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Brian Stock Painting
Business Description: A quality paint job can breathe new life into any residential or commercial property. At Brian Stock Painting, we offer professional painting services at great rates to both individuals and businesses. Our painting contractor, Brian Stock, has over 30 years of experience. Our painting contractor is on-site at every job to ensure quality work and complete customer satisfaction. We specialize in interior, exterior, and special effect painting, plus much more. No matter the project, our painting contractor will make sure it gets done on time, within budget, and that the workmanship is nothing short of exceptional. Of course, for your protection, Brian Stock Painting is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. At Brian Stock Painting, we offer top-quality painting services at great rates to residential and commercial clients in Monterey, CA and surrounding areas. Owner operated with three employers,I work on all the jobs and bid all the jobs and am very concerned with quality of all work.
Olmos panting service
Business Description: olmos panting service. Quality by experience residential and commercial painting.

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DBrian Stock Painting
When talking to Brian on the phone, he indicated that he and another worker would be out to do the work. When Brian arrived, he indicated that his worker would be doing the work and that he had to go to another place to do the same type of work which was  being conducted at our residents.  His worker did the pressure wash,but was told that he had to do the patio, so he had to come back the next day to do that job, because he was not told to do so. He did some sanding,yet it was very lite with little effort on the windows. His painting was fine at the time, except after he had finished the job and the windows in the living room,kitchen and the second bed room were shut to the point where you had to apply extreme physical force to get them open. A call was made to Brain about the situation after he was paid and yet there was no return call. I had to work on the windows  a few days later which caused some of the paint to come off.  Proper prepping would of helped. The screen doors in the kitchen had to be sanded do to the fact of excessive paint build up on the bottom of the screen doors. My view is that if you pay someone $2350.00 to do a job, it is not the responsibility of the owner to fix the mistakes. A job is a job so therefore it must be done in a professional manner with no excuses. Weigh your priorities and not take on to many jobs which can only be done half professional manner.
- Charles K....