I emailed support.  The console will tell you which sensor has a dying battery. - I was without electricity for 5.5 days after Sandy hit.  The base and GSM units have backup batteries in them, so my system was still connected for 4 days.  I was on the phone with my friends checking my house 4 days after Sandy hit and I didn't know if the alarm was still working since I couldn't connect to it via the webpage nor app ... it was, about 30 seconds after they opened the basement door, the monitoring service called about the alarm!  So the base was able to keep functioning with the GSM unit!
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Kelli was SUPER helpful in explaining their process.  They have NO contract, just a monthly fee that you pay, like your car insurance bill.  You HOPE you never need to use it, but IF you do.....then it is sure nice to have that coverage.  Also, there is NOT a $75.00 service call fee every time you need to have a repair person visit your home.  Just the usual monthly fee, which is based upon your choice of available plans and options that you select when you sign up.  Basically, you only pay for what you need and you are not double, or triple billed for services from an UNknowledgeable or UNskilled service technician at a time you can least afford it.  Their service plans are clearly explained on their web site ((( ))), and they also CLEARLY explain their limits on replacements on their web site as well.  Keep in mind, they seem to be more REPAIR ORIENTED rather than for REPLACEMENTS and if your item is too old or unworthy of repair, they will pay only a small portion towards a replacement item.  The small amount they do pay towards the replacement if you need it, is listed on the web site.  This helps to keep their fees down as well ! ! !  Another nice feature is that they have a list of repair companies that they will give you, so you can call and schedule your own repair, once you have a Repair Authorization Number from CAP.  The repair companies they suggest are familiar with the CAP process, and will bill CAP directly for the work.  Now if you have a favorite service provider that you prefer to use, that is no problem.  If that provider is unfamiliar with billing CAP, you can pay the provider yourself and CAP reimburses you within 10 to 14 days from the time they receive your bill.  (((Just remember to get the Repair Authorization Number from CAP BEFORE having your work done.)))  Also nice, is if you have an older home, they don't seem to have all the exclusions we read about from the other companies.       We have a home in Henderson, Nevada that we plan to rent out this fall.  We want the tenants to have reliable and trustworthy service folks available to them if they need someone.  We have read the horror stories on Angie's List, for some of the other Home Warranty options out there and some of the service providers as well.  (((You know the ones......service provider is called and MAYBE shows up when expected, or maybe not.  MAYBE they fix the problem for the $75.00 service call fee, maybe not.  MAYBE the problem is fixed this week, next week, or maybe not at all.))) Also, even though our home is new, we want to limit our financial exposure for any HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Appliance problems.  We live out of state, but still want our tenants to get quality service when necessary.  For us anyway, the choice is clear.  Complete Appliance Repair.   Oh yeah, and Angie's List of course !! Jean & Wayne ~ Henderson, NV and Moundsview, MN      
Business Description: Patriot Security Inc offers homes and business customized security options. We have the experience and customer service that you deserve from your alarm company. Patriot Security can protect you with 24/7 police, fire, and medical monitoring using state of the art hardwired or wireless systems. Commercial grade HD camera systems installed and programed for your home or business. Give us a call anytime for your free evaluation and system quote.
Recent Review: Very easy to install. Only complaint I had to use additional adhesive after a few sensor magnets failed to stick properly.
Business Description: We are one of the largest stocking distributors of CCTV products and accessories in the United States. Our inventory includes both our own cost-effective and fully supportable house brand of CCTV products as well as all the industry top-sellers. What that means for you as a potential customer is that you can leverage the economies of scale we’ve created and take advantage of volume pricing on every order. Why choose USA SSC? Customer Leasing Program – Our turnkey Customer Leasing Program provides you the tools you need to sell a higher volume of security systems while providing your customer with the many advantages of leasing. Once your client has been approved, 50% of the project cost is available immediately, with the balance funded upon job completion My Account – As soon as you create your USA-SSC account, you’ll enjoy instant access to pricing, online product search with easy-to-use find and filter options, saved quotes, and one-click-checkout. View and track your orders in your account, save and label serial numbers by order and location, and initiate and manage online warranty/RMA submissions — all directly from our platform Project Pricing Specialist – Not sure what you need or require extra assistance? USA-SSC has a dedicated team to support our dealers and are available 7 days a week to assist you in any way. Industry Leading Product Warranties – Our warranties exceed industry standards on select USA-SSC manufactured products and all your warranty information can be tracked from the “My Account” portal. We want to be your preferred purchasing partner and aim to make your ordering process as simple as possible. My team and I look forward to serving your security needs.
Recent Review: I am very happy to have come across this company. Although the alarm hasn't gone off yet (let's hope it stays this way), I am confident in the fact my home is being protected.
Business Description: Medical Guardian was founded on the simple notion that it was possible to provide affordable, reliable home medical alert systems to seniors who wished to live an independent life at home. Thousands of seniors across the country now enjoy a restored sense of security with Medical Guardian, and their loved ones have the peace of mind knowing that help is always available at the push of an button. For Years, Medical Guardian has been a leading provider of personal emergency response systems, utilizing the latest technologies to provide the best possible home medical alert system for seniors, while remaining committed to providing all of our customers with personalized care and attention. Our services are frequently recommended by doctors, hospitals, home health care providers, social workers, and pharmacies nationwide. We are honored to have been recommended as a top home medical alert system in a comprehensive study by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Our services are also recommended by CVS Pharmacies, Reader’s Digest, U.S. News and World Report, and has been featured on NBC News. We offer service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our systems are offered nationwide, monitored by medically trained personnel, and never outsourced outside of the United States. Combined with the latest UL approved technology and an affordable monthly cost free from hidden fees or long term contracts, Medical Guardian is the smart choice for American seniors and their families. Our home medical alarm system will keep you or your loved one protected and provide peace-of-mind to the entire family!
Recent Review: I shopped around researching every alarm company I could find. I was looking for a great price and good customer service. I decided to go with Direct Protect . They did not have many reviews, but the reviews they did have were very good. The alarm company that monitors my system is Monitionics, which has been around for years. I first dealt with Chad  (sales rep) and I asked him a ton of questions since I have never had an alarm system before. He explained everything and he always got right back to me, either through email or phone calls.  I told him I was shopping around with different alarm companies, and he was not pushy like the other companies I called. I was still getting emails from other companies even after I told them I went with Direct Protect. Mike did the installation and he was right on time. He was great and very professional. My system is wireless (which is safer, no cut telephone lines) and super easy to use.  I have the LED key pad which is so much nicer and easier than the old button key pad. Mike had to come back one time to fix something, but he was right on time and now my system is working perfectly. I was on the fence about getting an alarm system, but it is the best thing I have ever done. If I am not home, I know if someone breaks in my house, my alarm will go off.  I turn it on at night when I am home, which gives me peace of mind. I love being able to turn my alarm off and on with my cell phone. I would recommend Direct Protect to anyone for their customer service and prices.. I am very happy...  It has been over 2 years since my alarm system was installed and I have never had any problems with it. You can not put a price on piece of mind.
Recent Review: This is an amended review. Frontpoint read my recent review and contacted me. Ashley listened to me and made some changes that I requested. She went the extra mile to help me feel even more secure. I commend this company for their responsiveness and attention to my concerns. They have always been very professional and helpful. Thank you, Ashley, for explaining things to me, and for addressing my concerns.

Reviews in Metler Valley for Installing Lightning Protection Systems

AProtect Your Home
It was great. They are very thorough and knowledgeable. Everything is working just as it is suppose to. They came and set it all up in one day. They are not the cheapest out there but I think it's the best quality. The guy had a little bit of problem getting to me.
- Faith R....
FProtection 1 Sacramento
Protection 1 has been unable to get the account established correctly and we've spent months and many hours on the phone with Protection 1 trying to get it fixed. I was told by someone in customer support again today that she thinks they've finally fixed the billing problem.  I hope so -- unbelievable that no one seems to know why it isn't working or how to fix it.  Everything works fine on two other accounts we have with Protection 1.  I also noticed the monthly monitoring fee  on this vacation home is being billed at $1 more per month than the contract amount.  I didn't expect as a long-term customer of Protection 1 to have so many problems on this new account or be treated so rudely.  I certainly can't recommend this company anymore.
- S C....
ADouble Dub Construction
This is second time that we have contracted with Double Dub Construction for a project.  The first one was a deck replacement.  We were so impressed with Will Walker's work ethic and quality of work that we contracted with his company again to remodel our kitchen.  Will is the hardest working contactor that I have ever encountered in the course of owing several homes in a variety of states during a career in the Navy.  His crew arrives early to the job site so that they can be unpacked and ready to go to work on time, not just arrive on time.  Will and his crew work quickly without any sacrifice in quality of work.  He was very sensitive to the fact that the one of the most important rooms in the house was going to be out of commission and he made sure that his crew completed all of their tasks in a timely fashion so that cabinet installation could go as scheduled.  Will sets high standards of performance for himself and his crew and holds his subcontractors to those same high standards.  He is very sensitive to controlling dust during demolition and drywall work and in protecting floors.  His crew cleans up their work area daily and also clean up the area where they clean their equipment afterwards.  Will has been a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone and will use his services again in the future.
- David G....
FProtect Your Home
Protect your Home call center:  If you can navigate through incomprehensible automated selection options and finally arrive with a person on the line, they are friendly but unknowledgable.  Least to say incompetent. Scheduling and promptness:  Be prepared for  4 hour window of waiting and the inevitable arrival of the service rep right at the end of the window.  THEN  you need to stay with them for the next 1-3 hours.  Net-net write off a day for them to come deal with any issue. Ability to deliver:  I have had 5 (yes FIVE) appointments and they still have not been able to get the install done correct.  Oh, an I have been paying for the service since Day 1. Resolution of problem:  Who knows.  They tell me they only need to install an extender, but every time they arrive, they say no one put that info in the work order, so they don't have one. Recommendation:  Find ANY other service provider
- Charles G....
WORKING RELATIONSHIPS & COMPETENCY Frontpoint was accommodating and pretty easy to deal with. They were readily willing to swap pieces to fit my individual requirements. Their telephone follow-up after initial contact is too agressive for my taste, but after contact they did modify my record to stop further telephone solicitation. I took some time to review my requirements and their equipment before committing. Their sales staff are not trained with technical minutae, nor do they have ready access to it if needed. This means if you have a specific technical question, as in: will the glass break sensor work if the glass is equipped with a film such as shading, UV, or penetration film, they could not answer the question. Their 1st line technical support staff also is unable to answer that sort of detail, as is 2nd tier. This means if you have a highly techncal question you should expect to have to wait for a call back, perhaps even a day or two. Nor can they answer specifics on the type of data the motions sensors rely on, nor field of view. However, 1st tier was able to address that. In my case the inquiry and patience needed to get definitive answers paid off keeping me from buying, and installing, several sensors of various types that would have been useless, and saving me quite a bit of money. So it's worth asking, and worth being patient for an accuracte, definitive response. QUALITY CONTROL The equipment was another matter. Quality Control could be better. Everything came that was ordered and it arrived in good condition. However, one of the sensors came without a battery; another turned out to be defective (false alarms) and had to be replaced < 90-days in. There were also some mounting issues that should have been addressed during the initial purchase interview by the sales rep. Because they were not, there was further delay (about 2-weeks) in getting the whole system setup while awaiting a small piece of adhesive foam to space a sensor away from a steel door. Had the sales rep asked if there were any metal doors, s/he would have, or should have, known to add in additional mounting foam pieces. SPEED OF DELIVERY FedEx yes -- fast -- no way. Replacement parts and added pieces are all delivered FedEx, but don't make the mistake of thinking anything is going to arrive quickly -- other than the initial order. They take 2- to 3-days to process their internal paperwork to send a replacement or supplemenmt part, which then goes by FedEx -- sort of. It actually goes by the FedEx sloth service which takes about a full week to get from VA to CA. The post office is a lot faster, so the whole FedEx thing is a sham. REMOTE MONITORING Frontpoint uses the app and central station service.'s app is the best I've seen. It's simple, intuitive, and easy to setup. To say it beats competitors like Protection-One hands-down is an under statement. Other services' apps and online services are not even in the same league, much less a ball park nearby. You can arm (partially or fully), disarm, monitor, etc. AESTHETICS This is a thorny point. Some people want tech to be seen -- including alarm hardware. I prefer tech to work without being seen unless there is a very specific reason to show it off. Frontpoint's hardware is reminiscent of Henry Ford's. In this case you can have any color you want -- as long as it's white. The hardware is bulky, but not bad compared to its competitors. Essentially, this is just ugly stuff. It does not come close to the seamless integration of a built-in hardwired system. It is not aesthetically pleasing. It's not horribly bad on white surfaces, but the further your mounting surface is from white, the more obvious the tech becomes and there is no way of fixing that. INTEGRATION If you have existing wireless hardware you may be able to integrate the Frontpoint/ hardware with it. If you have a hardwired system, you're screwed. There is no integration available. In my case that was rather sad as the place I was doing was pre-wired for an alarm. That meant we had to choose between the hardware cost+very low monitoring price of kitting out the pre-wire, and the hardware cost+high monitoring cost of the Frontpoint system. In my case, the Frontpoint system penciled out better than the hardwire system did. Full Disclosure: There is significantly cheaper stuff out there, but my research did not reveal anything with the combination of service & reputation that Frontpoint has. CENTRAL STATION MONITORING 24/7/365 CSM (central station monitoring) is a must unless you really think you want to spend every second of your life monitoring your alarm -- and every second of your life you will be where you can summon authorities immediately. That's a fool's folly in my opinion. The first time you go off to a theater and turn off your phone, go into a meeting and turn off your phone, go someplace loud where you can't hear your phone, go someplace without cell service -- even for a moment, have a dead battery, go swimming, or any of the other millions of common things people do (every been on a cruise?) your system is rendered useless. And the funny thing is, the only time it will be useless is when you are physically not at the property being alarmed. In other words, the only time it will be useless is when you actually need it. CSM is worth shopping around for, but it is also worth checking response times and reliability. Frontpoint scored quite high in this regard -- but it was really who scored, Frontpoint got the credit. So shop around. I've seen prices for 24/7/365 CSM ranging from < $10/mo to >$50/mo, and the higher fees usually come with long-term contracts. .CONTRACT & RELOCATION Frontpoint's contract for 24/7/365 CSM is as onerous as everbody elses -- think Cellphone Service. However, to their credit they do have a couple of things that are nice: (1) You can uninstall the system and take it with you if you move. As long as your new location has cell service, you're set. A lot of providers don't let you do that. (2) If you're in the militarty they have special arrangements for deployments, TDY's, etc. It's worth asking for all of the details about military accommodations if that's your situation. BUY AGAIN? Yes, I would purchase from Frontpoint again if the circumstances were the same. I would also recommend them to others.
- Quality H....