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CCasner Exterminating Inc
This company lacks overall good customers service, punctuality and communication skills. It was like pulling teeth to get a live person on the phone to get an appointment. They're slow to send out estimates and reports unless you call them repeatedly and nudge them. They were over 45 minutes late for their first treatment appointment and WE had to call to find out when and if they were even coming because it apparently wasn't a priority for them to contact us first. We are dissappointed with their choice in subcontracted services as well and it further gives them a bad name to associate with a business that has extrememly rude employees and have even less customer service skills. I do not believe we will continue to do business with them in the future beyond the work that has already been done and is currently under warranty. We believe in supporting local business but sadly this is not one we can stand behind. Customer service is key and they simply do not have these skills.
- Dina A....
ADe Angelo Pest Control
They were good. They seem to be efficient. They were friendly. I just had it done about 2 or 3 months ago, it's a new process, so I'm not too sure of the process yet but they were recommended. If I don't see anymore termites in 2 years, I will continue to use them.
- Delia Y....
ACenter Termite & Pest Control Inc
They came out for the inspection and confirmed that we did have termites. They did some injection around the house and then did some spraying inside. They were very great people. They were extremely polite, punctual, I had no questions. They give estimates up front. They were excellent. It is not often that I run into contractors that are that good.
- Keith M....
ATerminix - Salinas -Termite & Pest Control
The termite and the pest specialists showed the afternoon of the day I made the call.  They were professional in their own areas and seemed to know their field.  The company has provided standard extermination treatment that day.  It has gone well so far.  The termite specialist left me with a contract I could discuss with my spouse.
- Mary C....
ATarget Pest Control
It's a local company here in Salinas. They were friendly and their turn around was really quick. They were punctual. They explained everything that they were going to do very well. Overall, they were great. Their price was good. They were half the price compared to another company that I had called. I would use them again in the future.
- David H....
ACasner Exterminating Inc
I have been using their services for years, and as far as I am concerned, they are very good. I have termite problems, and I will be using them in the future.
- Annick N....
BTerminix - Salinas -Termite & Pest Control
I’ve been using them around ten years and have a contract with them. They’ve been very helpful.  I like that I have a contract and they have a termite free guarantee or they tent the home for free.  My only complaint is that it’s hard to receive a call back and I didn’t receive a report from their last visit.
- Charles B....
DClark Pest Control
I have used Clark Pest Control for quarterly pest control for 4-5 years, so they were a natural for some minor termite infestation I had at my residence. Specifically there was a spot treatment in my foyer, and ground treatment around the premises for subterranean termites. I signed a fixed price contract for the job ($2,800), with the understanding that it would take 16 man hours to perform the work. Well as it turns out it didn't - it only took 10 hours. So I politely asked whether I should get a reduction in price, based on the actual work required - and said I was more than happy to pay for the materials plus whatever Clark's hourly rate was. I am sorry to report that my experience with Clark after this point was very disappointing. First, the local manager informed me that I was on the hook for the entire amount despite the large difference in the hours worked versus the amount I owed. He told me in an email that they billed out their staff at $125/hour. Under that logic - I should of been billed $1,250 + the cost of the chemicals. Instead he was incredulous that irrespective of the actual hours of work performed, I signed a contract and that was what I was obligated to pay (legally correct, but ethically I would call it taking advantage of a customer). He went further to suggest (after I said I felt obliged to at least tell others of my experience) - he wrote "I understand how bad reviews can hurt a company?s image, but I think you would be completely out of line if you choose to go that route. It is sad that it has to come to you threatening our company with bad publicity to try to get what you think is fair when we have been totally upfront and honest with you from the outset." Undeterred, I contacted Clark Pest Control Management - and had an email exchange with the owner Terry Clark. He also was very defensive about my obligation to pay the fixed price amount. One of his arguments was that by California State Law, he could not offer a time and materials contract - although he suggested he would prefer to do business that was, as it would provide for more predictable profits. I then sent an email to the California State Pest Control Board asking whether Pest Control companies were in fact required to do business by fixed price contracts only. To my surprise - there is no such requirement - and Clark is free to do business - including Termite Pest Control - using time and materials contracts. As a fellow businessman, it is very disheartening to be taken advantage of; then have the CEO of the company misrepresent the facts; and finally - and maybe most importantly -- still have the termite problem in my foyer!! As you might imagine I cancelled my quarterly service with Clark. I did pay the fixed price on the contract. And as promised - I am letting you know of my experience so you don't make the same mistake with Clark Pest Control. In my view, they do not deserve your business.
- Bill W....
FTerminix - Salinas -Termite & Pest Control
I called to schedule a free home termite inspection on Tuesday 1/12/16.  I was told that the inspection could be performed on Friday 1/15/16 between 1-3 pm.  I received a call from the Inspector late Thursday night telling me that he was overbooked and that he would need to reschedule the appointment for early Friday between 8:30-9:00 am.  That worked for me, since I took the day off from work to be home for the inspection.  The day was a waste, I waited all day and he was a no show.  The inspector called me after 4pm to tell me that he needed to reschedule.  This in my opinion is very unprofessional.  He blamed the situation on the office and said there was nothing he could do, when he was the one who I talked to the night before, and who told me he would be coming to my home in the morning.  There was no remorse, he just said, "Would you like to reschedule?"  My answer, "No Thanks, don't bother".  There would be no way I would waste anymore of my time, if they couldn't even show up for a simple inspection. 
- Erica V....
BTerminix - Salinas -Termite & Pest Control
The experience has been ok and I have no complaints.  Scheduling was easy and just takes a phone call.  I like the service in general, but I sometimes wonder if they look thoroughly enough.  However, that is not something that I worry about.
- Gordon J....

Pest Control in Greenfield

Recent Review: Very pleased. It turned out we didn't need any treatment because the type of termites we had on the roof require wet wood and would die once we got everything dried out. We only needed him to look at that one area, which just took a few minutes so they didn't charge us. I will definitely call them again if we have any other probems.
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Recent Review: They showed up on time and went to work and completed the job in 3 hours.
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Award 2019Super Service Award
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Business Description: We believe in providing the best value and pest control service to our clients. Our motto is if you’re not happy we’re not happy. 60+ Years of Pest Control Service in California. We provide Same Day Pest Control. Senior Specials. We respect your property and ensure that we leave the work area clean and tidy. We also use Eco Smart Products. (available upon request) Family owned and operated Pest Control Company. We strive for client satisfaction. We Take Pest & Termite Control Seriously! We give you a fair estimate before we begin a project. We have no hidden fees or extra charges.
Recent Review: The initial investigator was as sharp as they come. He took the time to listen to me, explain his product (and most importantly how topical termite treatment differs from fumigation). When he understood that I was a serious, motivated buyer, he took the time to examine the house interior, exterior, crawl beneath the house and crawl though the attic - on a very hot day. He was honest, as far as I could tell, in explaining that there was only one relatively small area with termites and that it could be easily treated. Best of all, using a local treatment meant that I didn't have to vacate my house for four days which is required for fumigation. The technicians that actually applied the chemicals were punctual, professional, understood their product and process, and  thoughtfully and accurately answered all of my questions. They were honest about not having a hose long enough to reach part of the attic area, and returned a few days later to properly complete the job. They could have blown off that last part of the attic and I would not have known, but instead were honest and straightforward about what was going on. Now, two months later, there have been no further signs of termites and I'm a happy camper.
Recent Review: We purchased our home and had some pest inspection report items that needed addressing.  Chad's bid was competitive, and he was very professional from start to finish.  I'm very type A and must have asked him a hundred questions.  He was patient and explained everything thoroughly.  We scheduled the date, he worked his magic, and cleaned up after himself every evening.  I wouldn't hesitate to call him again.
Business Description: We are a service company with over 30 years of practical experience. were are in full compliance with the state of California and other industry regulations, Licensed, Bonded and Insured. we take pride in our service. $25 off inspection fees for Angie's List users.
Recent Review: The termite and the pest specialists showed the afternoon of the day I made the call.  They were professional in their own areas and seemed to know their field.  The company has provided standard extermination treatment that day.  It has gone well so far.  The termite specialist left me with a contract I could discuss with my spouse.
Recent Review: I am very happy with the service that Target Pest Control provides.
Recent Review: Got off to a slow start the first day, and missed some termite treatment areas which we had to point out to them. Also, finished quite early, leaving a lot to do the second day. There were audibly some disputes going on over the 'phone the first day, The second day got a timely start, but there was clearly a rush to get finished. This resulted in us having to call Casner back to properly do some of the work they'd missed. Later, when we were painting the work they'd done, we found some more work they'd missed and had to call them back again. Ultimately, a reasonable job was done, but there appear to be some management and quality problems that Casner need to get on top of. They did clean up well, and were polite, and there were no quibbles about coming out and finishing the job properly, but overall, the experience could, and should, have been better.