Hidden Hills Master Bedroom Remodel

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Recent Review: The advanced remodeling & construction team - especially Tal and Eduardo who did a wonderful job on the kitchen, Bathroom, master bedroom and powder room. Tal was the only one that was able to figure out how to maximize the existing remodeling space and he came up with so many useful solutions in order to make our vision come true. He was always went above and beyond to what we initially agreed in resolving all of the design tasks and in supervising all the small details that came into this remodeling project. In addition to him, Eduardo guided me with all the selecting materials challenges and assist me by picking the right cabinets, ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and even the colors and designs for the paint and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how my new space came out. They had wonderful solutions for how to manage my kitchen stuff with strong attention to details. The day-to-day project manager (Tal) was very easy person to work with and he was always available to address any issues that arose. The final spaces remodeling came out very professionally and while the work was in progress, he made sure that the crew will keep the area safe and clean while focusing on finishing the work on schedule.
Recent Review: He is a handyman, but he does everything. He is very reliable. He is very good. His name is Dave Dwyer. He is listed under home improvement and inspection. He does home inspections as well, but we haven't used him for that. We use him all the time. Whenever we have anything to do, we save it up and make him a list and he comes and does all of it. I like that he is totally reliable. He comes when he says he will come, which most people do not. He doesn't charge a lot. He works really hard and he is not exorbitantly expensive. When he was out here the last time, he worked all day along with Sean who works for the company. They did all kinds of things and it was $400.00 worth of labor. He is smart and you can talk to him. He speaks English. He is very professional. It's a profession for him. It's not just some guy who can't make a living and puts a sign out. He is a very nice guy and I would hire him for anything. If he can't do it, he will tell you. He is pretty honest as well. He was actually a foreman for a construction company so he really can do anything in the house. He is redoing 2 bathrooms right now in a friend's house, so he can do remodeling as well. He is the only person we call when there is a problem.
Business Description: General Contractors Custom Kitchen remodeling. Bathroom remodeling. Room addition. Roofing. Patio cover. Windows and doors. Tile work. Flooring. Plumbing recipe. Concrete and Cement. Driveways. Pavers. Block walls. Pool and plastering. Pavement. Air conditioning and heating. Solar. Wood decking.
Recent Review: Joe and crew displayed great professionalism and workmanship the three days they were working in our home.   The job was completed within the quoted time frame.  They did an excellent job and proved very considerate in their clean-up each day.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: I heard of New Age Construction while listening to the Doug McIntyre radio show on 790 KABC. What caught my attention was the mention of the quality of work and that construction was completed as scheduled. This is exactly what I experienced when I decided to have my bathroom remodeled. It needed a serious update. The men that work for this company were punctual, and worked the entire time they were here. On a few occasions they even wanted to stay late to finish their tasks. I found this very respectful. The guys covered the carpet and put up protective sheets to help keep the rest of my house clean. I am very pleased with the work and would recommend New Age Construction.
Recent Review: I love them, I was always able to count on them and they did a wonderful job. I mainly worked with Cesar, Rafael and Martin and they were amazing.
Recent Review: Everything went fairly smoothly, very professional and I’m very happy with the result
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Recent Review: A few months ago, I came home from work to see part of my house is on fire. It turned out the fire was caused by the electric blanket being left on. Although it was devastating to come home to a fire, it?s a miracle that no other rooms caught alight not to say burned the whole house down. Now it was time for me to reconstruct the master bedroom (and bathroom). I called up Supreme Remodeling and was instantly talking with one of their project managers: Micky. I was happy (or relieved) to speak to someone professional. I scheduled the reconstruction job after asking for a general estimate, which was very reasonable. The next day my master bedroom was on its way from transforming from debris to how it was, (only better!). Days and weeks passed and the room was progressively looking better and better. I was keeping a record of the progress, and was amazed to see the finished outcome. It turned out much better than my original bedroom, and you would never notice that there was a fire in the first place. The bathroom design is clean and modern just like the plans they showed me, but the final result was beyond my expectations. Overall I am super happy with the outcome of my new master bedroom.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: I worked with Or as our primary manager throughout our project and Astar as the project manager. Our project involved converting an existing bedroom to a bathroom and hallway leading to an addition of approximately 240 square feet for a master bedroom. Additionally, we had them demolish a lot of the old concrete in our backyard and redo it with a new yard and small deck. Construction started in November and we totally wrapped up with the finishing touches the following June. I've heard all of the horror stories of working with contractors and am happy to say that Or, Astar, and their teams reflected none of them. They were professional, courteous, communicative, and thoughtful throughout. We were able to live comfortably in our home throughout the entirety of the project (which also let us witness some really impressive craftsmanship -- from the framing to matching our roof for the addition, matching our hardwood floors, the final detailing, etc. They were also reasonably priced and didn't levy any surprises on us from the original estimate we signed. Any additions / changes to cost were clearly communicated with explanations and options. I would highly recommend working with Baron Construction & Remodeling (and Or and Astar in particular) for anyone looking for home remodels and additions. They clearly try to make it an easy process for homeowners, which can mean a lot for what is often the very stressful process of renovations.
Recent Review: They provide great workmanship and are very honest. They finished on time and on budget.

Reviews in Hidden Hills to Remodel Master Bedroom

ABaccaro Construction Co Inc
They were all very professional from the person who designed the layout to the construction people. We are very happy with our remodeled bedroom and have enjoyed it for many years.
- Benito A....
AThe Ivy Builders
My master bathroom remodel was hands-down the best contractor experience I've ever had! Tal and his crew were timely, respectful, clean and finished the job on time and with exquisite results. I am a meticulous and detail oriented person, so imagine my relief when Tal and every single one of his guys share that same attention to detail! Tal was always very communicative and easy to get a hold of to answer any questions along the way. He consistently went above and beyond to make sure I was completely happy with the work. His crew treated my house like their own, and left the space immaculate after every work day. I am thrilled with the finished product and have already spoken to Tal about my next project. Truthfully, there is absolutely no need to look any further. The Ivy Builders not only did exceedingly high quality work, their prices were the best of all of the estimates I received. The five stars this company gets are well worth it, and I'm grateful to have met a high quality, hard-working and honest company who met or exceeded every expectation I had for my bathroom. The results speak for themselves! Thank you!
- Halsey M....
AFine Builders Inc
All we can write here is that Fine builders do cares about the happiness of its clients. Our work relations with them was based on a master bedroom and bathroom remodeling project that we did at our house recently. During our remodeling, they definitely went above and beyond in order to deliver us the master bedroom and bathroom that we wanted to have for years! We were getting lots of ideas and options for master bedroom and bathrooms projects, but when we met with Nir, we shared with him our ideas and he was able to generate a design that combined most of them into one remodeling project. The bedroom is now completed and it becomes our favorite room in the house. It is the exactly spaces that we’ve wanted! Fine builders is for sure the best contractor in our list and not only because we love our remodeling project, but because it was really a pleasure and hassle free task by working with them.
- Tim P....
AKitchens Etc of Ventura County
Dean and Michelle Oldenkamp were so professional and helpful with the ideas.  Their crew was amazing - on time, clean and friendly.
- Marla S....
ADoggers Incorporated
After meeting with a few different contractors that we didnt really feel won our hearts, we ended up meeting with Alex and we absolutely loved the ideas he came up with, very creative, and showed us some alternatives which we never thought of. He communicated with us very professionally, and was able to explain the whole process which I think we got down pretty well. After that meeting we knew he was the guy for the job. We contracted his team for the project shortly after the initial meeting. The project only took a week to complete, they had 3 guys working on the room, they swapped out the carpet, painted the interior, and moved one the walls so that I could have a bit more closet space.
- Martha F....
AAdvance Solutions Co
Advanced Solutions just finished our ?Vegas Suite Master Bathroom? remodel.  My wife and I couldn?t be happier.  We just bought this house and the Master Bedroom was Pepto-Bismol pink and had a small shower.  Now it looks like we live in a Vegas Hotel Suite.  Ray?s vision and knowledge of design are far superior to anyone that we have encountered.  From the first time we met Ray we just clicked.  His straightforward, honest approach was what we were looking for. We told him what we wanted and he made it happen.  He keep us in the loop the whole way and steered us away from cheap materials that were going to fall off our wall in five years to very affordable quality stuff.  He was also not afraid to tell us ?No?.  We had some ideas that he said he could do, but would look bad and do more damage down the line.  He could have done them, came back in a couple of years and charged us to fix it, but he didn?t.  Ray showed up at or door as a contractor and he finished this job as family. We already have three more projects lined up for him with more to come.
- Andrea P....
FMosaic Home Improvement
Unethical, unprofessional, con artist who took our money and did not complete anything that was promised. Over 19,000 we are out of. Please beware Charlie Rushie is the owner of Mosaic. He was quite impressive with his detailed estimates and he appeared to be very knowledgeable with our project in design and building products. However, our experience has been nothing but a nightmare. He disappeared from project 2 times for long periods of time and with over $19,000 already given to him we requested that he come and finish the work that we paid him to do. After getting him to come back we greatly regretted that decision as well. He installed the sliding glass door with no hardware. All Framing is crooked and had to be redone by another contractor He did not pay the electrical contractor for work that was completed on our home He did not pay the plumbing contractor He did not pay the general contractor over 10 thousand dollars We paid to have a Tankless water heater installed and this was never installed He consistently ordered a lot of wrong parts. This was purely bait and switch. Also, ordered less quality of products to make as much money as he could even though we paid top dollar for high quality products. Made several attempts and change orders to increase the price Bathroom shower finish work had to be redone. All painting had to be redone. Using inferior subcontractors. All work that was completed by him and his company. Ordered and installed the wrong bathtub. We had to tear it out and install the new one. Basically, all work that we had hired him to do he hired inept and unqualified subcontractors to complete the work. All work had to be redone. All products and materials were of the lowest quality. Our main hope is that people will read this and stay far away from this con artist.
- Lyn C....
ASES Builders inc
Prior engaging the professional services of SES Builders, We did a large due diligence and we met with 4 additional home remodeling companies that ended up with 4 different estimates of our remodeling project. After we met with Joe, we decided to select SES builders for the work. Joe, is a truly professional and skilled person with no nonsense of any kind. Joe finished our remodeling project on time and his overall price was 80% less than the other ones. During the time of the remodeling, Joe was supervising each and every stage of the work. At the end… we are excited with the final results. The team of workers were nice, honest and left the house each day in a clean manner. We are currently planning to have another remodeling project at our house and we absolutely won’t shop around for any other contractor! Joe and SES builders will be the only ones we will call!!
- Elisa M....
ACielo Construction Company
Great experience and professional company to work with. Sam was good to us from day 1 till the end of the work. He made sure to visit us often and to check the progress of the work that his workers did. The work included installation of some outlets and lights, new closet, paint, and wood floor. Due to the good experience, we most likely will hire him again to remodel the bathroom as well. We are confidant that he will do a good job there too.
- Marleen N....
AFidelity Builders and Design
My wife is a real estate agent and one of her clients referred us to Fidelity Builders & design after they also hired them for a remodeling project at their house (kitchen and bathroom remodeling project). We were so happy with the work that they did at our house that we also referred them to another friend of us for a remodeling project and they also were very happy because of a fantastic and very professional remodeling job. We will keep referring them to anyone we know.
- Brad W....