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Business Description: Leading San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor A+ Rated By BBB. Additions, remodels, baths, kitchens, dry rot repair, foundations, glass railings, deck build and repair, stucco new and repair, patio sun rooms, drainage, plans, permits, engineering, waterproof decks, drainage, moisture barriers
Business Description: Services include, but are not limited to: basic plumbing work, electrical work, ceramic tile install and repair, grout repair, concrete restoration and improvement, interior and exterior painting, light carpentry, hand rail install, stucco repair, glass repair and replacement, moldings, bathroom and shower caulking, cleaning, organizing, wall hangings, & landscaping.
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Recent Review: .I had about 900 sq. ft. of redwood deck and 200 ft. of handrails that badly needed cleaning and refinishing. I found Summit Deck Doctor on Angie's List, and checked out their website. They had prices clearly stated there so I could calculate the approximate cost (actually, there was one error on the price list which threw my calculation off, but it has since been corrected). The owner, Rupert, came to make a quotation. He measured and inspected my decks, and made several useful recommendations. I decided to have the decks done, but only the handrail top caps, to save money. The vertical slats and posts of the handrail don't take as much abuse from the sun as horizontal surfaces, so I thought I could pressure wash and stain them myself. They arrived on schedule and went right to work. Their pressure washer is industrial strength and did the job well and quickly. They also washed the underside of my decks and applied fungicide all over. Because parts of my decks are 12 ft. above ground, they couldn't do a thorough job washing that part, but made their best effort. Rupert explained all that before I signed the contract.  Sporadic rainfall caused one or two days delay in applying the stain, but Rupert called every day to check with me, and they came to do the staining as soon as conditions permitted. The job was completed on time, and looks really good. The wood had gotten grey and weathered, and now looks like redwood again. One plank was replaced with new redwood, so I can compare the refinished wood with the new. It's not exactly the same, but close. Overall, I am very pleased with the results. One piece of advice: staining the verticals on the handrails was VERY tedious. Doing the top caps is the easy part, because they are flat and easy to reach. The caps are probably less than 10% of the total handrail effort. So if you can afford it, have Rupert do the entire handrail. But if you want to save money and can handle a paintbrush, negotiate a price for the pressure wash and fungicide application of the handrails, and stain them yourself. He doesn't have a price listed for that, but I'm sure he will try to accommodate you. Rupert and his crew (Michael) are friendly, conscientious and easy to work with. And there's no BS sales pitch. I highly recommend them.
Business Description: Fence and Deck Contractor LICENSE # 924202
Recent Review: As a part of our home remodel plan it has always been my wish to install new safer railings for my house as I have young children. The railings that are original to the house are not up to code and have gaps that the kids can fit their bodies through. My husband and I used duct tape to make it safe but it is not the most beautiful solution. I contacted several vendors for the job and got a range of quotes, but because I also wanted the structure to be permitted I had a hard time with some of the contractors I contacted. While Michael does not file permits, he was helpful in giving me all the information that I would need to get the permit myself through the city and very responsive to all my questions. Michael's quote was extremely competitive and he and his associate Miguel were kind and courteous. We had a bit of a delay due to the glass panel not being the correct size after a bit of a wait but Michael had everything expedited so the matter was resolved quickly. My only wish is that Michael’s company also handled stain and sealing but he was clear that they are not a finishing contractor.
Business Description: Mr. Handrail is your answer for beautiful and affordable Custom Iron for your home or business. Serving the Bay Area since 1982 he can get your high quality job done on time and at the right price. Give him a call for a quick quote!
Recent Review: We're delighted with our new railing system.  Wayne had a lot of good ideas and built a railing system that is beautiful, contemporary, and fits extremely well with the decor in our home.  Wayne is very creative and easy to work with.  We would hightly recommend him.
Business Description: I manufacture wooden stair and handrails using all hardwood materials.You the client, will deal with me directly from design to completion.
Business Description: The patent pending Wedge Lock 3000 is the revolutionary new railing system aimed at customers wanting more from a standard component system. With NO onsite welding and simple hand tools the Wedge Lock is Easy To Install for the handy "Do It Yourselfer" or carpenter. We ship and install deck rails, and our system is better than cable rails or cable railings!

Reviews in Los Gatos for Porch Railing Installation

AEduardo Chacon
Installed stainless steel railings outside soor. Very reasonable price. He is very honest, installed railings, cleaned up afterwards, very clean.
- Yvonne K....
AWalnut Creek Remodeling and Construction Company
I had HW construction out to build our deck on our front porch. We have a large area on the front of our house that wraps around with a railing and pillars. It all needed to be demolished and replaced. After interviewing several contractor the choice was clear. We choose HW Construction for several reasons. They met with us and were right on time. Hugh was very knowledgeable and had a quote to us the very next day. Once on the job they were there everyday until completion and the deck and railing turned out absolutely amazing. HW Construction communicated with us through out the process and the job turned out perfect. I would highly recommend using them
- Wayne O....
ACarl Gaard's Work
Carl suggested the website where I chose the style handrail I wanted.  He took care of the rest from there.  He provided all materials and equipment and created a beautiful handrail that was not only funcitional, but also went well with the baseboard beneath it.  While installing this handrail, he noticed that the small railing on the opposite side was very wobbly.  It had been that way for years.  Carl tightened it up and secured it to the stairs at no additional charge.
- Nancy D....
It's a family owned business. Owner Howard Simmons is knowledgeable in fabricating any type of stair and railing system. Excellent in working with customer to design what you need or want.
- Linda R....
CAffordable Handyman
Lee's responsive at beginning. After he left, I found some job unfinished. He called and promised to come back but, then just disappeared. He pushed me hard to leave feedback here before I called for the unfinished job. My feeling is that he want me to leave a positive feedbak before I found out the problem. Most jobs were ok. I would NOT hire him again for painting. He was not nice about pricing. He promised to take out a lock. Later, he found the lock very hard to remove, so I agreed he could instead repair wall paint in a small room. He painted directly on cracks without any preparation. When we discussed job, we were pointing at the wall. Later he refused to repair the ceiling where there was a couple of 1 square inch patches. The whole room took him only 10 minutes to replace the $50 lock job. He never refunded me for the job he ''forgot'' to finish. That included refinishing a window frame. I was selling the house, and had to hire another handyman and paid an extra $200.
- Lu X....
ABD Home Improvements
Bruce arrived on time with all the pieces he had prefabricated and within a short time the rails were installed. Subsequently we discovered that one rail could not deal with lateral force in the way we had hoped. We consulted with Bruce and came up with an alternative. Bruce returned a couple of days later and made the necessary changes at no cost to us.During all of this Bruce was thoroughly professional, he was easy to deal with and did good tidy work.
- Timothy H....
AChris Weir Building Services
Chris worked very fast and efficiently. We hadn't expected him to install both railings in one day. The outside railing took him only about an hour. My husband had been ready to climb stairs for over a week but couldn't because of the lack of handrails. Because of Chris' work, my husband was able to go outdoors and to sleep upstairs in his own bed for the first time in almost 3 months. The indoor railing looks like it was original to the house and the outdoor one looks good enough to be permanent.
- Catherine B....
AHandyman Matters Of San Jose
Darryl called the day before he was scheduled to come to get an idea of what I needed him to do. He arrived on time, and did everything I needed him to do. All the work was very nicely done, with no mess. He went to several different places to find just the right seal to fit my shower door, and left me the information so that it would be easier to replace next time it wears out. He carefully covered the white pillars on my porch while spray painting my black porch railing to prevent over spray. I was very pleased with both the quality of the work and the reasonable price. He was also friendly and patient with my toddler who was curious to watch what he was doing!
- Andrea T....
BMr Handyman
They started on time and were finished in one day. My only complaints were that one of the 2 workers seemed, to me to talk down to me as a woman. I asked some questions that my husband requested that I ask and I got a flip answer. When they went to get more lumber, I looked at the posts and one post, right next to my front door had a large knothole in it that went around 2 sides of the post. It had a huge chunk gone from the middle of it. It was VERY obvious. When they got back I mentioned it and he said that he hadn't noticed it! After a short discussion, he agreed to change the post. The total job was done very well. If there is an earthquake the house may fall down but the porch will stand strong.
- Sandra E....
FHeath Stairworks
I have filed an complaint against Brock Heath from Heath Stairworks with the State Licensing Board against and BBB. I hired him for a handrail installation in our home. I stated from the very beginning that I did not want any red tones in the stain and I have it in writing. I even met with him to choose the color, a walnut shade. The day the railing was installed I was at work and my husband was able to work from home so someone would be there. The installer, Russ, showed up with the wrong post and after my husband told him he didn't like it, he called Brock. A few minutes later, Brock called my husband and tried to convince him to keep it but my husband said no. Russ then left for a few hours to get the one I had chosen. Later that day, before applying the stain he showed it to my husband. My husband said it was very dark and had reddish tones so Russ said he would lighten it. After that, he showed my husband a stain sample and insisted that after lightening it, he had gotten the color I had chosen with Brock. No alternative was offered. My husband, who, was not involved in the decision making process and was only home to open the door, was under the impression that they were professionals and had picked everything out with me, agreed.  I got home around 7.00 pm and Russ was still there. Since he showed up with the wrong post and took almost 2 hours to get a new one, got off to a late start and was still there. When I saw the railing, my first reaction was that I loved it. Russ did a good job. I asked about the color and he said that the wood had taken the stain that way and to see how it looked the next day once it was dried. I sent Brock an email saying that we were happy with the work Russ had done. The next morning when I got up I realized that the stain was red!! I immediately took pictures and sent them to Brock. On my way to work I called him and what I encountered was unbelievable.  Brock said that the color I picked out was Mahogany. I told him that there was NO way I would pick that color because it has red tones and that I picked a walnut shade. The conversation only got worse from there. Brock blamed me and threatened to put a lien on my property and send me to collections if I didn't pay him. At that point, all I wanted to know was what my options were to fix it. Brock offered nothing and was a complete BULLY sending me several threatening emails. When I asked him why he had shown me stain samples with red tones when I had indicated in writing that I didn't want, his answer was that "It is not Heath Stairworks' responsibility to interpret "red" the same way you do" I am beyond appalled with Brock's behavior. I tried to reach an agreement with him and even offered to split the cost to have it re-stained and his answer was no. We have just paid a lot of money for something we are not happy with and have been blamed, threatened and bullied by Brock Heath. I'm sure that there are many great handrail installers out there, please keep our story in mind when considering Heath Stairworks. 
- Elizabeth C....