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Business Description: Sole Proprietor accepts cash or check, credit cards coming soon No financing at this time
Beach City Stairs
Business Description: We are a Southern California stair builder located in Orange County. Our focus at Beach City Stairs is to provide value, quality, customer service and satisfaction from start to finish on every job. We will come to you bringing knowledge and design ideas to create a staircase that compliments both you and your home. We provide free estimates to: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County and Riverside County. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your next staircase project. Beach City Stairs. Licensed and insured Stair Contractor
DC Johnston Construction Co, Inc.
Business Description: We offer all phases of remodeling, specializing In fine finish carpentry for your home. We construct custom cabinetry, doors,windows, staircases,stairs, balconies, patios, gate, and just about anything that requires wood. We have over 30 years of experience in high end residential remodeling.
Hintz Custom Construction
Business Description: Anyone can do woodwork, but it takes a special type of craftsman to design functional works of art that demonstrate true quality, attention to detail, and ability to perform the designated task. This is where we excell we make every piece to exacting standards far exceeding industry norms. We do offer general construction management for projects involving mainly custom woodwork. All trades are handled by hand picked subcontractors under our supervision. All pricing is fixed bid and is set in writing prior to commencement of a project.
Isaac's Ironworks Inc
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: At Isaacs’s Ironworks we specialize in custom work serving the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding for over 19 years. A one time customer is something we try to avoid, that is why we devote so much time and energy to understanding your needs and getting them done quickly and cost effectively. We work with architects and designers and can create a beautiful structural & misc. steel product from blue print or your own design weather you are building from scratch or remodeling. At Isaac’s Ironworks we take much pride at our staff of experienced representative. When you call us you can expect to talk with someone who has knowledge and experience and truly understand your need, and the ability to provide to you when you need it. You can always count on us with innovation and customer service. We have in house design capabilities, and can handle all type of custom work. As Seen on Ellen - Additional fax - (818) 982-1984 wining.
Wolf Glass & Metals
Business Description: Come down to our showroom! We have a wide selection of Indoor and outdoor railings. Along with over a 100 unique glass/mirror samples to look through. We also have a variety of glass in stock for cabinets and windows. With over 20 years in Glass and Metal, we excel to provide the best quality work in the business. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at 310-318-0810 or send us a message!
West Coast Fire Escapes
Business Description: West Coast Fire Escapes Inspects, repairs, maintains and performs load tests on all types of fire escape systems. We pride on providing high quality service.
Business Description: America's #1 Trusted & Time Tested Premier Restoration Bespoke Brand of the Finest, Levelest, Stiffest, Straightest, Strongest and Quietest subFLOORS in the World Under Your Feet and REbuilt and REstored to Last Centuries by doing it The Squeaky Floor Doctor's ANCIENT WAY from A2Z by Richard Alcaraz, The Master Restoration Craftsman. The Squeaky Floor Doctor specializes in permanently repairing the squeaks, humps, dips, slopes and bounce that are commonly found in older 2 story homes and condos. Our ProFloor3000System comes with a 200 year transferable warranty. We also offer 50 and 100 year warranties. We also rebuild bathroom sub-floors and staircases.
Martin Stairways Inc
Recent Review: Crandle is forthcoming and helpful from the initial interview and so on.

Reviews in La Verne to Install Metal Stairs

AMr. Handyman serving West Los Angeles
Shane assessed the situation and told me how he was going to fix the staircase treads.  The "fix" was brilliant!  Our staircase is better than new... no more sloping and much more stable.  Shane undertook a difficult task and the result was outstanding.  I highly recommend Shane.
- Sandra R....
AAzteca 111 Builders Inc
Rick Valdez came to my house after a query made to his office via e-mail and phone. He recommended demolition of two levels of the staircase and the pouring of two concrete footers to prevent further termite damage in the future. He also recommended drilling holes for drainage in the retaining wall that stands on either side of the staircase. When Rick's crew arrived at the house, the work took longer than the original schedule called for, but there was no additional charge. Some slight modifications were made to the design of the staircase per the renovations but they worked quite well. The staircase was also stained so that it would match the darker color of the older, aged wood of the staircase and deck to which it was attached. When the job was nearly completed, we found some additional dry rot and termite damage to three support posts and we re-negotiated the original agreement on the spot so that the posts could be replaced with new lumber.
- Rob S....
ACutler Construction Services Inc
Josh Cutler did an excellent job for us. We had an old stair case that needed to be repaired. Josh made some smart structural changes to the existing set up and then built out a new set of stringers and steps.  It looks great. It is strong and secure. And it maintains the visual aesthetic of the rest of the house.  He brought a full team of skilled workers who worked diligently throughout the day and left the area spotless.We will definitely use him again for future projects.
- Deirdre W....
AMarc Johnston Construction Services
Initial contract was to replace a fence and repair visible damage to a deck. Marc responded promptly to the request for bid with a good price. Two other AngiesList contractors were slow to respond and Marc was available to complete the work very quickly, so I decided to proceed. I was very impressed with the quality of his work. He explained why he was doing things differently than the previous contractor who had repaired my deck. For example, Marc sealed and calked all of the hidden surfaces and joints that the previous contractor had left unsealed, allowing water to intrude. Marc found additional damage that was not visible and repaired that as well for a very fair price. I later found additional signs of damage and had Marc do a thorough inspection of the decks and balconies. He found additional hidden damage that ultimately required replacing a heavy beam and a riser on the staircase and many smaller parts of two decks. He completed the remaining work with an assistant in three phases over the next five weeks, working my job in around his other clients. My only constraint was that all work be completed by a certain date, and he met that constraint. All of the work and materials were of the highest quality. Everything was sealed, calked and painted to match the rest of the deck. He cleaned up every day to leave as little mess as possible when he was not working. Marc is the best contractor that I have ever worked with.
- Leroy N....
ARaymond Arias Construction
I took my apartment and rented the one below and asked Raymond Arias Construction to design and install an interior staircase between the two apartments. Started and finished on the exact dates given, worked the situation so that we didnt need to move out while the work was being done. The sturdy design was everything we hoped hoped for. All the subcontractors arrived exactly on time and did their part well. The price estimate was exactly correct. Ray, the owner, explained how how his mean, when he starts a job, or at least one, stay on the job until completed. It's comforting that there are no mysterious gaps as is so often common with contractors! In generaI, I never have complaints with the services rendered including for the other rental apartments I manage. If I set up an appointment for a specific date and time Raymond Arias Construction, Inc. is there when scheduled. His workers are always professional and polite. They completed all work in a timely manner and a complete job cleanup after. I highly recommend his services for those who want a job done right!
- George S....
ADan the Handyman
FANTASTIC!  Dan is super professional and very punctual.  He told us precisely what he knows he can do and does not want to attempt.  I am about to call him for another appointment to fix more things.  Dan is a real craftsman.  So glad he's in my neighborhood.
- Muffie A....
Bill was great, installed a difficult unit and secured it well. I helped him, which we agreed upon beforehand, and we were quite happy.
- Roderick M....
ASwiss Handyman
Arnold was extremely professional from the start to finish.  He had a calculating thought process which I appreciated.  I called him to install a one-piece  steel 10' spiral staircase in the back patio onto/above a retaining wall.  The staircase was originally from another property but still had life in it.  I asked him about installing it and adding some custom work to the top to finish it out/make it longer so it would go over the 10' wall.  He gave estimate of $1500-$2,000, depending on what his metal works guy could do. The staircase was 10' but needed another step/ custom platform at top to make it work, since the staircase had previously been built custom for a corner install scenario.  It needed additional steel spindles and custom railing extended with a new platform, and the central spiral tube needed 4' additional length as well.  He came out 1st to assess the scenario and see if the concrete existing would hold it, and to brainstorm how to get it in the ground, attach to the wall & over the top of wall.  2nd time was with a couple of guys to hold it up & take measurements.  3rd visit they created custom brackets & welded together to go over wall, it was secured & bolted into concrete ground.  Then had to wait about a week for custom steel landing to be made. When it was ready, they brought it, welded it on, cut & welded pieces of pipe/tubing to extend railing & central tube, welded spindles and end posts. Next day was finishing the weld points with grinder to smooth steel.  I opted to sand & paint it myself.  After I sanded the whole unit over a few days, I put a few layers of primer & paint & it looks great.  I recommend Arnold & his crew at Swiss Handyman.
- Drew F....
ACarroll Jr & Son Handy Man
Everything went well. They finished on time, stayed within budget, and completed the job satisfactorily.
- Rohan W....
AAzteca 111 Builders Inc
This is an excellent company to work with.  One important point is that they had great communication from beginning to end: they came out quickly to take a look at the job; provided me with a prompt and thorough written estimate by email; were in steady communication throughout the project; and followed up after the job was completed to make sure I was absolutely satisfied. Once the work began, their crew worked long days each day until the project was completed.  The crew was well staffed and all the guys were working efficiently and continuously.  They seemed to enjoy what they were doing and it shows in the quality of their finished work.  Honestly, I just wanted to replace a broken down staircase with something functional and safe.  They provided something so professionally done and solid looking it makes my actual house look pretty shabby by comparison.  Their work also shows a level of detail and thought that I was not expecting.  Instead of just putting up a basic railing for the stairs they copied the railing pattern from my deck and matched it exactly.  It looks really really great and it is just one example of the pride they clearly take in doing an excellent job. When they were done, they cleaned everything up and took everything from the work-site.  There is no sign of the old stairs, no sign of the big pile of dirt they removed, and no sign that anyone was working in the area where they set up their saws and tools.  I recommend them without reservation for any building job you have.  I will use them in the future for any building or remodeling projects I have.
- David G....