Marina Pond Installation

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Welcome to Habitats
Business Description: Welcome To Habitats builds habitats for all you pets, your dog, cat, bird, horse, and exotic. We design and install custom dog kennels, ponds, stables, flight habitats for birds, any and all habitats for all your beloved pets. Welcome To Habitats is also the home of the Kitty Kassita (patent pending), an outdoor, mobile cat habitat for your indoor cat. Our Kitty Kassita opens the door for your indoor cat to experience the outdoors in a safe and protected habitat. We build two basic sizes, 3X3X6, good for 2-3 cats, and a 4X4X6, good for 4-5 cats. The 3X3 has 2 shelves, and the 4X4 has 3 shelves, but we can design and build any size. Our Kitty Kassita interiors comes in 5 colors: teal, blue, red, black, and tan, but if you have a favorite color, we can use that! The Kitty Kassita can be built for reptiles, birds, ferrets, and be used as a recovery habitat for your pet. Welcome To Habitats designs and builds indoor cat habitats, trails, ledges and shelves that your indoor cat can access and enjoy. Welcome To Habitats also designs and installs enclosed kitty trails from a window (or door), to an outdoor kitty habitat. Your indoor cat can enjoy the outdoors anytime they want in a safe and protected environment. Our Kitty Kassita can also be moved to a window for your indoor kitty to enjoy any time they want.